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Giving up sugar? Can I do it?

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amigababy Sun 05-May-13 15:13:08

Well I've just had yet another binge. Not a big one - a mini-binge if you like, but enough to put me over my calorie limit yet again, and feeling like I will never lose weight. My standard binge foods have sugar in them - cake, biscuit, chocolate. I think I am a sugar addict. Long story short, I have been eating like this since I was old enough to walk into the kitchen on my own (4 y/o?) and though I've dieted successfully at times, I still end up parked at the biscuit barrel in the end. Even with a mini binge I feel rough (hung over?) the next day, woolly, headachey etc.
I've never tried to give up actual sugar, the thought scares me. But if I'm addicted, it would wouldn't it.
If I did try, I'd still eat carbs (rice/potato etc) - these things don't trigger me. I would like to eat fruit as I adore it. But should I try not to eat fruit really (or maybe just avoid bananas - v. sugary)? Bread, I'm not so sure about.
I can't do standard low-carb/Atkins as I am veggie.
Has anyone given up sugar properly? What did you cut out (or not?) Eg would you still eat baked beans that had sugar in the ingredients? Or should I not eat anything processed that has sugar in? Will it break the addiction? Tbh at this point, weight loss ceases to matter, I just want to master something that has lasted 40 years!

Fedupofdiets Sun 05-May-13 15:34:26

I could write your post too. I am addicted to sugar - it's my main source of food. I can forego meals in replacement for chocolate, sweets, cakes and biscuits. I am much much better if I don't buy it yet I still end up buying it for myself the kids. It's vile and I hate myself for it. I'm sure a complete boycott is the only way to truly move forward as I cannot just have a little bit. If you find an answer let me know!!

mychildrenarebarmy Sun 05-May-13 15:47:15

There is some evidence to suggest that l-glutamine and chromium supplements can help with sugar cravings. For me only a complete break from sugar, processed food and carbs works. At least two weeks.

I would suggest looking again at something like South Beach. That can be fairly easily adapted to suit a vegetarian diet.

HeySoulSister Sun 05-May-13 17:01:34

Bread and fruit still contain sugar... You need to give those up

Processed food... Baked beans.... Full of sugar

Veg and grains, meat and fish. Some dairy. Base your diet round those. The low carb threads are really good.

coorong Sun 05-May-13 17:12:04

avoid any white carbs e.g. white pasta, bread etc - stick to whole grains, they are much more filling

and try to get to the most natural form of the food as you can - then you'll not only maximise fibre, but reduce sugar overall - sugar is used as a preservatives

so simple rule - don't buy anything in a packet or tin unless it's an ingredient. e.g. don't buy baked beans, but buy borlotti beans, don't buy special k, buy rolled oats, don't buy flavoured yoghurt, buy plain yoghurt and add fruit, and avoid any drink other than water, tea, coffee or milk. Fruit juices are full of sugar and no fibre.

And avoid sweeteners. They may be "sugar free" but they habituate you to sugar and train you to crave sweet things. So no diet drinks.

It all sounds harsh, but I've trained myself to really not enjoy biscuits or cakes (unless homemade and then I half the sugar in the recipe). We survived quite happily without sugar cane until 400 years ago.

Confuseddd Sun 05-May-13 17:28:30

Well done on facing the prospect of life without sugar. I've done spells without sugar and should really get back on the wagon as once I've had a sugary snack the binge cycle begins again.

The withdrawal is quite tough. Headaches, nausea, tiredness, muscle pain. It took more than a week to get through that the first time.

I agree that some supplements are helpful in making the break - see The Mood Diet by Julia Ross for help on that.

If you google 'sugar busters', you'll find lists of foods to avoid.

I didn't give up fruit. My standard snack to combat a craving was home made wholemeal bread with nut butter and strawberries, kiwis or banana.

If you want to strengthen your resolve, watch Sugar, The Bitter Truth (a lecture by a Dr/ biochemist called Robert Lustig) which gives many reasons why we should all quit sugar.

CursiveLetters Sun 05-May-13 17:36:37

Start where you're at! Giving up some sugar will be great progress, you don't have to do it perfectly. I would start by giving up anything with "sugar" on the ingredient list (yes, including baked beans) but stay with fruit. If that feels too overwhelming to you, just cut out the obvious sugar - biscuits, candy, treats, etc. Do it for one day, then the next, then the next. Start with a goal of one week (or even three days) and see how far you get.

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