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I have a few questions about 5:2 diet pls

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OhCobblers Mon 29-Apr-13 20:37:22

Ive read a bit about it but just wanted to know in a nutshell if ive got it right?
I choose 2 days of the week (non consecutive) to eat 500 cals only. The other days I can drink/eat up to 2000cals.
If I want to lose a serious amount, ie, stone and a half, can I stick to 1500 cals on the 5days? Will that help weight loss or put me into starvation mode thereby slowing down weight loss?
How much is it likely that I will lose per week?
Where can I find good meal plans for the fasting days?

Thank you!

Talkinpeace Mon 29-Apr-13 22:11:45

tips and hints thread

DO NOT starve yourself on normal days
5:2 is for ever, not a crash diet

frenchfancy Tue 30-Apr-13 06:03:41

This is the thread Tip was trying to link.

It has all the information you need as week as well as lots you didn't know you needed.

The 2000 cals is variable depending on your size and lifestyle. You need to work out your TDEE


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