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11lb in 33 days?

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rosalux Mon 01-Apr-13 09:44:16

I'm getting married on 4 May and really need to lose the last 11lb of baby weight I've been carrying for the past year or so (DS is now 19mths). I did manage to get down to 9st 4lb (I'm 5'6") but am now back up to 9st 11lb (thank you Easter chocolate and then some). Ideally I would be 9st for the wedding, but 9st 4lb or below would be just dandy.

DH has managed to drop over 2st since Jan by following a lowish carb diet and giving up his post dinner beer and crisp habit (though he has never dieted before and is a man so not a fair comparison). I have, however, somehow slipped back into my post dinner wine and chocolate habit, and after years of being the slimmer one in our relationship am in danger of relinquishing this status. I know I'm not really overweight, but I have quite a slim frame and all the extra weight seems to attach to my stomach, which is not a good look for me, especially in the dress I've bought for the wedding:

Also, I can't enlist the help of any friends IRL because the wedding is a secret wedding to which no-one is invited (deserving of a whole other thread I know). In fact we're only getting married in a month because we had already booked a holiday and when I discovered the cost of the hotel I thought we could justify it by turning it into a honeymoon. I should say we have been engaged for over 18mths so it's not quite as random as that sounds, though still pretty random I accept.

So there we have it. I need, really need, the help and support of others to stop me reaching for the vino and G&B family sized bars after my otherwise generally healthy eating and you lovely mumsnetters are the obvious choice.

Thank you

SeashellHoarder Mon 01-Apr-13 20:40:26

Hi rosa. Congratulations on getting married!
Firstly 9.11 is a pretty good weight!
If you are determined to lose weight the only thing I know capable of these results is 30day shred. But be prepared it is bloody tough!
Also you will probably need to eliminate chocolat and alcohol completely
Good luck!

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