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BigMothers Week 1

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WigWamBam Thu 11-May-06 10:00:03

New thread for a new week!

NotActuallyAMum Thu 11-May-06 10:05:30

Am I allowed to join? I desperately need to lose some weight

[hopeful emoticon]

WigWamBam Thu 11-May-06 10:08:37

Of course you can ... don't know if you saw the original thread but there's a mix of people, some of whom are going to email me with their losses, some who aren't, some who just want support - just taking from the thread what they want to really.

Weigh-in is on a Wednesday, you can email me a stating weight if you like on bigmothers', or just email me weekly with your loss.

NotActuallyAMum Thu 11-May-06 10:15:25

Thank you

I actually weighed myself yesterday morning, don't mind saying on here - I'm 15 stone 5. And I'm only 5 feet 2 so I'm, erm, 'rather large'

I wouldn't dream of physically going to a slimming club every week - just couldn't face it so it'll be lovely to get some moral support

LilacBump Thu 11-May-06 10:17:36

i would love to join you in about a month once this baby's born, if you don't mind...?

JackieNo Thu 11-May-06 10:32:58

Hi all. Had to make cakes for DS's nursery cake stall last night, so made chocolate sponge, with chocolate icing, decorated with giant chocolate buttons. And thanks to the thought of you lovely people, I managed not to eat a single chocolate button. I think cutting down my portion size might be a way forward for me - when I lost weight while pg with DD, it was because I simply didn't have room in my stomach to eat as much as I normally do. Anybody see '10 years younger' last night? Woman who had had a stomach bypass, and had lost 11 stone in 11 months. Bit drastic, I think (but nice to think it can be done). Sorry - bit of a ramble there...

NotActuallyAMum Thu 11-May-06 10:43:36

JackieNo I once lost 5 stone 10 in 6 months with the help of tablets. Nice to do but it's almost impossible to keep it off when you lose it that quick. I've ended up about half a stone heavier then when I started......

JackieNo Thu 11-May-06 10:46:15

Sounds like 'slow and steady' is the way to go, then, NAAM. Suits me (although I'd love someone to wave a magic wand and for it all to disappear, obviously!).

NotActuallyAMum Thu 11-May-06 10:52:50

Me too

I want to be a size 16 when I go on 4 weeks time! IN MY DREAMS!!

But I'm going to give it my best shot and see what I can do

heavenis Thu 11-May-06 11:14:07

So far today I'm having a good day. Had yogurt for my breakfast, black coffee. I've walk to school and back (not very far). I've cut the front grass and weeded (sp). Now I'm going to have a bath wash my hair. Then go to school as we are taking the children to the libray and we'll walk there too. Oh and I managed to drink a pint of water after gardening.

Kittypickle Thu 11-May-06 11:33:14

Much better now thank you WWB, but very tired. I'd forgotten 10 years younger was on. Did that woman who lost 11 stone so quickly have loads of loose skin like the lady last week ? It's DH birthday today so I have made him a WW lemon, almond & strawberry gateau (or something like that) which is 2.5 points a slice, so I can have a piece with no guilt and have a low fat casserole done for later. So far today I have had a bowl of branflakes, an apple & a stick of celery. Heavenis, well done, off to a flying start for the day

WigWamBam Thu 11-May-06 11:57:31

I didn't see 10 Years Younger but the loose skin strikes a chord with me ... I know that when (not if ) my weight is gone I will be left with a whole load of loose skin too. It's actually almost enough to make me think I'm better off keeping the weight, but I know I'm not.

I'm wary of trying to lose it all too quickly; slow and steady seems the way to go to me. I'm also wary of diets that try to deprive - I actually believe that we all ought to have a daily treat in our diets, otherwise we'll end up feeling deprived and eating the fridge (or maybe that's just me ). I'm cutting down on portion sizes, not buying in food that I know I'll end up bingeing on, and not having my downfall foods in the house, but having a small treat every day. Small piece of chocolate, couple of biscuits ... but just once a day. I don't know how well it will work but so far I'm not feeling as if I'm on a diet, but I'm eating so much better, and so much less too.

hub2dee Thu 11-May-06 12:28:32

Slow 'n steady for ya, WWB - lost 2 pounds at this AM's weigh in.

And I just can't believe the level of political incorrectness in your thread title ;-)

suejonez Thu 11-May-06 12:47:29

WWB - I know you're not really me, but... same height same weight, same philosophy, same concern about excess skin. No, no, I am sure. I don't really have a multiple personality and I'm not really emailing my weight to myself... [nervous laugh emoticon]

I don't think the excess skin thing applies so much to people who lose the weight more slowly. I plan to have a breather every 2-3 stone for a few weeks and do a maintenance programme so I'm hoping not to lose so fast as to develop too much spare left-overs! Also I doubt I'll get below a size 16 so not exactly going to be as skinny as the woman on last night.

suejonez Thu 11-May-06 12:48:22

Oh and well done on the first 2lb Mr Political Correctness.

WigWamBam Thu 11-May-06 12:51:27

Don't know what you mean, Hub [innocent emoticon] And well done on your 2lb!

sue, I think you really must be me ... it's all too uncanny otherwise! The reason I suspect that I'll end up with loose skin, even if I loose it slowly, is my age, really - I'm already saggy simply because I'm in my 40s.

suejonez Thu 11-May-06 13:25:25

Of course you're in your 40's WWB, I wouldn't have a multiple personality with different ages, would I? (Also in 40's...)

suejonez Thu 11-May-06 13:26:21

Ok my question to you all this week (in the spirit of being positive!) is...

What is it about you or your lifestyle that HELPS you lose weight?

suejonez Thu 11-May-06 13:27:55

I'll start...

I like going to acqua
I love vegetables
Don't drink (or hardly at all) so no calories need to be saved for wine of an evening
Enjoy low fat casseroles and curries

JackieNo Thu 11-May-06 13:41:35

Mmm, a difficult question.

I do love eating vegetables
I like drinking tap water.
Also don't drink alcohol very much (maybe 3 units a week, often less).
Think my arms are more toned than they might otherwise be as a result of lifting 2-year-old DS several times a day (though it's getting less all the time).

Bit of a small list, I'm afraid. Will keep thinking...

WigWamBam Thu 11-May-06 13:50:13

Oh god, sue ... you really are me

Mmmm, good question ... there's actually more about my lifestyle that helps me gain weight actually! Sitting on my arse in front of the PC doesn't help, nor does seeing food as a comfort. I suffer with depression, and when I'm feeling down I binge.

But ... there has to be some positives. So, let's think ...

I'm vegetarian, and eat loads of fruit and vegetables.

I'm teetotal.

Me and dd walk to school and back every day, so that's at least an hour and three quarters walking everyday (although half of it is at dd's pace!) - in fact I walk everywhere, so I do a lot more than that.

I like gardening, so getting out into the garden and doing stuff helps too.

Er ... er ... running out of positives now!

JackieNo Thu 11-May-06 13:53:16

Oh yes, not sure if this counts as a lifestyle thing, but I have The Power of Mumsnet behind me<looks nervously over shoulder>.

suejonez Thu 11-May-06 13:58:52

I'm not vegetarian, phew!

suejonez Thu 11-May-06 14:03:22

We all know what we do wrong, I'm sure we could all reel off our shortomings but we must actually do something right or we'd all be 35 stone! My guess is that we probably do more right then wrong most of the time. Start thinking about it - you'll be surprised what will start occuring to you.

WWB - I have one for you - you know what you need to do, you understand the basic equation of calories in and calories out (I'm guessing from your post). Thats a head start on a lot of people trying to lose weight.

hub2dee Thu 11-May-06 14:32:53

Also, she has enough literary flair to document the weight loss and svelte new figure with a multi-million best seller 'Type Your Way Thin'.

I will always read BigMothers as BigMotherF*ckers as I have cultivated a foul mouth. That will always be my antidote to political correctness.

Thanks for the congrats on my weight loss. I am still due a haircut and was carrying a heavy watch and a wallet loaded with fake credit cards so I reckon I have several hundred grams to play with were next week to be less favourable.

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