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Stopping scoffing........who's with me?"

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BadTemperedLadybird Mon 15-Apr-13 18:08:30

Right, today I'm drawing a line under the ridiculous amount I've been eating and drinking. I've only got about 3 outfits I can fit into and a wardrobe full of clothes that are way to small. I'm going on holiday at the beginning of June and I don't want to spoil my enjoyment by feeling fat and self-conscious.

I'm going to:
1) rejoin MFP - I've already entered todays food.
2) go to zumba tonight and actually put some effort into it rather than taking it easy.
3) make sensible lunches for work rather than spend money on fattening rubbish.
4) stop hovering up my DD's leftovers.

Enough is enough!

Is anyone with me for some moral support??

BarbJohnson5 Fri 19-Apr-13 05:12:16

I need to lose 2 stones in weight, so i'm in. I bake cakes for a living/hobby so im trying to figure out how to do this and be healthy/slim...Still haven't worked it out yet.
What is shred?

putyourhatonsweetie Fri 19-Apr-13 05:46:24

Hi barb shred is an exercise dvd by Jillian Michaels, 20 mins a day for 30 days in circuits of strength, cardio and abs.

Somanymiles am envious of your chocolate and wine! I would love to be able to do moderation - sadly its all or nothing in this camp.

Bakingnovice Fri 19-Apr-13 08:24:19

Worley I too am trying to get back into shred. I gave myself a week to let my eating settle and should start shred next week. Once I start it I love if but after a break it's hard to get into.

Somany - well done on losing weight. The shred is good, it's only 20 mins and goes really fast. But other than that you could try doing star jumps during the corrie breaks on tv? It really helps even though it's only 3-6 minutes a day.

Day 5 and I weigh in tmrw. Don't have a headache today thank god and am hoping it stays that way.

Barb - I too bake for the family. Im ok with it though as I can't really eat anything I bake for some reason unless it's straight out the oven. This week I did a big choc cake for packed lunches. I just keep telling myself that when I lose a bit more weight I can start exercising and eat a bit more. I'm just dreading next week as its TOM and I get very negative and hungry during that week! I'm going to use this thread for support!

BadTemperedLadybird Fri 19-Apr-13 18:30:16

Right, I've requested this thread's title be changed to "Stopping scoffing....who's with me?" Hope this doesn't confuse any of us, but I think it does need changing as it's almost identical to the title of another thread.

I'll have a proper look through what everyone's been up to in a bit. Hope you're all good and feeling motivated! smile

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 19-Apr-13 19:00:19


Right, I've requested this thread's title be changed to "Stopping scoffing....who's with me?" Hope this doesn't confuse any of us, but I think it does need changing as it's almost identical to the title of another thread.

I'll have a proper look through what everyone's been up to in a bit. Hope you're all good and feeling motivated! smile

WE have done this for you Ladybird
NB I am with you - have been in 'holiday" mode and need to remember that summer is nearly here.

BadTemperedLadybird Fri 19-Apr-13 19:33:46

Thanks muchly Olivia.

worley Sat 20-Apr-13 00:28:29

now Olivia that's just wishful thinking about summer nearly being here!!

I've done kind of ok.. at work all day. didn't eat the cake that one of women brought in to share smile very proud of myself.
as I work full time and am single parent I find I hard work to get out after work and do excersize.. once ds2 is in bed and I've done ally jobs its almost 9 and then I just want to sit down and with tv with something nice to eat!

somanymiles Sat 20-Apr-13 06:01:08

First weigh in today and I lost a pound! Only 6 to go. I did a great 35 minute run today. I discovered (something you probably already know) that if I make a playlist of tracks around 180 BPM (or 90 BPM) that it makes me run faster to keep in time! I actually don't quite get to 90BPM, but Mushaboom by Feist is just right. So I had a much harder run than usual and rewarded myself with 2 glasses of wine and some home made thin crust pizza. Mind you, I only had a little bit of scrambled egg for lunch and was starving all afternoon.... Oh, and I totally failed to resist a piece of horrible shop bought cake at the soft play centre. Useless! Still quite pleased that I managed to lose something despite my weak willpower! How is everyone else doing?
worley I have walked in your shoes and that's really tough. Can you find something virtuous but tasty to eat when you get in? Hot and sour soup or something like that? I think Nigella has a section called Temple Food in her How to Eat book that might help.
Bakingnovice my pelvic floor after 3 kids can no longer cope with star jumps, but I could do knee ups or sit ups or something - good suggestion. Will look into The Shred as so many people seem to like it.
putyourhatonsweetie - moderation entirely depends on my mood. I can easily scoff a huge bar of choccie if in a bad one, so let's see how it goes. So far so good, but I am moving countries at the end of June so I may succumb to comfort eating!

putyourhatonsweetie Sat 20-Apr-13 06:45:44

Hurray for the pound somanymiles, and shred isn't especially pelvic floor friendly

Bakingnovice Sat 20-Apr-13 10:47:49

Another hurrah for somany here too. Oh yes, the shred not good for pelvic floors. Perhaps squats or knee ups would be better.

I'm down 7lb. 1.5 stone to go. Really pleased. But it's a big loss as I've cut all the crap out. Today is my day off the diet. But not going to go crazy. Lots of family illnesses so three hospital visits to cram in. The last thing I want to do as its glorious weather here today. Hope everyone does well and lets cheer each other on for the second week.

BadTemperedLadybird Sat 20-Apr-13 22:37:46

Congrats to those of us who have made a brilliant start. I've had a busy few days in terms of social eating and 2 dinners out over the past couple of days, an indian meal and thai. Not the best for the calorie conscious but they were already arranged!! I've tried to choose sensible options and haven't drunk. So I'm still feeling on track although I'm not sure I'm heading for a significant loss this week. If I can still feel motivated, I will be happy.

How's everyone else getting on?

somanymiles Sun 21-Apr-13 05:05:48

Yes, must get myself down to a pelvic floor physiotherapist (apparently they exist!) and get that sorted. Until then no jumping up and down for me.

Today we went to Nando's for lunch. DH saying "It's all grilled so it won;t be too bad." Unfortunately I checked the calories after I ordered. Oops. Who knew? Lots and lots of calories. Next time I shall order the pitta with chicken and no mayo as I discovered too late that is the lowest calories option.

Still managed to end the day only a tiny bit over my calories budget as we went shopping and left the car at home so we walked for ages and ages, then had healthy cauliflower soup for dinner.

Bakingnovice - wow, you are doing so well! Very inspiring. Sorry to hear about the family illnesses.

Hope everyone makes it through the weekend without too many temptations!

Bakingnovice Mon 22-Apr-13 10:30:00

Somany - I love nandos. Mmmm.

Week two, where's everyone gone? I'm aiming for 2lbs off this week. But I've got TOM in the middle which means I'll gain loads of bloat and then lose it so overall might not lose any actual new weight. Still feeling positive though. Am sure that will change once my good friend pmt makes an appearance.

Have to say I'm looking forward to going back to 5:2 after this blitz. And I'm kind of trying to commit to low carbing, certainly in the sense that I'm going to try and stick to more complex carbs and veg. Good luck all.

putyourhatonsweetie Mon 22-Apr-13 10:55:38

Weigh in this morning, lost 0.7 kg, total loss of 2kg... not too shabby for a start. I've set myself a lot of little goals which I hope will keep the motivation up.

this week we are going away for a long weekend so I'm just aiming to maintain. Don't want to overeat but equally don't want to be a right old fuss pot while we are away. (must pack trainers so no excuses!)

BadTemperedLadybird Mon 22-Apr-13 18:02:25

Well done putyourhat. That's a really good start smile

It seems a bit quiet on here doesn't it? I'm glad of the mutual support and motivation so keep posting everyone!

somanymiles Tue 23-Apr-13 05:02:54

Bakingnovice - carbs are my downfall. I love the Mediterranean diet and it really works for me, but my family want fresh baked bread, jacket potatoes and pasta so it doesn't really work unless I cook different dinners and resist the temptation to have just one slice of toast... so good luck with the low carbing - I'm sure it is the way to go!

putyourhatonsweetie - How fantastic! You must feel great! I have only lost 1 lb and already today I felt like my trousers were a little less snug.

Today was quite a good day for me despite the fact that it was Day One of potty training for DS2 so we just mooched around the house and didn't do anything energetic. (Unless you count changing innumerable wet pants as energetic.) I did fit in a quick 15 minute "power walk" when getting DS2 off to sleep in his stroller.

Strangely though today I did not feel like snacking - my usual downfall - and ate a nice healthy lunch of tomato soup so overall was well within my calorie "budget" for the day. Feel like I am getting into the swing of eating more healthily, smaller portions etc. Hope it lasts!

alwayslateforwork Tue 23-Apr-13 06:13:53

Room for one more?
I need to lose about three stone. I'm going to try low carb mostly, and getting off my capacious arse. grin I do have a pool and gym at work, but no idea how much it is to join. Will find out. I end up sitting at the computer and not taking a lunch hour, which means essentially I sit on my butt for 8 hours a day. <sigh>

My youngest is 9 and I'm the heaviest I've ever been - I'm suspecting it's starting to turn into middle aged spread which will be impossible to fight...

BadTemperedLadybird Tue 23-Apr-13 09:50:15

You're very welcome to join us alwayslate. I'm jealous you've got a gym and pool at work. We've barely got tea and coffee making facilities!!

putyourhatonsweetie Tue 23-Apr-13 10:50:47

Thanks, does feel like a good start and I'm walking a little taller.... maybe this time will be the time it stays off <hopeful>.

Welcome alwayslate, a gym and pool at work? How super. A few years ago when I had a slightly simpler life I was able to go to the gym before starting work at 9. That worked beautifully because noone in the family missed me at that time of the morning so I didn't feel guilty and I was able to dress for work without toddlers mithering. Felt quite efficient. Would that work for you? Empathise with sitting on your bottom for 8 hours.

somanymiles carbs have also been a thing for me....but am trying! I find breakfasts the trickiest.

workatemylife Tue 23-Apr-13 12:13:55

Morning ladies. I'm envious of your achievements so far! I've made a decent enough effort this week, cycling to work, and doing the school run on foot, and although this may not make a massive different to weight loss, it is making me feel a bit better and more determined to get into some nice spring / summer clothes.
I had a sneaky weigh in on Saturday and had lost not an ounce angry and I did have a bit of a naughty weekend with friends over for dinner and no self control on my part. But I stepped on the scales today and my week's weight loss has been 3 pounds grin. The display wobbled between ?stone 8 pounds and ?stone 7 pounds, but I'm taking the seven, as that's where it settled. Wooohoooo. Seeing that has made me all the more determined to keep it up.
We've been eating lots of fruit and veg at home, I've laid off the cakes and biscuits (apart from Saturday night) although I have had the occasional choccie fix in the form of a cup of Highlights. I know it is hardly nutritious, but it stops me caving in to anything else.
How are you all today?

putyourhatonsweetie Tue 23-Apr-13 12:31:28

well done workatemylife! 3 punds is super....and I would always take the lower amount if it helps keep you motivated!

alwayslateforwork Tue 23-Apr-13 14:23:50

Lord, no. There's no way I could get there before work!! (Am lolling at my username is this context!) I have three kids (two have sn) and two dogs, and a dh that leaves for work at 6am. No one would get to school if I swanned off to the gym. Some mornings I'm not even convinced they'll get there anyway!

A pool and gym at work is indeed super. I have yet to use either of them though. grin it would have to be lunch breaks, as I have no time at either end of the day. It would force me to take a lunch break though, which is a good thing. We are unionised and supposed to take an hour, but in reality I never do. I will visit the gun desk today and get some details!

Is there a set day that you all weigh in? Or do you all have your own day?

alwayslateforwork Tue 23-Apr-13 14:25:05

Gun desk?! Ha! Gym desk (but maybe with a gun to my head?)

BadTemperedLadybird Tue 23-Apr-13 18:17:41

I know what you mean about taking a lunch break alwayslate. I tend to eat at my desk while looking at emails. Not very good for eating consciously. If you can find the time, a quick swim before lunch sounds lovely.

Think everyone is doing something slightly differently with weigh ins. I know a few weighed yesterday. I'll be doing mine later in the week, probably thurs or fri.

BadTemperedLadybird Tue 23-Apr-13 18:32:46

Also, the weather has been gorgeous here today. I'm so annoyed I've eaten myself out of my nice summer clothes. I really don't want to be sweating in a cardigan this year. At least it's renewed my motivation to get the weight off!

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