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Fat vegetarian thinking of Slimming World

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Yonirubbishnamesleft Mon 06-May-13 20:32:08


I have now reached disgusting point where I am not going to buy any more clothes in that size.

So, action is needed. I need a group situation where I have to go to weigh-ins. Because otherwise I will convince myself I'm doing OK.

In the dim and distant past I tried Rosemary Conley. But found doing that and being a vegetarian near on impossible.

What is SW like for veggies?

fortheloveofit Mon 06-May-13 20:59:24

I haven't tried SW but have tried many things in the past I have lost weight bt always put it back on again! I have finally reach my ideal weight 11 stones im 5 ft 6inches. I have managed to maintain for a year now. Here are some tips, but honest about the things you are doing to make you put on weigh. For me it was my over use of butter, and my love of choclates and my occasional (more than rarly) purchase of chips, and soft drinks. of course little time for excersize!!! I have learn't input (food) needs to match out put (excersize). I have really really cut down on my favorites. There is always time fore excersize! I look after two kids in the day and wok in the eve, Housework can be a great work out! bath time is time for me to do sit ups! I have a low fat yogurt topped with musili for break, quinoa, rice or lentilswith salad for lunch, lighter dinners, encourage your kids to at the same, better for them in the future. But aso have a realist goal! don't try to be super skinny you will miserable denying yourself the little pleasures in life, and it willbe near impossible to maintain, go for a healthy natural weight for your body, where you can still have a slice of birthday cake and the occasional treat! All the best , oh try to do with a friend that really helped me alot!!!!
Can't wait to hear how you get on!

beanandspud Tue 07-May-13 10:01:25

I find SW really good for veggies - pasta, rice and potatoes, beans and pulses are all 'free' so there are loads of options for veggie pasta sauces, curries, chillies, casseroles, vegetable bakes etc.

A typical day might be:

B - Big bowl of fruit and muller light yogurt (or you could have quorn sausages with beans, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, eggs)

L - Jacket potato with cottage cheese and salad; fruit and/or yogurt for dessert

D - Veggie chilli and rice

Veggie or not you do need to be prepared to cook from scratch rather than relying on ready meals but there are loads of recipes out there and I find it very easy to follow.

There is a SW thread on here with lots of great success stories and meal ideas, I'll try to link to it.

beanandspud Tue 07-May-13 10:02:06

here is the link.

Yonirubbishnamesleft Tue 07-May-13 19:25:19

Ah see this is what slightly annoyed me about SW, their obsession with telling vegetarians to eat Muller Light. They are not vegetarian, they have gelatine in them. I don't think there are any vegetarian yogurts that are free on SW apart frpm natural. Which did put me off when I tried before. But going to put that aside and give it a go.

ghosteditor Tue 07-May-13 19:29:08

I'm veggie and highly recommend low carbing - the only non-exercise way I've ever list weight, and it came off quickly and stayed off.

Lots of threads on here, or try Rose Elliott's Low Carb Vegetarian for an easy intro. Good luck!

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