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Super Hard Chiefs (don't mention the poo)

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DoubleMum Mon 29-Apr-13 17:41:02

New thread for chiefs who choose their hard - all welcome!
Moving on from this thread which is full:

Lizzylou Sun 16-Jun-13 15:54:30

Hello and welcome back Buzzy grin
My weight loss has been slow (very) and steady but it's on right track.

Are you on MFP?

I am making a lamb sag and a chicken tikka masala for Father's day meal, dh loves a curry! Both on Good food site, both healthy and low cal.

buzzybuzzybeeshoes Sun 16-Jun-13 16:09:58

I'm shrewvole on MFP Lizzy; we're friends already smile

I'm making chocolate Guinness cake with the children for Father's Day, inspired by the cake thread (I don't bloody help myself do I but the kids were desperate to make a cake for him and choc cake is my least fave cake).

Been out for a run this morning - mapmyrun reckoned I did 12.5 min miles which I'm happy with considering I was running 3 minutes and walking 1 minute wink But felt ok given the amount of time it's been since last going - although the knee Jillian fecked over is twinging a bit!

buzzybuzzybeeshoes Sun 16-Jun-13 16:37:21

Btw Lizzy, loving your curry idea. DH would love that as the kids and I are veggie and he's the sole meat eater, so puts up with a lot of veggie meals!

Too bad he went out shopping yesterday and impulse bought himself a yellow-snickered chorizo tart, which I am now going to make him eat in lieu of a nice meaty curry treat wink

TeaMakesItAllPossible Sun 16-Jun-13 16:57:12

<enters thread sniffing>

Oh Lizzy that's great. And what a fabulous choice. Are you thinking of primary or secondary? I really want to teach - I really feel it is my vocation - but I've yet to find the right moment to take the leap and the drop in earnings to do it. I think you're really brave. Ten years ago I got as far as doing two weeks teaching practice at a secondary school, got a place on a PGCE to do history teaching (secondary) but didn't take it because I was offered a job six weeks before I started. I shall be following you closely to see how it goes because I still hanker after it really.

<sniffs again>

Oh new baby smells. Yey SDP. That's soooooo lovely. Congratulations to your DSis and your whole family.

Hope DDDouble managed to rock her outfit in the way she hoped to and that the pastries and quiches were gratefully received amen. Love a first holy communion - tis possibly my favourite because the children look so innocent and earnest, though christenings with the lovely lacy gowns and chubby arms coming out are delicious too.

Hey Buzzy dude .... just jump back in. Now Nutella you said? And chocolate and guinness cake? <drools>

That's a great run. And a really good way to start. I used to have a really horrible twingey knee about 10 years ago and bizarrely seemed to get rid of it by doing some strength exercises particularly those that work on your core. Have you tried pilates? That's how I introduced myself slowly to developing a stronger set of muscles around my waist and back and then moved to weight training ala Bssh. Cross training on one of those machines also reduces stress on the knees too.

I have just made the caramel and apple cake from Pinterest. It is delicious. But to keep the calories down for me I have palmed half of it off on ExH and DH's ExW as a friendly gesture hoping if their mouths are full of cake there is no noise coming from them [innocent face]

I have done nothing but eat cake and bread since Friday. These last two lbs seem to be impossible as I haven't got an "event" to target. wink

Though the last weekend in June I'm going to a school reunion. I'm really excited because I'm going with two of my three BF from school - who I haven't seen in 10 years because I removed myself from society for a couple of years to allow me to focus on some stuff. We've been FB chatting for the last year and I'm really looking forward to seeing them again. 2lbs in two weeks should be possible but it seems like too much hard work tbh.

Lizzylou Sun 16-Jun-13 17:58:51

Tea, secondary. Either History or English, not sure which yet. Think English edging it.
Like you have been putting it off for years and have got close a few times. Now you can pay and do the equivalent of a Pgcse, Qlt and 30% towards a masters degree in 38 weeks. Think they will be hectic weeks grin

Buzzy, that chorizo tart sounds nice. The chicken tikka masala was not that great tbh, lots of faff but not that much flavour hmm
Lamb Sag was lush.
Must be hard being the only carnivore in the house. Do you find him under the stairs guiltily scoffing a sausage roll? grin

buzzybuzzybeeshoes Sun 16-Jun-13 18:56:55

Lizzy sounds as though you've defo got your work cut out! But will be worth it I'm sure. My sister retrained as an English teacher and says it's the best thing she's ever done.

DH isn't banned from eating meat of course, so when he cooks himself he often makes meat. Or occasionally I'll cook it for him or do something like cauliflower cheese where it can be a main for veggies and be supplemented with a pie something meaty. But usually his carnivorous side comes out in impulse purchases like yesterday's chorizo tart or about 3 pounds of reduced ham which then has to be worked into every meal sceptical

DoubleMum Sun 16-Jun-13 21:58:36

Welcome back Buzzy. I keep slipping (and indeed have once again) but am doing OK overall.
Congrats on a little baby SDP nephew!
Little Miss Double's day went well - started badly when she realised you could see her purple stripy knickers through her dress, but all uphill from there really. It transpired all the girls' dresses were different really, so she didn't feel bad. And she got a few compliments on it so she felt even better. There was lots of food, and a giant evil chocolate brownie cake which means I am not logging today, but just drawing a line under it and starting tomorrow again. I have now discovered I am being taken out for a meal twice this week though which is not so great diet-wise. Once is Pizza Express so Leggera pizza will be my friend.
Hats off to you Lizzy, it will be hard but so worthwhile.
Off to bed now as I'm pooped, all this weekend's visitors have only just gone. Back tomorrow properly.

buzzybuzzybeeshoes Mon 17-Jun-13 09:37:34

Tea Pilates is a great idea, I might get myself a DVD. Do you know any good ones?

I'm sure you'll knock them dead at the reunion with or without the 2lb off [unhelpful emoticon]! But yes 2lb in 2 weeks does sound doable esp as you always seem right on it with the exercise, fasting and even the non fast days (when I just want biscuit biscuit biscuit as soon as I wake up and have to fight with myself not to!)

Lizzylou Mon 17-Jun-13 09:42:51

Buzzy, I have been using This one with this Band and it is fab. You can buy other bands on Amazon as well that one is quite a strong one iyswim, the band really means that you do the exercise right and my core is so much stronger since using it.
Oh Happy Monday peeps! hmm

TheTigerDidntComeToTea Mon 17-Jun-13 12:56:00

Hi Buzzy, I too keep slipping but the chief wagon always picks me back up - climb aboard.
SDP - Congrats on the new nephew!
Lizzy - wow, what a big decision! A lot of hard work, like everyone else has said, but so worth it in the end.
Tea - laughing at you stuffing the exes with cake to keep them quiet - hope it worked! And a school reunion, how exciting!
Double - I'm so glad your dd had a good day, hope you got a good night's sleep.

I had such a lovely time with dh on Friday, I definitely made the right decision marrying him! wink grin
Then we had a Beavers/cubs bbq yesterday which was lovely. I met up with a few mums I hadn't seen for ages and all the kids had such a fab time playing in the park.

I even had time to sort out the holiday clothes for me and the kids -so exciting, only 5 days to go...

GeekLove Mon 17-Jun-13 13:39:30

Hello long time no see.
Off the MFP wagon but will get on it. I have noticed the less sugar I eat the less I want it. Conferences are dangerous places what with All the food and buffets but I did'nt fancy much of the cakes and avoided snacking. Still just on 10st as just after AF and always put a 1kg on the week before.
Did find I had a craving for carbs during it but having eaten temptation in the form of hot Doritos they aren't any in the house. It's true though the best way to avoid eating junk is simply not to have it in the house.
Anyone. Checking out BIWI's bootcamp threads? I plan on that as I haven't totally eradicated my fondness for Snickers.

buzzybuzzybeeshoes Mon 17-Jun-13 16:29:03

Lizzy thanks for the recommendation. Will wait until next week to get them as DH has just mentioned my Amazon habit in unflattering terms (of course all birthday presents, cat collars, stationery items etc. just fall from the sky or are brought by elves rather than ordered online) wink

BsshBossh Tue 18-Jun-13 13:33:37

buzzy and Geek welcome back.

Double so lovely that your DD had a good First Communion - another milestone checked off <sniff at the passing years>.

SDP hello Aunty.

Tea I know you'll lose those 2lbs but in light of your amazing total weightloss, it's only 2lbs...

Lizzy your career change sounds like a new adventure. Somehow I think you'll thrive on the busyness and hard work involved.

Is Randall out Randalling?

When I reached goal weight in April I resolved to go back to monthly weighing to take the emphasis off numbers and just focus on how I look and feel. In fact, I forgot to weigh myself at one month but I did weigh today (2 months in) and... I am bang on goal weight as recorded 26th April. Even down to the last .2 of a lb. I had to get DH to weigh himself to check the scales were not off. Despite doing many mini fasts and no longer snacking at all between meals (on week days), I have also been Randalling more than I usually do due to various social celebrations so I was curious as to what the scales would say (despite the inch losses since April). Anyway - Hurrah to me smile

BsshBossh Tue 18-Jun-13 13:37:58

buzzy weight training has totally strengthened my knees, so much so that I can run again (I had to ease off running due to dodgy knees). I highly recommend ot - start off with light weights (eg a couple of cans of baked beans or a couple of water bottles!) or just bodyweight and gently ease your way into squats, lunges etc - be very very gentle to begin with.

Lizzylou Tue 18-Jun-13 14:54:25

Go Bssh! That is brilliant, you have transformed your body but you also know it now. I am so confident that this is you now, for life. Well done.

Metafit tonight....eek!

Have to say I was going to run last night but my calves and legs were hurting, not just aching so I did extra Pilates instead. My knees make a clicking sound as well, so have ordered some special insoles to give me more cushioning.

TeaMakesItAllPossible Tue 18-Jun-13 15:58:56

Geek welcome back. Snickers? Mmmm. But a double decker gets me every time.

Bssh - that's great. I'm so impressed with your at oneness with your body wink

Metafit? shock on aching legs!

My ankle is sore so I am officially resting today. It's having sympathy pains.

DH is having to go for an operation to get pinned and plated. He's getting a phone call each day to tell him whether today/tomorrow is his lucky day. It seems to be a bit like going into labour - there's a bag packed ready to go and meals in the freezer. I hadn't realised but they tend to pin and plate people who do the sports so they can continue with the same lifestyle. DH has reliably informed me that Laurence Dellio (sp?) had to have the same operation and managed to play for England for another three seasons. I think he still fancies his chances at a late call up for a Lions tour <sigh>

I fasted yesterday and exercised. Tomorrow I will exercise and fast again. Still maintaining rather than loosing. Bah.

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 18-Jun-13 18:57:15

Blimey, I miss the thread for a few days and there's all manner of things going on!

Glad the first communion went well Double , sounds like you had a great time. You too Tiger.

Very impressed with your career changing Lizzy, really brave of you.

Congrats Aunty sylv!

Welcome back Buzzy and Geek, always plenty of room on the wagon, hop back on, the more the merrier grin

Bssh you rock so very hard dude. You've got this licked now, inspirational thanks

Tea soz about the continuing ankle related woes. Operation sounds grim but if it gives the best outcome then it'll be worth it. Hope you get the call soon, the waiting must be a nightmare.

Had a bit of a Randall on Saturday as I went to a food show (much, much deliciousness!) but fasted it off Sunday and Monday so no harm done!. In fact, somehow I seem to have lost 2.6lb this week despite weighing a day early and having weighed a day late last week confused. Not complaining though as my mother has been on fire with the stealth put downs today so I'm taking the positives where I can get them!

Hope nobody's Mondays sucked to badly smile

Lizzylou Tue 18-Jun-13 21:14:20

Metafit totally rocks! Feel a bit drunk after it all grin

Well done Randall! Again! grin

Tea you would totally love Metafit, truly. Bit like Insanity or Jillian on acid. I was oldest there by miles, but held my own. Feel fab!

Lizzylou Tue 18-Jun-13 21:15:35

And Randall, you are Queen Chief, don't let anyone (even/esp your Mom) piss on your (low cal) chips!

Lizzylou Tue 18-Jun-13 21:16:18

Ugh at Dh's op Tea, am a bit squeamish confused

TeaMakesItAllPossible Tue 18-Jun-13 21:22:59

Drunk without booze? I need me some of that!

<goes off to look at Metafit>

And what Lizzy said about your chips. My DM - who is really very lovely - every time I see her says "oh you look really lovely, but you're just right, please don't loose any more" - she's been saying it for the last year - even when I wasn't healthy. I think she means to be supportive but she spends all the time I see her telling me not to get too thin! I am not too thin. I'm now normal.

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 18-Jun-13 23:24:07

In fairness they were some doozies, she was in serious stealth mode grin

The first one was talking about the skirt I was wearing, and I quote "oh I couldn't wear a skirt like that, you either have to be
slim like your sister, or tall like you." Boom, right between the eyes!

(Bear in mind she also either hasn't noticed or just doesn't feel a need to comment on the now clearly obvious fact that I've lost over 4 stone.)

The next one was pointing out some pictures of HRH TheLovelyKate, "oh hasn't she carried her pregnancy well. Lovely and neat, just like your sister". Unlike me who was, presumably, untidy. confused I wouldn't mind but I barely put on a stone despite having an 8lb 9oz baby as I had ridiculous hyper emesis all the way through!

Lizzy you are mental. Metafit sounds horrific shock

DoubleMum Wed 19-Jun-13 07:52:55

Oh dear Randall your mum had been practicing. shock
Taking the bunnies to be spayed today, so hoping nothing terrible happens on the operating table. Tis my birthday tomorrow and the lovely PILs are taking us out to the local Thai so bang goes the calorie count.

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 19-Jun-13 09:06:14

She was indeed firing them out with aplomb grin

Well jel of your birthday plans, Thai food is my absolute favourite. Massaman curry, papaya salad, sticks jasmine rice. God I'm starving!

Hope the bunnies aren't too grumpy x

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 19-Jun-13 09:07:45

Sticks? Sticky obvs!

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