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Not overweight but use WEight Watchers to lose?

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Wellthatwasfun Mon 15-Apr-13 14:13:14

I had DS 4 months ago now, I am exclusivly breastfeeding, but I am 1 stone over my pre preg weight.

I am 5ft 4 and 9st2, so not over weight by any means, I am very active walking, cycling,swimming and strength training on most days (I mix it up throughout the week) and I want to get back down to 8st4.

I have always been rubbish with my weight, whether it is ignoring hunger signals to wait for the next meal, or not eating enough to mindless picking in cupboards and the fridge.

Now I am feeding DS I am finding the last few pounds hard to shift, I know breastfeeding can help keep those pounds on, but I would like to see whether I can shift some, and when I asked other breastfeeding mums what they eat, they said it doesn't seem like I am eating enough so my body is holding onto the weight and not releasing any.

Now, I like the idea of counting points, and being given a daily allowance, but I can also see you can eat a lot (this maybe what my body needs) but I don't want to put on any more weight, I have my wedding in June!!!

Does anyone use weight watchers to maintain? Or lose weight to get back down to a already quite small BMI? I don't want to waste my money on a months membership if I'm going to put on weight.

Sorry it's so long , would love to hear someone else's stories x

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