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Has anyone done Virtual Gastric Band?

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I've just downloaded the free app to my phone, the reviews certainly look good but when they're that good I always get suspicious they're all mates of the developers grin

Has anyone used it?

Any success stories?

Ideally is like to lose 3 stone but I'd be happy with 2. I just feel like food rules my life, when and what is next. I'm obsessed!

How would it affect energy levels as I've just started Couch to 5k for general fitness.

Yes my life is ruled by apps! wink

Sirzy Fri 26-Apr-13 11:20:34

Can't help but interested in reviews as I downloaded it last night but like you a bit sceptical.

Hi, I think I'll do it anyway and see how it goes.

I just wondered if it was going to take me 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years to lose the weight!

Just us then Sirzy!
I'm about to do it, I expect to open my eyes in 20 minutes and be a size 10. Reasonable? wink

missmatched Fri 26-Apr-13 22:24:53

Hi there

I have just bought the book theres a huge thred on it further down I think.I might buy the app too.Im also doing exercise for genral fitness I am on my 17th day of the 30 day shred,although it might be genral madness because my legs feel like they are about to fall off,I hate the plank.I have 5 stone to lose.

Good luck,lets hope we do well.

BeGoodElliot Fri 26-Apr-13 22:30:44

What is the name of the free app, I've seen a few but none are free. I am interested in the idea of it, I am at weight watchers, but not doing as well as I'd like!

It's Virtual Gastric Band.
I bought the full version then got a bit giddy and got the nail biting one aswell blush

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