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recommendations for a GI book please

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pesme Mon 15-May-06 22:02:14

cos i am too fat and want to be healthier. is there a definitive book?


pesme Tue 16-May-06 08:57:11


pesme Tue 16-May-06 10:23:55


JackieNo Tue 16-May-06 10:25:52

Think you need Puff's advice - I seem to remember she used various GI books.

Saker Tue 16-May-06 12:05:10

There's quite a lot of books now. Rick Gallop was one of the first and explains the principles quite well although he favours using sweeteners and not all his recipes are that great. Antony Worrall Thompson has written a nice book of recipes if you know the principles already (it does outline them I think). Another popular one is Helen Forster. HTH.

pesme Tue 16-May-06 12:23:32


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