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Slim & Save to kickstart weight loss?

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sallycinnamum Mon 15-Apr-13 12:34:14

I’m on a big ‘improve myself’ campaign at the moment. I’ve just bought a Phillips Lumea laser hair thingy to get rid of my horrid tache and chin hair and now I want to lose some weight before summer.

At the moment I’m a stone overweight and in the past few years have tried WW, 5:2, MyFitnessPal etc. Problem is I need something very regimented otherwise I stray. I have started restricting carbs though.

I know a stone isn’t a lot to lose in the grand scheme of things but I hate it and wondered whether what I actually need to do is a VLCD for two weeks to get rid of half a stone and then I can lose the other half a stone eating sensibly. I am more than aware that eating sensibly for a couple of months will probably shift the unwanted stone but I’ve been losing and gaining the same 5lbs for years now. I’ve had enough.

So, I’ve been looking on these boards and Slim & Save keeps popping up. Has anyone tried this when they’ve not had a great deal to lose? Be interested to see if it works. I know it will be a horrid and tough two weeks but after next weekend I’ve got nothing on socially speaking so could do it then.

BlackAffronted Mon 15-Apr-13 12:37:47

You could probably lose the same amount of weight doing low carb/bootcamp properly.

sallycinnamum Mon 15-Apr-13 13:21:07

I have tried the proper low carb and it's something I can see me getting used to but I need an initial boost if you know what I mean.

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