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Keeping off the pie and the cigs...we'll live until 180!

(711 Posts)
FrantasticO Sat 30-Mar-13 20:55:56

Hey new thread since our old stopping smoking and not gaining-too--much weight has been lost from chat! BOO!!!

I am not a good role model however as I HAVE piled on a stone, well 12 lbs now, since giving up the cigs.
This must be rectified!
Hence joining in the club section!

Donnadoon hope you find this thread.

Everyone else pile in, join and be happy or miserable bastard ex smokers

Donnadoon Mon 07-Jul-14 21:17:59

Wowzers ! We are in July !
Hope you had/having lovely hols !
I've got hayfever, never had it before, eyes are streaming all day and it's really hindering me
Starting taking a tablet now every day, not working though
In other news, I slimmed right down a couple of weeks ago, I was well happy with myself
Until this weekend I've not stopped eating, hormones I think, but I only have to look at a cake and my jeans are digging in
Also I'm down in the dumps and a tiny bit concerned about dd2, 21 months and not speaking , all my others were speaking in sentences by now , the HV isn't worried, but I read too much mn and I am worried so they've placed her on a huge waiting list for Salt and a hearing test
Wo is me...sorry smile

Donnadoon Wed 16-Jul-14 20:39:41

You still on hols mrs ?
Lucky you, hope you having lovely time
We go in two weeks
I need to slim down to be able wear a cozzie
Just been reading about a supplement called rasberry k2 tablets
They are available at boots and they suppress your appetite etc
I'm not usually a fan of any sort of tablets but I'm thinking it might be a quick fix for my wobbly bits combined with my davina dvd
What d'ya reckon?
It's been manic here with sports days , assembly's and concerts etc, the kids break up tomorrow here
It's hot hot hot too , the paddling pool is getting some use
Anyhoo hope you are ok
Talk to you soon

FrantasticO Fri 18-Jul-14 15:26:55


I'm back!!
Was the best holiday EVER we all had an amazing time.
That's great that you are off in 2 weeks, you will have a fab time!

Are we clones? I took raspberry ketones before going from holland and Barrett. Definitely lost a few pounds, though was gyming it too!
I have put on a pile of blubber on holiday, but it was worth it!

Gym here I come!

How's that family of yours getting on?
Hope you are not running about too much! I know that's your default

Sure you are looking lovely and will have a fab time on the beach!
Wish I was going away ageing just now too -- greedy me aren't I ?--

Take care and catch up soon!

Donnadoon Mon 21-Jul-14 20:42:19

Way hay !
Glad you're home!
So glad you had a lovely time
You must have had lovely weather too huh?
It's been glorious hasn't it ?
Alls good here
Got my hands well and truly full I tell thee
I never get a minute to myself
I haven't bought those rasberry tabs yet because of the price shock and they not a good idea whilst still bfing
I've not had time to stuff myself lately anyway and I don't fancy chocolate when it's hot and sunny so I'll just have to keep doing the DVD and brave my wobbly bits grin

FrantasticO Mon 21-Jul-14 21:13:52

I'm sure your wobbly bits are all in your head!
So very excited for you, getting to go on your holiday...you will have a fabulous time!
Weather here is fab.
I have a horrible virus though and am barely managing to put one foot in front of the other, boo! I don't normally even acknowledge if I'm feeling poorly but this has floored me!
Bet you don't have a minute!

Enjoy the nice weather and the holiday build up! YEEHA !!

Laters x

Donnadoon Sat 26-Jul-14 06:41:31

Hope you're feeling better Fran flowers
Glad you had lovely hols!
I most defo have wobbly bits !
I also have back ache, so the exercising has ceased now, Grrr
Oh well, there's always someone looking a lot worse in a cozzie isn't there ? <slaps ones hand! mustn't be mean>
The babies had a terrible night last night, both teething and hot and bothered, I was up and down with one or the other between 12 and 4am
Gonna take it easy today , hope you kiddos are ok ?
So excited for hols this end, must start the mahooosive task of packing this weekend
Laters matey

FrantasticO Mon 28-Jul-14 20:37:53

Whoop whoop for your holidays!
Ole ole ole ole!!!

You must be excited...and shattered!
Hope the packing is going well.

I still have the blardy lurgy boooooo!

Hoping you have a fantastic holiday, so very excited for you!

Laters matey x

FrantasticO Fri 01-Aug-14 23:29:50

Hope you are having a fab holiday and that the wee ones are sleeping through...so you can enjoy the day!!!

FrantasticO Fri 01-Aug-14 23:33:17

Oh and hope the teething is ok?
I have loads of questions on 10 year olds when you get back, though might persuade you to email rather than mumsnet as don't want to out her!
Have a great hols

Donnadoon Sat 09-Aug-14 20:51:10

I'm back!
We had such a fab time! The best ever !
Lovely weather and no cooking or washing, what's not to like?
Back to a lovely clean house, but trashed within an hour of getting in grin
And the mahooosive task that is washing, mowing an overgrown garden, Ah...back to the daily grind, feel fully rested now, but a bit chubby grin
'Twas all that clotted cream I tell thee
Anyhoo... I have a ten year old, ask away, ill pm you my email address if ya want ?
Hope alls well with you

Donnadoon Sat 09-Aug-14 20:54:55

Hope you have shifted your lurgy now too flowers
I've had those viruses, remember I had a sore throat that lasted over a month...horrendous !
We must look after ourselves Fran !

FrantasticO Thu 14-Aug-14 08:15:13

Hey mrs!
So glad you had a great time!
You deserve a good holiday all the running about that you do constantly!

Lurgy still here. Boo!
On antibiotics but feeling crap if I'm being honest.
Sure next week I will be fighting fit!

Plan is to get better, get my flabby ass to the gym and restart life!
Meanwhile I'm also trying not to sweat the small stuff grin

How's the washing mountain post holiday?
And please tell me you're not onto your next DIY adventure!

Glad to have ya back wink

Laters x

Donnadoon Fri 15-Aug-14 18:36:20

The washing pile is back to normal which is always two loads a day
Sorry you still have lurgy flowers and cake sod the gym !
Not DIY ing just yet, hoovered the green machine out today it was full of sand and melted ice cream, yuk ! Been meaning to do it since the weekend blush I'm slacking !
Kids are getting bored of being off school already , they still have 19 days off to go. IIRC yours go back before mine ? I must say I enjoy not having the chore of making pack lunches and ironing uniforms and the homework nagging! But ....
Must get their school shoes give me strength on Monday though before they sell out of their favourite and or their sizes.
I'm glad I've only got two in school though, there was a reason I had age gaps, the expense is staggered thank The Lord
Laters pal

FrantasticO Sat 16-Aug-14 13:51:58

Hey buddy!

Lurgy is lifting here, so glad to be getting back to normal.
Did you watch the end of BB?
I wanted Christopher to win, just to annoy Mark!

Hope your not DIYing, it makes me feel lazy grin

Schools back here.
Kids have settled back in, but are revolting at early bedtimes. Tough!

Still working away and half laughing, half moaning at the thought of it!

Must hit the gym, I'm going away with my friends for a few days and there will be skin exposure. Dumdum dum!
Why am I more worried about being in a swimming costume among friends than I was with other half and kids and half of Spain grin


Hope all is well your end and that ou are getting plenty of runs from your driving son!

Laters x

Donnadoon Wed 20-Aug-14 05:05:54

Omg I'm with you on BB
I'd like to know who votes for these 'winners'
Are you watching CBB?
I can't always stay awake past 10 pm, what with these early starts
Dumdumdum ! Away with the girls, Go you ! Is it a hen doo ? And yeah I read somewhere that women dress to impress other women and deep down we don't give two hoots what the fellas think, lol
I love the way your kids are revolting at early bedtimes too lol I'm not looking forward to the battle commencing in two weeks time here
Gonna try and catch some more Zzzzzs
Ta ra for now x

FrantasticO Wed 20-Aug-14 21:20:41

You're up early as always no wonder you need early nights.
Kids are getting back in the swing of it, they need sleep for school, swimming, dancing, gymnastics ...it just goes on doesnt it!
I've finally shifted the bloody virus, felt awful.
Back to exercise and so need to I'm looking rather rotund!

Girls holiday for a landmark birthday. god I'm getting ancient and I don't care! grin

Will be good fun!
Never left kids before so feels a bit funny.

Celeb BB is good so far, what a bunch they are.

Anyways take care.

Get zzzzzs x

Donnadoon Tue 26-Aug-14 02:51:41

Look at the time Fran ! It's all gone Pete Tong !
I've been asleep since 7.45 [corrie ads]
Gotta sort my sleeping pattern, it's ridiculous !
Anyhoo a landmark birthday huh ? Wowzers
And leaving the kids [wibble] I've never neither but you / they'll be fine I bet, going for Maccy Ds with their Daddy grin
My kids still off for another week
I've had enough of the lazy routine now, I'm fat !
Looking forward to the mornings of military operation next week
Getting them up and out and back to my old routine
Power walking with my crew
Off to catch some more Zzzzzs

FrantasticO Tue 26-Aug-14 20:11:51

Aww poor you, it's tiring when they are babies and you have two to tag team!
Not long til you Get them back to school, power walking sounds good!
I'm knackered, working full time just now, it sucks but I get to drop kids off for school and nursery at least.
Holiday is a wobble, I will miss them.
I'm an eejit aren't I? grin

Get rested
Countdown to school and some routine, though sometimes that's more work!

Laters x

Donnadoon Wed 27-Aug-14 20:10:46

You're no way an eejit !
You will miss them ! But you deserve some you time. <imagines wistfully >
I've got to lose some weight, I've tanked up these holidays, it's all the slobbing about
One of my DCs is a lazy so and so and likes to stay in pjs til mid afternoon shock
I will start my Davina DVD tomorrow I think.
Have you ever done the 30 day shred ?
I've heard people say it's good
Loving CBB at the moment, I have watch it on record the next day
It's my birthday on Saturday ! Sob ! I hate being another year older smile
We were going to go down south for the weekend but still un decided
Anyhoo hope you're not working too hard

FrantasticO Thu 28-Aug-14 20:59:48

Shhh about being another year older...I am 40!
How the hell did that happen? grin

I'm as crabbit as a bear these days, so need a huge kick up the arse as even I'm fed up looking at my miserable face!

I have THAT bloody stone to lose again
It must really like me as it keeps coming back!

Shred is good, on twenty ish minutes and gets a sweat up, so calories burned! Fiver on amazon just now I think.

You're allowed to have lazy days on summer hols, it's the law!

Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday!

wine thankswine thankswine thankswine thankswine thanks wine thankswine thankswine thankswine thankswine thankswine thankswine thankswine thankswine thankswine thankswine thankswine thankswine thankswine thankswine thankswine thankswine thankswine thankswine thankswine thankswine thankswine thankswine thanks

Donnadoon Thu 28-Aug-14 23:32:44

Yes you're right , a fiver on Amazon, just ordered it now ta muchly !
40 ! No way ! Ah it's just a number, mind you I've hated every birthday since turning 30, I remember my mums 30th, we decorated the house etc, so I was on a right downer cus no one likes catching up with their Muvva ! grin
Anyhoo, I get down days too, buuuuutt I've just bought myself some new boots, leggings and a nice tunic top from new look, so treat yourself Fran !
Thanks for the birthday wine and flowers
Have some for yourself wine flowers is there a fast way of typing those all out ? Don't tell me you did them all manually/individually ? I might have to award you friend of the year (dabs eyes) lol grin

FrantasticO Fri 29-Aug-14 14:02:08

Har de har! Friend of the year, yes that's me! -- no cutting and pasting here!--
I agree we all have blip days, bloody work!
Shopping is on the agenda soon, few more exercise classes first!

Have my holiday to get sorted for!
Will be good, but strange without oh and kids.
No pleasing some people!

Let me know when your shred comes and i will do it too,keep you company!

Laters lovely!

FrantasticO Sat 30-Aug-14 16:06:07

Eek just re read your last post...you think 40 is ancient!

It's not, I promise it's fine!

Off to price my Zimmer frame now young un!

Weeps quietly and leaves...

Donnadoon Sat 30-Aug-14 19:19:29

Ha ha I never said that !
It's just a number !
I'm 35 today !
So not a million miles behind !
Hope you're having a lovely weekend
I've just stuffed a curry
Gonna open the dairy box chocolates whilst watching X factor
30 day shred starts Monday grin

Donnadoon Sat 30-Aug-14 19:23:01

And the No way ! Comment is a compliment because you seem much younger what with your gymming and excercise classes and such
Erm .... Pass me a rope, I need to get myself out of this hole I've dug myself in
Lol xx

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