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Getting fit around a hectic schedule - advice much needed!

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CityMummaLiz Tue 09-Apr-13 16:15:57

I am very keen to get my post-baby figure back up to scratch and have been looking for ways to incorporate fitness into my currently full-time role as a mother. As I have discovered, this is NOT easy. Especially when you're running around like a headless chicken anyway and up at all hours doing bottle feeds and cleaning up poop.
But I miss the endorphins of a quick run or trip to the gym. Now don't judge me to be a massive gym junkie. I'm really not! I have just always valued the feeling of regular exercise sessions.
I may be a mother now, but I am also still me. And as 'me', I want to rediscover my joys and hobbies while juggling childcare at the same time.
So I had a nose around at some websites and thought I'd share them with you. They offer handy advice on how to get fit around a hectic lifestyle.
I hope you find them useful! smile

1) MACS London: Very handy tips for all mothers - stay at home or career women, different hobbies and goals. Also, I love the colourful pictures!
See link:

2) Straight to the point, and some pretty nifty ideas you might like the sound of.
See link:

3) ForMums: Personal Trainer, Lindsay Holden offers quick and easy exercise tips you can do at home.
See link:

4) Women's Health: Telling you straight to get off your bum and get active... but in the most interesting - 'I would never have thought about that' - ways.
See link:

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