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Anyone doing 16:8?

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littlepeas Mon 13-May-13 10:13:21

I like the idea of IF and, of the various methods, I feel like this one would work best for me. It would tackle my bad habits (pointless evening snacking, too much wine) but allow me to eat relatively normally during the 8 hours. I tend to breakfast late and eat dinner early (with the dc) anyway, so only a few tweaks required! I get really obsessive in diets where I have to count, so it works from that aspect to. Don't have that much to lose - a stone or so - and am already a healthy bmi. Anyone else?

BsshBossh Mon 13-May-13 20:43:47

I'm doing 5:2 but sometimes do 16:8 on my non-fast days. My eating window is usually 2-10pm. It definitely helps constrain my calories. I only don't do it much these days because I've reached goal weight and prefer longer fasting periods. There are loads of 16:8ers on the Intermittent Fasting group on the MyFitnessPal forums; also a very active private Facebook group called 8 Hour Diet Support Group.

teaandthorazine Tue 14-May-13 07:18:54

I tend to do 16:8 without really planning to, iykwim. I have never eaten breakfast, and lunch is usually around 1ish with dinner around 7. I am a normal weight and not really trying to lose much; this is just the way it's worked out for me over time. I've never believed all that stuff about the importance of breakfast!

However, I do follow a low-carb WOE and don't count calories, ever. Low-carb means I don't have blood sugar swings and hunger, which makes condensing my eating hours easy.

BsshBossh Tue 14-May-13 07:47:07

I don't count calories either. I find a restricted eating window naturally curtails overeating (though on the forums I've heard otherwise for some). I also think the dictum to always eat breakfast is a perpetuated for profit by the big pre-packaged cereals industry.

stuffedcrusty Wed 15-May-13 18:54:27

I started the 16:8 diet last week and have lost two pounds so far. I have another 7 to go until I'm back where I want to be. I eat from 10-6, as I find it easy to skip breakfast as I'm running after two young children, and I eat an early dinner with them now and then that's it. I'm a really bad snacker/picker in the evening (crisps, choc, wine) so having a food cut-off point is really helpful for me to learn some limits! And hopefully change that habit for good.
I also started the Shred on Monday - going on holiday next month so I have some motivation to do it...

littlepeas Wed 15-May-13 22:27:53

You sound very similar to me stuffed! I am doing 9-5 (started off doing 10-6, but found the last hour was wasted as I eat with the dc at 5ish). I started the shred on Monday too, but am taking it fairly easy doing it 3 times per week in conjunction with couch to 5k. I feel pretty good so far, but have been pondering swopping to 5:2.

carabos Thu 16-May-13 12:55:01

Well I never knew that was a thing! I seem to do this naturally. You learn something new on MN every day grin.

stuffedcrusty Thu 16-May-13 19:48:39

How funny that we're doing practically the same thing! How are you finding the Shred? I started it before a holiday last year but gave up after less than a week - determined to get further this time but I just find Jillian whatsername just so irritating.
My DH has been dong the 5:2 diet for a little while, but as he's at work he finds it easier to avoid food on his fasting days. As much as I like the concept, I'm a SAHM and it would be fairly torturous for me to not be able to eat much but to have to feed my DCs all day (no will power).

scattergun Fri 17-May-13 07:51:29

I've been doing 18:6 for 8 months now with a period of experimentation with what worked best for me for a few months before that.

I found the total fasting during the day much easier than just eating tiny amounts (so didn't do 5:2). Having been a lifelong eater of a healthy breakfast, I've found I'm hungrier in the day if I eat in the morning. I initially lost a stone and am now maintaining my optimum weight without too much effort.

I do normal breakfast, lunch and dinner a few days a week, e.g. if with friends or I have a breakfast meeting and it would be odd to refuse everything.

I also find it's easy on work days but harder when with family. At work I just work and don't eat. At home...

PinkCustard Thu 06-Jun-13 21:02:00

I've recently started a 16:8 regime too, as I tried 5:2 but found myself dreading the fast days. I'm really liking it so far, as my real weakness, as others have said, is mindless snacking and wine in the evening. I'm aiming to 16:8 every day except Saturday evening, when I'm planning on 2 glasses of wine, pizza and snacks grin I've also started the Shred this week, but only for days when I can't get to an exercise class, as I find them much more enjoyable.

Not looking to lose too much weight, but hoping to shift some belly flobbage and tone up in time for holiday in July.

Anyone else still following this plan?

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