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100lb challenge

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Whale2Waif Wed 17-Apr-13 09:28:02

Oh yes, that's right. I need to lose 100lbs.

I'm doing this mainly to give myself a big kick and if it's on here I will update and hopefully keep my motivation.

So does anyone else need to lose a scary amount of weight and would like to join me? I've sorted my gym membership and downloaded mfp (but not sure if I'll be sticking with it).

I can't believe it has come to this blush angry.

D0oinMeCleanin Wed 17-Apr-13 09:32:10

I'm doing a 90 day challenge thingy where I have to complete some kind of fitness test thingy after 90 days and loose 3 stone.

I'll join (I have more than three stone to loose, but that's the goal for the 90 days)

I have MFP but don't always remember to track everything, plus is it only 'allows' 1300 calories for me, which I am not convinced is healthy and it seems to think that 30 minutes on the cross trainer burns over 600 calories, which seems too many to me.

MadCap Wed 17-Apr-13 09:36:21

Hi I'll join! I've got 8 stone to lose so count me in. I've re-committed myself to ww and to doing zumba at least once a week. Also got myself a pedometer.

MadCap Wed 17-Apr-13 09:38:06

I lost 1.5 last week. I weigh in on Tuesday nights and my first stone off treat is a new dress from Boden.

caykon Wed 17-Apr-13 09:56:22

I will join too, think I will follow slimming world at home. going to try and sort my eating first, then tackle my lack of exercise. It seems such an enormous task, and makes my head spin thinking about it :-(

lardybum Wed 17-Apr-13 12:40:30

Me too. I started off needing to lose 92lbs at the start of the year, and I am now down to 70lbs to lose. Really could do with somewhere to post and spur me on. I have my wedding to slim down for, so that is my aim by next year.

I am doing it by WW and C25K which is 3 times a week. I also go on the exercise bike doing 15 miles twice a week. I weigh in on Fridays, so when I see good results, I won't want a take away over the weekend to ruin it! A way to keep me going.

Good luck all, here is to a fitter, healthier us!

HeySoulSister Wed 17-Apr-13 18:51:07

ive lost 3 stone 1 pound through low carbing!!

also completed c25k,which is the second time....this time i joined a running club to keep me motivated. its great!! also a 3x weekly bootcamp

going to do some juicing for some meals too......more in line with paleo eating plan

swimming....friend wants to a new cossie and we are away

got 3 stone left to shift. loving feeling fitter and healthier....and dd who is 18 is starting c25k with me,i will buddy her!!

Owllady Wed 17-Apr-13 18:52:23

hello can I join? I lost 51lb but need to lose another 2 stone really (how many lbs is that)

Owllady Wed 17-Apr-13 18:53:42

I have, rather surprisingly, been given a carers grant so as of next week i have a swimming and aqua class pass (unlimited shock) it will obviously ean getting my disgusting cellulite out and walking in front of people with hardly anything on sad

Owllady Wed 17-Apr-13 18:54:18

I will need a shave as well

sorry to lower tone and post so many posts that could have been included in one blush

D0oinMeCleanin Wed 17-Apr-13 19:31:56

I had to shave especially for swimming on Monday. I used to love swimming, I swam for my school in comps at one point but on Monday I was over taken by an 80 something year old woman wearing a flotation belt blush

Owllady Wed 17-Apr-13 21:04:46

oh god i know

Whale2Waif Wed 17-Apr-13 21:28:50

Welcome welcome one and all, glad I have some company.

Something about MFP doesn't sit right with me, I've tried and given up on it a few times I'd rather just track calories on my phone. I should have just left it alone after the first time.

Well done to everyone who has lost weight so far. Seems like everyone has a plan as to how they are going to go about losing weight and getting healthy. Great to see!

Would anyone like to share their stories of how they have to got to where they are and what has motivated you to change?

HobKnob Wed 17-Apr-13 22:29:46

Hey OP

Good luck on your journey. I've been doing SW for 18 months and have lost 131lb so far (almost 9.5st). I still have about 3.5 st to go but wanted to encourage you that it is do-able.

IMO it has to be a complete change of attitude towards food and a change of lifestyle. I have changed my habits for life, not just for a quick fix. Going to SW group every week has really helped me stay on track and give a focus to my journey.

Most important things are to believe in your ability to do it, and to be kind to yourself.

Whale2Waif Wed 17-Apr-13 23:10:19

That's some serious weight loss, I have no words for how incredible that is. Well done.

My friend is doing SW and loves it.

D0oinMeCleanin Wed 17-Apr-13 23:29:03

Well done HobKnob.

I've just tried to do 30 minutes on my cross trainer but gave up after 15 sad, still it all adds up. Did fat camp homework too, which involves star jumps, which I and my pelvic floor both hate grin

I was always slim, fit and active growing up. I did figure skating, then moved on to speed skating and always did lots of walking and swimming, running about with family dogs etc. Right up until I met DH.

He had a massive takeaway habit, but also a weight problem and felt self concious eating alone, so would sulk if I didn't eat with him. In the end it became easier to just eat with him. I had honestly never even thought of having my dinner and then a huge supper, nor had I tried Indian or most Chinese dishes and didn't even like Pizza, until I met DH, but it slowly became habit and as the pounds piled on the exercise slowly stopped.

I've tried every diet going, but without DH on board it's been hard and I've eventually caved and had takeout with him and that was the end of another diet. DH is a sucker for freebies and when he spotted an ad from my old trainer, offering three months free personal training sessions and nutritional support for families needing to loose 70lbs or more, he jumped at the chance. I am hoping that with the added support of the trainer we both might stick to it and if he veers off track I can tattle on him to the trainer grin

I have no idea what I weigh now, nor do I want to know, fat camp teacher will tell me what I have lost and that is all I need to know. I know when I met DH just after I had dd1, I was a size 8 and weighed 9st11. I am now a size 22 and last time I weighed myself (at size 20) I weighed 16st7, so it's a lot, 17 stone or more I'd guess.

The trainer has given us a target of 3 stone each to lose in the 90 days and will eventually tell of us of the fitness challenge he has in mind for the end of it, which I have no doubt will be hellish, but it's helping.

I put my maternity cosy on to go swimming on Monday, one that I bought when I was 6 months pregnant with dd1. I just wore a larger, normal cosy in the end, because the maternity one hung off me all through pregnancy, I could barely get it on Monday sad That was a shock to say the least.

chirpchirp Wed 17-Apr-13 23:51:23

Hi, same boat. Need to lose at least 85lb to get me just into a healthy bmi.

A week and a half in and things are going well. Started at 235 now 230, next weigh in Friday morning (have been weighing tues and fri on the good scales at Boots on my way to work)

Started yoga on tues, trying a gravity machine class on Friday and kettle bell class on Monday. Depending on energy, time and weather might attempt starting C25K.

I can do this! I've done it before and incredibly angry that over five years have undone all my hardwork. I could tell you all my excuses as to why I've let my weight get out of control again but none of them are good enough. Just have to stay positive and get off my ass, stop eating rubbish and keep motivated.

What is your plan whale are you going in for a strict diet or just cutting out what you know is rubbish?

BallerinaZeena Thu 18-Apr-13 00:19:37

Hello. I'll jump on board! I have stones and stones to lose. Have joined WW.

I've just started - plan to lose a few stone before exercising again (aerobics classes etc). Am just too fat to do anything useful at the moment.

AngelinaJoliesBeard Thu 18-Apr-13 00:53:42

Hiya! Ill jump on too! I haven't got as far as thinking how ill be losing the weigh (like which diet and what not) but I have about 85lb to lose to get back the size I want to be. I made a start on exercise today by going for a walk. It knackered me haha. My motivation to actually finally lose this weight is a combination of noticing health problems as a result of being overweight and also finding pictures of myself at my goal weight. I can't believe I used to think I was fat back then! Definitely fat now though haha.

Whale2Waif Thu 18-Apr-13 07:30:01

My problem is I eat my emotions, it's that I need to sort out. I also just what is to hand rather than making effort to get healthy stuff. Meal planning and calorie counting wee second nature to me and now I have to double check calories in everything making it time consuming and ultimately I can't be bothered.

Been looking at C25K and think I might give that a go but I'm so scared I'll see someone I know and be totally embarrassed!

chirpchirp Thu 18-Apr-13 07:40:11

Don't be embarrassed to start running whaletowaif. Your doing something positive and taking control. Be proud that your trying to do something about your weight.

Whale2Waif Thu 18-Apr-13 09:31:10

I could do it on the treadmill at the gym at first, don't know anyone there so don't care.

I know I should feel proud but folk love to judge sad.

D0oinMeCleanin Thu 18-Apr-13 16:26:37

Running on a treadmill is a good idea. When I used to run, long, long ago, I found treadmills boring, but that was before they invented ipods grin

I've been to fat camp today. I am become increasingly convinced that the trainer wants to kill me. He made me do 6 minutes of alternating squats/press up with no breaks and as if that was not bad enough he then made me do 20 star jumps (which I hate) and five squats - ten times in a row shock

I'm now ready for bed wink

I may try and have go at the cross trainer again tonight, if I regain the feeling in my legs grin

Diet has been good. Been sticking to mainly lower carb, no white carby things, lean proteins etc. I've managed to stick at about 1500 calories a day, which is more than MFP says I should have, but I'm sure 1500 will be fine. It's mainly veg.

chirpchirp Thu 18-Apr-13 17:36:18

Lots of walking about with DS today and if DH gets home before 7 will head to an exercise class tonight.

Fish cake salad for dinner and then weighing in in the morning. Really hoping another few pounds have melted away!

Whale2Waif Thu 18-Apr-13 20:12:13

Can you get an app (android) that tracks the route you are waddling and tells you the distance and records your time and stuff?

Clearly technologically minded hmm.

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