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Weight watchers & Value diary followers - Do you use your activity points?

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Peachypossum Sat 04-May-13 14:09:24


I'm debating whether to use mine, I have done on a couple o occasions but not always as it makes me feel like I'm cheating myself... I only point additional exercise not moving around during the day - so today I have walked the dogs (2pts) and been swimming (4pts), I have a total of 19 for the week with tomorrow as my last day of week. I weigh on Fridays so use my weekly points at the weekends, giving the five days to burn it off.

Last week we were away at an all inc and I swam and did aqua fit most days, drank my weight in vodka and wine but ate fairly sensibly and lost 1.5 lbs so the daily exercise did seem to balance the drink indulgence.

If you do use them do you have them on the day only or do you save them and use as needed? I have lost 6lbs in March and 4lbs in Apr (Inc holiday!) I had lost 13lbs before that so a total of 23lbs so far and I'm a nice sz 12 now but would like to lose 13 more to be 10 stone - it doesn't need to be quick as long as its steady!

I am due on today and craving carbs, chocolate and wine and I think the need to lighten up a bit iyswim? My thoughts are drifting to a vegetable chilli and wine tonight! Then roast and a bit more wine tomorrow - comfort food!! I have a Gym induction in the morning at 10. I have 15 pts left today with 23 weeklies and 19 exercise. I am also a bit of a lush so won't settle at 1 glass of red at the weekend ;)

Would be great to hear what others do? Does having them there as an option keep you on track as you can loosen the reigns to suit sometimes?

Peachypossum Sat 04-May-13 14:11:17

Oh, and think I mentally fall back on them a bit if I graze at all, like nicking a bite of the kids pizza or a couple of crisps when I'm due on. I don't normally do that it is only when hormonal I cannot resist hmm

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