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Low carbing...Am I a hopeless case?

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EMUZ Tue 09-Apr-13 20:45:57

I don't think you're doomed grin I was a total carb addict - give me crumpets and cake and I'm happy!

Breakfast I tend to eat eggs, or meat
Lunch sometimes soup, or meat and salad (with olive oil)
Tea - I vary but stuff like cottage pie (topped with cauli mash), low carb chilli, or chicken and veg

CajaDeLaMemoria Tue 09-Apr-13 19:35:26

It's been advised that I try low-carbing along with working out to try and lose a dress size before June.

I'm happy to try, but my problem is that I seem to live on carbs...at the moment I eat cereal for breakfast, toast for lunch, crisps for a mid-day snack and something like spag bol for tea.

I've looked through the bootcamp thread and the progress is really inspiring, but I'm stuck with the recipes. I can't eat too much dairy (milk and yoghurts are okay, I can have eggs sometimes, cheese is out most of the time), I hate mayonaise and I really dislike fish.

I also don't possess a slow cooker or a microwave...

Am I doomed?

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