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doing C25K with DS2 (10) - need motivation tips!

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racingheart Wed 17-Apr-13 20:21:44


Just started C25K with DC, as I am 25lbs overweight and DS2 is a bit overweight and also very unsporty. We've just completed day 3 (with one day off in between each run, though he did have rugby training on Sunday as well.)

But he is really complaining hard about doing this. Almost in tears, and says everything hurts. Being very histrionic about it ruining his life (which I find quite irritating, though don't show it.)

I don't want to bully him, but there isn't an easier training programme around and we need something structured. Of the 20-25 minutes in wk 1, you only run for 6 minutes, with breaks after each minute so it's not exactly taxing. It's designed for couch potatoes. If I take him swimming he just messes around. If we go to the park, he just sits. He is very sedentary naturally, and I feel without a proper strategy, I'll just be letting him get more and more unfit as his life goes on.

Sorry this is a bit long but I'd love some tips for motivating unsporty tweens. Probably doesn't help that his brother is much thinner and fitter and jogs on ahead quite happily, plugged into his ipod, while DS2 limps behind, being cajoled every step of the way.

Thanks for reading.

putthehamsterbackinitscage Wed 17-Apr-13 21:37:57

I think I would resort to old fashioned bribery... what is there he really wants - be it a small reward after each run or a long term target...

eg - for each run - extra screen time? and for completing all 9 weeks - is it possible to do something bigger? could you afford / does he want an ipod or similar that he doesn't already have?

I have made various attempts with my DC to do it over the past couple of years , usually the novelty wears off and at some point they give up and then we have to start all over again when they're ready to try again, but my DS (14) recently ran for 30 mins without actually following the plan, so he must have built some fitness before and kept it through other activities....

Also can you boost his confidence by telling him he needs to make sure you do it? that you don't want to give up and need his help to keep you running?

racingheart Thu 18-Apr-13 13:06:27

Hamster - those are great ideas. He'd feel much brighter being my trainer than having me as his. (I'm so glad you didn't say - don't make him do it.)
Bribery is fine. I'll ask him.
Thanks for replying!

Asinine Thu 18-Apr-13 13:13:15

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