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Keeping off the pie and the cigs...we'll live until 180!

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FrantasticO Sat 30-Mar-13 20:55:56

Hey new thread since our old stopping smoking and not gaining-too--much weight has been lost from chat! BOO!!!

I am not a good role model however as I HAVE piled on a stone, well 12 lbs now, since giving up the cigs.
This must be rectified!
Hence joining in the club section!

Donnadoon hope you find this thread.

Everyone else pile in, join and be happy or miserable bastard ex smokers

Donnadoon Tue 17-Feb-15 17:18:29

Ha I dunno where the Aye s come from ? Ha
Hey it's a good job there doesn't seem to be any personal info on that first link, I asked them to delete it because when I first clicked on it came up with my name and buy it now with one click buy etc and I shit meeself grin

FrantasticO Mon 16-Feb-15 20:44:30

Loving the aye!

Cycle pod looks great!
Dh cycles ALL the time!

Ours are to big to go in a pod, unfortunately grin


Donnadoon Mon 16-Feb-15 18:48:01

Ooops sorry about that i asked mnhq to delete first link because it had some personal details on from my amazon account
Anyhoo yes we have the biking bug so im investing in one of those things for going round the park with the little ones
We hired them on our forest holiday and had a great time
Aye , i cant wait to be up and about back to my normal self

Donnadoon Mon 16-Feb-15 18:43:39

Donnadoon Mon 16-Feb-15 18:38:35

Aye I can't wait to be up and about back to my normal self
We hired bikes on our forest holiday and have got the biking bug
The kids and DH have them already but I'm going to get one and invest in one of these
For the baybees grin won't be going on public roads with them though! just round the parks and lakes and stuff.

FrantasticO Mon 16-Feb-15 14:31:51

Poor wee you up during the night.
Hope you are feeling a bit better today?

I read 50 shades and thought the first one was ok for shock value but by the end I could have bopped her myself, why keep on asking for more...
Won't go to the cinema to see it tight scot ha
Will watch it on net flicks or tv when it comes on. grin

Hope you are taking it as easy as possible.
Every day will be a step nearer to you running about like your normal mad self, painting, decorating, biking, ruling the world! grin

Take it easy


Donnadoon Sun 15-Feb-15 03:21:43

Thought I'd update our Fred in the middle of the night when I can't sleep grin
So will you be watching 50 shades of shite ?
I'll Definately watch it on DVD when it comes out, Out of morbid curiosity
I've not been very mobile this week
Feel very water retented and bloated

Donnadoon Tue 10-Feb-15 21:52:08

Aw it was a great weekend
Shame that the kids spent more time in the hot tub than the grown ups envy
Aw you still miss your dog
I'm not surprised, they are such a huge part of the family
Ours had the time of his life this weekend chasing squirrels
and failing miserably grin

Do you remember I told you that I cancelled something special for myself because of dds eye trouble ?
Well I'm having it done tomorrow
Ill pm you

FrantasticO Sun 08-Feb-15 09:04:44

Looks fantastic grin

You will all have a fab time!
Hot tub sounds great.
Well done in getting the bod ready for it!
I'm firmly in the lose the belly zone...its grim.

Kids off here so keeping busy!
They are constantly on the move, I should be a size 6!

Still missing the pooch, and still thinking about a cat.
Not very fair though as I'm working a fair bit and my youngest will start school this year [sob] which means I may kicking and screaming work some more!

I want to live in a tree house!
Sounds amazing!
Great way to ring in being 40 for your friend.
Tell her it doesn't hurt much

Laters grin

Donnadoon Thu 05-Feb-15 21:34:01

Donnadoon Thu 05-Feb-15 21:32:27

Howdy !
Boo to the cold !
All good here
The eyes are being kept bearable because of steroid drops
We are off this weekend to celebrate our friends 40 th
Link to follow
Can't wait !
Been dieting really well for exposure of flesh in the hot tub grin
We are staying in the Golden Oak Treehouse

FrantasticO Wed 04-Feb-15 22:05:26

Still here!
Have had the cold and work work work.,

How's you?
How's the eye situation?

I'm sticking to the diet.
Only problem is I want to lose a stone in a week!
Boring thus dieting....

Anyhoo laters my lovely

Donnadoon Sat 31-Jan-15 14:56:55

And yeah I did try the shred and found it waaaay too hard!
Your a machine Fran !

Donnadoon Sat 31-Jan-15 14:55:25

There ya go !
I wished you lived nearer too Fran !

Donnadoon Sat 31-Jan-15 14:54:04

FrantasticO Sat 31-Jan-15 09:06:40

Morning lovely!

If I lived nearer I'd watch the kids so you could experience the "joy" of spin! grin

No more snow, just hard impacted icy roads now and loads of potholes!!

Enjoy the party run, it takes all day doesn't it?

Have you tried the shred yet?
It's good and £5 on Amazon.

I'm back on the classes with a vengeance, feel much better for it.
Lovely husband also got me a Fitbit, it's a bit compulsive!

My plan should involve sorting the kitchen, but probably won't ! grin

What thread has given you inspiration?
I'm in need of some of that!

Off to look at the cupboards and firmly shut the doors!

Enjoy the weekend x

Donnadoon Sat 31-Jan-15 08:12:03

No spinning for me ! I'd love to but I've got no childcare really
By the time DH gets home in the evening I'm shattered
Excuses excuses
Kids have parties all weekend so I'm taxi-ing about
In between I'm going to de clutter my kitchen
Been reading some threads in good housekeeping about it
Still no snow here sad
Wish you could shovel some down to us
My kids would love it
Seriously though you must be sick of it
And it is dangerous to drive in
Catch up again later pal

FrantasticO Wed 28-Jan-15 21:32:21

Chuckling at your mum!!

Poor baby being poorly on her birthday, where has this year gone?

Yeah to your dds appt, glad all going well.
Good luck with yours.

Spinning is sore on the auld nether regions, front and back!
Great cal burner though...enjoy.
Take some padded shorts!

Manic busy here.
Went to a calidh on sat, was fab. Kids had a ball!

More fecking snow here, can you here the rage!!!!!!!!!!!

Laters x

Donnadoon Tue 27-Jan-15 21:34:12

Belated burns night ?
It was Sunday night wasn't it ?
Oh I don't know I thought it was Friday night
Ignore me grin
Anyhoo how's the gym classes going ?
Have you ever done spinning ?
I've never done nothing like an excercise class in my whole life blush
I've got to stop nibbling crap
I have good days and bad days
Had a poorly baby on her birthday, she was all runny nose and high temp
On the mend now though
Dd1 had a good appt about the optic nerve
She had all sorts of thorough eye checks and has got to have one more in a few weeks but I'm very happy with the care she recieved because now I'm almost reassured that there is no scary underlying problem...phew
I'm off to eye clinic myself tomorrow ... Groan
My mum thinks I've got ...wait for it.... Eczema under my eye lids hmm
Because ...wait for it... She has eczema up her nostril !
Oh my days !

Donnadoon Sat 24-Jan-15 08:27:44

Happy belated Burns night !
All good here, had a few too many biscuits this week tho !
Dd3 is one next week ! Can't believe it ! She is walking and talking too ! Well four words, hiya, teddy, dee-dee (her sister) and daddy angry
Such a contrast to dd2 who didn't say her first word until 21 months!

The eyes are ok but scrap without the steroid drops, if I miss a dose.
Dd1 has important eye appt Monday about the optic nerve, DH is taking her

Having family round tomorrow for dds birthday get together
Easy weekend apart from that
Ta-ra for now x

FrantasticO Thu 22-Jan-15 07:47:00

All going well here, kids ready for school and I'm nearly ready for work...if I stopped messing about!
Enjoying Bb. Helps us get through January.
Diet going well and back at gym.

How's the eyes today, hopefully when the weather changes they'll hurt less.
Cold air is soooo drying.

How's youryoungest getting on?

Anyhow off to apply the slap makeup!

Laters lovely x

Donnadoon Wed 21-Jan-15 13:35:48

I like Katie H and P
Not liking Perez
Neutral on the others
Liked watching Patsy learn how to be a diva with Cami last night
Dunno who I want to win yet
But it's been good tv so far
Alicia ... Bless confused I thought I read that she had a good private education as well !

FrantasticO Tue 20-Jan-15 22:47:27

Ooh who you liking on bb?

Not so keen on Perez.
Shhh finding Katie h quite funny at times eek

Though Callum looked like he could lose it tonight!


FrantasticO Tue 20-Jan-15 22:45:38

No!!! To more snow!

It's horrible slippy stuff,
Though great fun if you don't have to drive in it grin

Your poor eyes the pair of you.
Here's hoping that when the cold weather goes so does the ailments.

I've joined weight watchers as I couldn't find a you tube jaw wiring with step by step instructions grin

Must shed this weight!
Started back with the classes too, it's hard work.
Need to get out of these leggings which fool no one !

Laters lovely x

Donnadoon Tue 20-Jan-15 18:54:48

Hello, glad you're ok-ish grin
School is/was out for your kids ! Yay !
Loved being snowed off when were kids,
Oops for getting your jaw wired
I've been quite good, I read a couple of weeks ago something that stuck with me " summer bodies are created in winter" I've always let myself go a bit too much in winter and before we know it the better weather is here and shock

Really don't know what the crack is with mine or dds eyes !
I have some sort of mystery infection
Dd has a wonky optic nerve
Dd seeing pead on Monday
I'm waiting for appointment to come through
I'm on steroid eye drops in the mean time


Cold cold cold here at the mo but not snowing yet !
Laters matey

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