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NOW, or NEVER, no EXCUSES thread part 4.

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Tortoise Fri 29-Mar-13 11:02:06

Here we are, thread 4 grin .
Time for me to have a large kick up the arse and lose weight! (After Easter!)grin

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Thu 13-Feb-14 14:20:51

Cookie, sorry to hear about your crisis, I hope everyone is ok.

I know it's hard to get motivated when you're yo yoing like that. When I look at my weight loss it was an average of 2lbs a month from July to December last year so lots of 1 up 1 downs but with a very slow downward trend. At times I did find it frustrating / boring / depressing but if I hadn't lost every little 1lb I'd gained I'd probably be a stone heavier by now and you would probably be the same. I think I see those periods as a practise at maintaining and so still an achievement.

I have had my gym induction. I'm focusing on toning and building strength in my legs as they need it due to various injuries. I was very disappointed to not be weighed or have my fat measured. The gym lady asked how much I weighed and I very casually said 'oh something like nine or nine and a half stone' as if I haven't been obsessed with every ounce for the last year and a half!

Anyway I quite enjoyed it. She put me on low settings for most things and I increased them. I didn't work my hardest because I was (wrongly) convinced she'd give me some impossible task so I am looking forward to going back next week and really pushing myself.

A friend laughed at my trainers - last worn at the gym in 1999! Afterwards I popped into sainsburys to buy a second pair of gym trousers and top. It'll be hard to go back next week with dds home from school but I'll pack a bag in case dh comes home from work early.

Zalen Fri 14-Feb-14 10:00:27

Good luck with the last 22 pounds cookie, March til September should be entirely doable to lose that much I'd hope.

Hope the gym induction went well yesterday Johnny.

I think my martial arts club are trying to sabotage my diet, they had a Valentines Day Challenge for the person who attended the most classes in January and I won, two cinema tickets, a bottle of wine and a large box of chocolates grin I think I'm going to have to work on developing some will-power or I'll have put all I've lost back on by the end of the weekend sad

Zalen Fri 14-Feb-14 10:05:01

Oops, that change to the new page always catches me out, glad to hear the gym induction went well, it sounds a little strange that they didn't weigh and measure you but maybe that's because your goal is to tone and build muscle rather than losing weight. Hope you're able to get back there next week a get a bit of a routine going.

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Sun 16-Feb-14 16:30:16

It's just a local council run gym so I assumed the induction isn't as thorough as with a more expensive private one. I had to answer questions about my health history, weight, blood pressure etc but they didn't test.

I went back yesterday and feel amazed that it's taken me this long to go. I was so worried about being the fattest or unfittest person there and nobody cares! My routine is fairly easy and I pushed myself a lot harder than on Thursday. I'm hoping that dh will finish work early one day next week so I can go again as I feel really motivated. That's a sentence I never thought I'd say!

Foodwise it's been a mixed week. Out twice, tried to make healthy choices and duck as a valentines meal. Lots of chocolates too. So I honestly can't say if I have lost weight. I probably don't deserve to but the body does weird things so you never know. I'm actually feeling indifferent about my weight but excited to be doing exercise for the first time in years.

I hope everyone else is having a good weekend. Once again we've had shocking weather. Lots of trees blown over but fortunately no flooding. Half term next week and I feel bad that we'll mainly be staying in again.

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Mon 17-Feb-14 07:39:53

Up nearly 3 lbs in a week! I'm going to have to work hard to lose it.

Hope the rest of you are having a better day than me!

Zalen Mon 17-Feb-14 09:18:28

12st 9.6 this morning, up 0.2lb so not too bad but not good either, still after the last two really good weeks I guess I was due for a not so good one.

Glad you're enjoying the gym Johnny and good luck getting those 3lbs back off, a little willpower and I'm sure they'll be gone in no time smile

cookieowner Mon 17-Feb-14 10:17:59

I have been ill with a cold/ flu type thing for the past few days , just what I needed after my hectic and stressful week ! I still managed to stick to my diet although think I must have drank around 25 litres of liquid every day
Ill weigh Friday in the hope something has happened!

Zalen Mon 17-Feb-14 14:05:20

Sorry to hear you've not been feeling well cookie and well done on sticking to your diet anyway, hope you're feeling better now and good luck for Friday's weigh in.

artyanklet Mon 17-Feb-14 15:46:03

I too have put on this week - .400g I am not surprised as I am finding it very difficult to be in the zone at the moment and food that I normally wouldn't touch has been really appealing to me until I have eaten them and then I feel really cross with myself!.
So today whilst at my weigh in I spoke up for myself, normally I am very quiet and just listen to others. It was quite a surreal moment and looking back now I felt it was a little "my name is Arty and I have a problem eating sweet stuff at the moment!" The other ladies couldn't quite understand what I was trying to say in the fact that its all or nothing normally for me and normally I am not bothered with the stuff! I think its down to stopping my alcohol on a weekend and craving sugary/sweet stuff. I feel I have stood up to myself so hopefully by this time next week I will have lost weight and (fingers crossed) a decent loss at that! So far so good today......... I have set a target with the dietician that I am going to have a week without sweet stuff (which is normally bought for the DC) I am hoping that as 2 of the DC are off school and around I will be less inclined to pick! I have also made an appointment with the dietician but she can't fit me in till 3 March, shame really as its now I really need the boost!

Hope you are feeling better Cookie, Zalen you have done so well you must be so pleased, and Johnny you don't deserve the 3lb put on (may be its water retension!

Heres to a positive week, onwards and inwards I think!

artyanklet Mon 17-Feb-14 15:47:42

Oh dear how many times can I use the word "normally"!!!

Zalen Wed 19-Feb-14 12:49:30

Thank you arty, this week was disappointing and next week won't be much better, but at least I've made the big box of valentines chocolates that I won in class last a week instead of scoffing the lot over the weekend.

Well done too for speaking up at your weigh in and stopping the weekend alcohol. I don't drink myself but I gather that it's generally a lot of empty calories without much nutritional benefit

Good luck everyone for this week, hope it's going well so far.

artyanklet Wed 19-Feb-14 15:36:19

Touch wood my standing up to myself seems to have worked! I am much more in control and so far I have been really good. Daft thing is I haven't struggled or craved the food I have been eating! Long may it continue smile

Hope everyone is having a good week.

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Thu 20-Feb-14 16:17:13

Cookie I hope you're better now. Good luck tomorrow.

Arty, I'm glad you spoke up for yourself and I completely get where you're coming from with all or nothing. I'm surprised no one else understood. I find moderation so difficult so have to do cold turkey on things. Every so often I need a new start to get myself back in the zone. I'm glad you're back there now.

Zalen well done for eating the chocolates slowly that takes so much willpower.

This week has been terrible but I think I'm getting back on track. I have had pizza, sweets (handfuls of!), chocolates (packets of), wine, crisps, cakes, potatoes and lots of bread. I had the inlaws over Tuesday so prepared a lot of food. I regressed to the old me who scoffs a ton of food cooking and then has a large meal. Every time I went to the kitchen to get cutlery, food or drinks I'd be having a handful of crisps or bread. I was always such a secret binger eating food out of the fridge or cooker while the people I'm feeding were at the table.

Anyway today I took dd2 to pizza express as dd1 had a play date and had their chicken salad, just 340 cals, and olives. Dd1has asked for toad in the hole for tea so it's going to be a tuna salad for me. I feel back in the zone. I think I'm too scared to weigh myself so may have a break from that for a few weeks days as I actually feel like my jeans have got tighter in the last week!

artyanklet Sun 23-Feb-14 18:13:05

Hope everyone has had a good week, I have for once - Very nervous for my weigh in tomorrow, I am going to be so upset if I haven't lost any. I deserve at least 10lb off!!!! (in my dreams) I have watched my children eat cauliflower and broccoli cheese and have just made them sausage pitta's for their lunches tomorrow without even licking my fingers! In a more serious note note - if I can lose 2lb I will be pleased.

Weigh in is at 2pm tomorrow

Fingers crossed smile

Zalen Mon 24-Feb-14 09:34:30

Weighed in this morning, 12st 7.4, 2lb down so very happy with that, I'm unlikely to do that well next week though as my parents are visiting next weekend so there will undoubtedly by takeaways and stopping whilst we're out for a hot chocolate and a slice of cake, ah well, one weekend won't make too much difference, I'll try to be good during the week and hope the weekend doesn't do too much damage.

Good luck with weigh ins everyone, will be thinking of you at 2pm arty smile

artyanklet Mon 24-Feb-14 16:11:38

I have lost - phew! Not as much as I would have liked but its still a loss! I know its an excuse but for the last 2 wks I have been weighed on different scales and last week I was the only one that put on, this week different scales and in 5 people I was the only one to lose grin. I reckon last week I must have put on more than 400g. This week I have lost the 400g that I supposedly put on last week. Good news is that on my dodgy scales at home - when i weighed myself this morning I had actually lost 4/5lbs since last week.
I am determined to keep plodding on, next weeks weigh in is a bit tricky as I have the dentist at 2.20 slap bang in my weigh hr! hmm....

Well done Zalen at your loss, hope you are okay Johnny.

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Mon 24-Feb-14 18:11:46

Sorry not been around much as dh and I have a bug. Dh has been sick and I am dizzy with an upset tummy. Diet has been going well since about weds and today I have eaten just two pieces of toast. I'm not particularly happy about that but I haven't felt hungry.

Glad you both lost well done. I didn't manage to weigh myself. I imagine I'll have put on weight as the start of last week was so bad so I might hold off until Thursday or Friday as it'll motivate me for a few days to eat well.

artyanklet Tue 25-Feb-14 08:55:47

Oh no Johnny - hope you are feeling better. Hope your DDs don't get it.

Zalen Tue 25-Feb-14 10:18:34

Well done on your loss arty, do they have any scales at your dentist grin.

Johnny sorry to hear that you and DH aren't well, hope the bug passes quickly and bypasses your DDs.

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Tue 25-Feb-14 10:47:23

Thanks Zalen and arty, I am feeling much better today. I have low blood pressure so get dizzy when I get a virus. I got it lightly, poor dh was really bad. Dds seem fine too thankfully. The little madams took advantage of incapacitated mum and dad by getting in and out of bed for hours last night knowing we were too weak to be firm with them.

I weighed myself today and I'm down a lb on last week so still 2lbs up on the previous week. I am a bit annoyed with myself but I think it's just my stomach is so bloated at the moment I feel fat.

Arty good luck on Monday being in two places at once. Is the dentists close to the doctors?

Zalen Thu 27-Feb-14 10:54:43

Glad you're feeling better Johnny, hopefully you are fully recovered by now.

I've just booked myself tickets to see The Weir at Wyndhams Theatre in April, I said I'd book it for myself as my treat if I made it under 12 stone by the end of March, as of today I'm 12st 6.8 so I'm pretty sure I'll meet that target, if I fail I'll pass the tickets off to my son, he can take his girlfriend instead and that'll be my penalty for mis-behaving, 6.8lb in 33 days should be achievable I hope.

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Thu 27-Feb-14 20:51:40

Zalen I am so jealous of your motivation. I really think you'll reach your target. I wanted to be in the 8s by Easter. I have no idea when Easter is. If I get time I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow because I do think it would be good to set a goal and a possible reward!

I am better now but haven't really got my appetite back. Long may it last! In a minute I'm going to the gym, I haven't been since Sunday so I'm feeling a bit naughty. I'm surprised at how so far I've kept it up. I hope it continues, I don't usually manage to keep exercise up so this is a first for me.

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Mon 03-Mar-14 11:37:15

Well I weighed myself on Friday and I'd put on a lb! This was after 4 days of not eating and (sorry for TMI!) an upset tummy.

I didn't have time to weigh today, will try tomorrow. Good luck everyone else (and arty I hope you manage to see the nurse as well as dentist.)

artyanklet Mon 03-Mar-14 13:08:31

Hope tomorrow is a more positive weigh in Johnny! I have decided that I am going to go to the dentist slightly early and hope that I get seen sooner, as long as the dentist is not running late I should get to my weigh in just in time - fingers crossed.

I have weighed myself on my dodgy scales this morning and it is showing exactly the same as last Monday, bit miffed but I suppose I did go out for an Indian meal on Friday evening although there were no starters, desserts or alcohol and I was very good in the day time. So I have my fingers and toe crossed that the Nurses scales are kind to me this afternoon.

Hope everyone else is having a good weigh in

artyanklet Mon 03-Mar-14 15:17:47

Made it - dentist was running on time and thankfully I was only in the chair for about 10 minutes. On the downside I am numb from my top lip up to my eye plus I have a rather red right hand side of my face. I guess I won't be picking any time soon wink.

I got to the Drs for my weigh in, was a bit nervous as I was weighing the same this morning on my dodgy scales. Thankfully I have managed to lose another 400g, not huge but nevertheless its still a loss and I know weigh my lightest since November when I had my part knee replacement! smile. I am really pleased.

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