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NOW, or NEVER, no EXCUSES thread part 4.

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Tortoise Fri 29-Mar-13 11:02:06

Here we are, thread 4 grin .
Time for me to have a large kick up the arse and lose weight! (After Easter!)grin

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Tue 13-May-14 09:13:55

Well done arty. 1lb a week is very good. I know it may seem slow but I had weeks and weeks of 1lb losses (and often less) but in 6 months time you'll be so pleased that you kept it up.

And next time I moan give me a slap. I stepped on the scales today and was back down to 130.1lbs so the same as last week. I really have nothing to complain about.

artyanklet Mon 12-May-14 14:47:46

I have been for my weigh in - I am pleased to say I have lost 1.2 kg, mind that is over 2 weeks but I don't mind its a loss and I am happy.

Johnny - sorry to hear about your lb? Maybe you will lose it next week - fingers crossed.

Hope everyone else is having a good weigh in.

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Mon 12-May-14 13:01:51

Hello all

Well I was quite good but the weekend was a bit carby so I put on a lb. Not too happy as I was down 1lb on saturday so I've put on 2 in 2 days.

Sigh, after last week I was thinking I'd soon be at my target but I think I'll still be here at xmas.

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Tue 06-May-14 11:31:26

The zone lasted until the end of that last message!

Yesterday I ate - among other things - 4 chocolate brioche, pizza, chips, chocolate crispie cake!

Just doing an online food order so I can get back on track.

Arty, dodgy scales don't sound dodgy to me. That's a great result.

Zalen, that's a shame, but I have every confidence you'll be in the 9s or 10s by your holiday.

Zalen Tue 06-May-14 10:49:44

Unfortunately I'm back up into the 12's after a nightmare weekend of on-call for work. Hopefully now that's over I can get back to the 11's and stay there. Congrats to all losers this week smile

artyanklet Tue 06-May-14 07:48:31

Well done Johnny that is great news. I can't have my weigh in at the Drs this week as its a bank holiday so will have to wait until next Monday. I did try on my dodgy scales and they are showing a slight loss of 1lb but I am not sure how accurate that is. I will take it though as I need a bit of an boost! Here's hoping to a good healthy food week. Chicken tangle pie with lots of veg for tea tonight.

Good luck everyone

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Mon 05-May-14 09:25:35

Hello all.

A great week, I am finally back in the zone although not sure how long it will last

Down 3.5 lbs. think it might be my best week since I started the diet September 2012.

Hope the rest of you are all well and enjoying the bank holiday. It's lovely weather down here so we'll be running around outside somewhere.

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Fri 02-May-14 12:53:10

Well done cookie. Every loss is a good one. I remember you have a graduation or wedding coming up. Have you bought a nice new dress?

I am curretly in soft play with dd2. The food is so horrible. I had a tuna jacket potato which seemed about the healthiest option but dd2 wanted a pizza and chips so it will take all my willpower not to pick at them.

cookieowner Fri 02-May-14 11:39:33

Well I'm down another pound to 10st 3, as usual slow progress but going the right direction !
Hope everyone has a good bank holiday weekend

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Wed 30-Apr-14 12:09:57

Another good day yesterday. Chicken soup and bread at lunchtime. Grapes for a snack and then dinner was a tuna salad and omelette.

To my delight I was 3lbs down today since Monday! It won't necessarily last as I'll struggle at the weekend but it is a big boost. I am currently making dd2s pasta lunch while nibbling on a carrot so feeling very virtuous.

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Tue 29-Apr-14 11:26:25

Yay! That's brilliant news. It wouldn't surprise me if you get to 9 st 7 by then and I'm still here! It has taken me 19 months to lose 4 1/2 stone. Actually it took me about 12 months and I've yoyoed ever since.

I had a very good day yesterday. Tuna salad and cottage pie for meals with only 3 biscuits so the best I've done in a long time. Meeting a friend in london for lunch so it might be hard to make a sensible choice. Tea will either be another tuna salad, using yesterdays ingredients or perhaps a tuna and mushroom omelette.

Zalen Tue 29-Apr-14 07:56:31

I made it!! 11st 13.8 this morning, that's 3 stone off since November 15th, about 5 & 1/2 months shock

New target, into the 10's before the big family holiday at the end of August, that's 4 months, maybe I should make that into the 9's wink. Let's not push it though, I haven't been under 10 since I was a teenager blush

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Mon 28-Apr-14 12:42:39


Zalen, glad you're back and only a smidgen over 12 smile. That's brilliant.

I've been all over the place, good days, bad days. I haven't been updating my fitness pal. I have been very negative about myself and worried about putting all the weight back on but when I weighed myself - for the first time in two weeks - I have lost about 0.8lbs which I am very pleased with. I eat well but have had lots of snacks recently and I focus on how naughty I've been, get depressed, and then have 1 or 2 pieces of toast to compensate. Then I get depressed about that although it's hardly anything really.

So I am 133.8 which is just over 9 1/2 stones. I still want to go into the 8s because my stomach is larger than I'd like. If I get time I might start weighing myself daily. The main thing is I need to be positive.

Arty, good luck this afternoon. Did you manage control on Friday? I hope you had a good time either way.

cookieowner Mon 28-Apr-14 12:01:31

HI all, sorry I haven't posted in a while, sounds like you are still determined to lose weight. I am now down to 10 4 so one pound away from an overall loss of 3 and half stone
Still feeling it is going very slowly but am prodding on with the hope I WLL one day reach my target weight , even if it has taken 18 months so far!
Arty I cannot believe you lost over 3 kg in a week
that's amazing really! Well done

Zalen Mon 28-Apr-14 10:37:56

Apologies, I've not been around for a while, I've been in hiding because the diet has not been going well. I think I gave myself permission to slacken off over a month ago when my parents visited and I have struggled to regain control since then. At the worst I went back up to 12st 8 and that was when I weighed myself, there were times I knew things would be bad so I kept clear of the scales.

So I decided I had to rein it in and have been ruling myself with a rod of iron and I think I've finally got a better handle on things. As of this morning I'm down to 12st 0.4 so I'm under 170lbs, just a whisper away from being in the 11s grin and less than a stone from a healthy BMI.

Glad things have been going well for you guys, arty 3.2kg is a fantastic loss, well done and Johnny enjoy the new clothes.

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Fri 25-Apr-14 14:22:34

Curry was good but I made so much I'm sick of it!

Not sure if the diet is going well. I met a friend for lunch yesterday and had a chicken kebab thing with salad. I think it was quite low in calories but some dressings and sauces have lots of calories.

Today I took dd2 for a pizza and I had a chicken salad. Realised in the middle of the meal that I'm planning to have chicken salad for dinner tonight so lots of variety... Not.

I went shopping yesterday and bought some non sale clothes! I still want to be 10 lbs lighter but as I'm unlikely to get significantly smaller I can finally justify spending money on clothes.

So I bought a black dress, cropped beige trousers and a stripy tshirt, all for the summer.

I am guessing zalen is off work as that's where she mumsnets from. Hope everything is going well for you zalen.

artyanklet Thu 24-Apr-14 21:00:10

How was the curry Johnny?

Nearly at the end of a very long week - phew! So far so goo on the healthy eating - really pleased with myself. Tomorrow is going to be tricky as I am out for lunch and dinner and I want to eat sensibly but I know the temptation will be there. Will report back!

Hope everyone else is doing well

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Wed 23-Apr-14 17:04:49

Ooh, I haven't had a pear for ages. I might buy some. I find a piece of fruit does stop those hunger pangs. I do eat a lot of apples and bananas as snacks nowadays. Even if I've put on weight recently I do still eat quite nutritious food.

Lunch today was a chicken salad and I'm now frying veggies for a curry.

artyanklet Wed 23-Apr-14 16:43:48

Hey Johnny - hope you are nearly at the end of the chocolate! I have been good and not eaten any chocolate at all! (polishes halo) but I have eaten a couple of hot cross buns. Other than that my healthy eating has been really very good. I am slightly worried that the last weigh in was wrong but saying that it has given me the boost that I needed to get back into the swing of things and generally be good!

I have now gone back to work after having a long time off, yesterday was my 1st day back and I got home at lunchtime absolutely starving and craving anything and everything. I am so pleased with myself as in the past I have just helped myself to whatever was at hand but I didn't this time - I had a pear. It really helped as it was juicy and sweet. After I had finished it I then was able to prepare my sensible lunch. I did this today as well. Can't believe I have never thought about eating this way before! I have always eaten my fruit as a dessert at mealtimes. I have also made up some individual jellies.

Hope everyone is being good, no idea if I have lost this week, I hope so - feel like I have. Fingers crossed. Will find out Monday afternoon although on Friday not am I out for lunch but for an evening meal too so will have to try and resist.

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Wed 23-Apr-14 12:47:21

I'm back! I haven't had much time for either mumsnetting or dieting recently.

I have had a busy couple of weeks with dds off school. We went away for a couple of weeks and did lots of entertaining.

In the last week I have generally eaten healthily but as well as having 3 healthy meals would have lots and lots of chocolate. Annoyed with myself as I have shown no self control. At least I have got back into the habit of mealplanning. When we run out of chocolate in the house I might go back to 'normal'

Today I have had one piece of toast, two cups of coffee and 3 medium sized chocolate eggs stolen from dds.

I'm just about to go shopping to get some vegetables to roast and curry.

I have no idea what I weigh but some of my new trousers are not fitting as comfortably as they did when I bought them! I am going to try to come on here every day and tell you what I've eaten as an incentive to be good.

I hope the rest of you are doing better. Arty, 3.2kg is amazing! It must have given you such a boost.

artyanklet Mon 14-Apr-14 15:25:35

Oh my goodness! I certainly don't deserve this but I have had a weight loss of 3.2kg!!!! I even got off the scales and re weighed. Am in shock. I was hoping to stay the same as I know that although I have eaten well for meals and during the day time - the evenings have just been plain awful! So that said I have now got to be very very good for the next 2 weeks (as no weigh in next Monday due to it being BH) as this is the lowest I have been for a very long time!

Happy Days gringringrinshock

Hope everyone else has had a good weigh in ............

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Mon 14-Apr-14 09:21:38

Zalen, I hope you've had a better week. How are the tic tacs doing? Is it working?

Arty I hope you had a good week.

I had a few days away last week and found it impossible to diet or eat well. The part of the country we went to just had little pubs with non healthy options and I took the view that if I'd had a fried meal I may as well go the whole hog and have a pudding! So I put on 3lbs. I suspect it may have been more but I was quite disciplined over the weekend.

We have visitors today so it'll be one more day of heavy eating! Then it'll be a week of soup and salads.

Does anyone have any plans for Easter? For us it's not really any different to a normal weekend except dh gets two more days off work. I have bought dh and dds about 10 little chocolates (sheep shaped, bugs, bunnies etc) as they prefer those to large eggs. I'm intending to not have any myself. We might go on a few walks or small trips out but other than that it'll be a relaxed Easter. No relatives! smile

Zalen Mon 07-Apr-14 16:30:13

Weighed in this morning, 12st 6.8, up over 3lb on my lowest point, not been a good weekend, I've been on-call and it's been insane, I've been getting barely 4 hours sleep a night and that in small chunks. I've not been eating properly and I've been too tired to care.

This is getting out of control and I need to rein it back in, no on-call for a week after tonight and I need to get things back on track. I've bought a big pack of tic tacs, the plan is to have one of those when I want to eat something. They're 2 cal each so even if I scoff the lot (which I'm trying very hard not to do) that's only 200 calories and should be worth it if they can stop me snacking.

Well done to Johnny and arty and good luck to anyone still to weigh in.

artyanklet Mon 07-Apr-14 15:10:15

I am pleased/relieved as I have stayed the same this week. I have had one of those weeks that when I have been good I have been very very good and when I have been naughty I have been dreadful!

DH is away this week so I must behave, I really don't have any excuses.

Hope everyone else is having a good weigh in.

Enjoy your few days away Johnny

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Mon 07-Apr-14 09:03:21

I had my fish and chips but didn't enjoy them that much. They weren't worth the calories sad.

Anyway I am really pleased that I ate healthily on holiday with a couple of snacks and only put on 0.4lbs! We're visiting inlaws up north this week so it'll be harder to not snack.

Hope everyone has a. Good weigh in.

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