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Stopping scoffing........who's with me?"

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BadTemperedLadybird Mon 15-Apr-13 18:08:30

Right, today I'm drawing a line under the ridiculous amount I've been eating and drinking. I've only got about 3 outfits I can fit into and a wardrobe full of clothes that are way to small. I'm going on holiday at the beginning of June and I don't want to spoil my enjoyment by feeling fat and self-conscious.

I'm going to:
1) rejoin MFP - I've already entered todays food.
2) go to zumba tonight and actually put some effort into it rather than taking it easy.
3) make sensible lunches for work rather than spend money on fattening rubbish.
4) stop hovering up my DD's leftovers.

Enough is enough!

Is anyone with me for some moral support??

sixchickens Sat 18-May-13 01:19:32

Please can I join in? I did I and lost 1.5 stone (nearly half way to target) but due to various things going on at home a stone of that has gone back on sad Really need to get motivated and losing again. It's really helpful reading all your posts so I hope you don't mind if I tag along xx

sixchickens Sat 18-May-13 01:20:10

*I did mfp... (stupid phone typing) x

putyourhatonsweetie Sun 19-May-13 08:51:17

apologies for going awol. fresh start tomorrow. Got a bit crook and as I was basing diet on exercise it all went a bit pear shaped ... see you tomorrow!

BadTemperedLadybird Sun 19-May-13 09:44:30

You're very welcome to join us sixchickens. The more the merrier.

Lovely to see you back putyourhat!

BadTemperedLadybird Sun 19-May-13 09:46:59

I had a fun evening out and I'm not suffering today....bonus! So hopefully I won't over-indulge on the hangover food today.

somanymiles Wed 22-May-13 05:15:51

Hi again all - haven't posted for a while. I got over half way to my goal and then put a pound back on last week - boo! I have been really strictly watching my calories and can only think that the antibiotics I was on that really wiped me out slowed my metabolism down or caused bloating or something?! Will weigh in again tomorrow and see if things have got better now that I'm off them.Sigh... Need to keep motivated so will try to check in on here more often!

putyourhatonsweetie Wed 22-May-13 10:56:33

hurray, glad to see folk still on the wagon.

I had put on nearly all of what I had lost sad but am back on it now. Still under the weather though so will need to focus on food rather than exercise boooo

somanymiles Thu 23-May-13 05:40:20

putyourhaton I think weight loss is 2/3 food, 1/3 exercise (possibly heard that on Big Hairy Dieters!). So I'm sure you will do fine and hopefully will be fighting fit again soon.

I did lose a pound this week (weighed myself today) - hooray! - so I have reversed the weight gain thank goodness. I am feeling much better now I am not on horrible antibiotics. Am planning a two day hike this weekend and I am hoping that will help! (Although DH says only if I don't take any food with me, cheeky bugger.)

BadTemperedLadybird Thu 23-May-13 20:19:07

Hullo all,

Good to see what you're up to. Well done on shifting that pound somany.

Hope you're feeling a bit better putyourhat.

I'm still plugging away. Just over a week til I go on holiday but have got family up over the bank holiday weekend so hopefully I won't use that as an excuse for giving into temptation.

somanymiles Fri 24-May-13 05:33:11

Lots of exercise today! Walked about an hour with DS in the stroller and played catch for about 40 minutes. Not as hungry any more either which is great.

BadTempered where are you going on hols? Hope you have a fabulous time!

JojoMags Fri 24-May-13 08:08:37

Hello. New here but feeling in need of moral support. Am in post-op recovery and have put on 5 pounds, half of which was in the last week. The trouble is I cannot do anything physical - not even supposed empty the dishwasher, let alone exercise. So basically I am sat on my arse all day. Not a problem when I couldn't get out of bed to get to the kitchen. But now I am home alone, bored, immobile and comfort eating. Getting a snack is something to do, which is really bad, when all I do is waddle back to bed with it! Made worse by the fact that cooking healthy meals is hard as I can't lift pans.

All of the above are my excuses. Low carb is not for me - rice/couc cous/fruit and veg/the occasionaly slice of toast are all necessities, but was hoping I could join you on a low-snack/healthy meals regime. My weight loss goal is also half a stone. It's not much but it makes a huge difference!

somanymiles Sat 25-May-13 05:24:47

Welcome JojoMags. You are v brave! I think I would find it hard going if I didn't get to exercise. I am also a comfort eater. I found the Activia yogurt pots quite good snacks as only 100 calories but quite creamy tasting.

Very happy today because I reached my target weight. I am now going to try to maintain and/or lose 1/2 a pound a week, as I still cannot fit into some of my favourite clothes, but feeling great, despite having a stitch for the entire 40 minutes of my run today!

BadTemperedLadybird Sun 26-May-13 19:43:37

Brilliant somany! Well done you.

Jojo, you are very welcome to join us smile

I'm having a mini scoff this weekend. Got family to stay and am enjoying myself a bit too much! Oh well. The sun is shining so I can't feel too bad about it!

worley Sun 26-May-13 21:41:01

hello smile i have found you again. after hurting my back and then having a chest infection i have managed to get back on track.. did the first day of Jillians 6 weeks abs instead of the shred, as a bit wheezy still but im feeling it smile
am feeling inspired at moment. Hope your all doing well smile

somanymiles Mon 27-May-13 05:12:00

Just finished a punishing 25K hike with my DS this weekend. Aching from head to toe, but surely must be uber-fit and healthy now? Plan to sit on my a* for the next couple of days though!

worley good for you - glad you are feeling better.

BadTempered hope you had a great weekend! I am planning a weekend "off" next week as I am going out to dinner and don't want to worry about calories.

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