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NOW, or NEVER, no EXCUSES thread part 4.

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Tortoise Fri 29-Mar-13 11:02:06

Here we are, thread 4 grin .
Time for me to have a large kick up the arse and lose weight! (After Easter!)grin

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Wed 01-Jan-14 23:53:33

Arty, I've never heard of a soup maker. I would consider it but I have a pressure cooker I've never used so I can't really justify it. Maybe I'll google pressure cooker soup recipes with my rubbish phone.

Ooh did I say happy new year to you? Happy new year. Do you have any weightloss goals? I would like to be 8st 13 by easter just so I could be in the 8s.

Zalen Thu 02-Jan-14 09:22:16

Happy New Year, arty, sorry to hear about your loss.

Well I went completely off the rails food wise yesterday, weighed in this morning at 13 12.8, looking on the bright side I'm still under 14st. Back on the diet today, there are still a few goodies left over from the festive period so I'm figuring out how I can work them in without going over my calorie goal.

As far as weightloss goals I want to be under 13st by the end of January and 10 or under by the summer if I can do it, but definitely by the end of the year. I can't wait to get back to class next week, two weeks without kicking or punching anything and I'm climbing the walls fgrin

artyanklet Thu 02-Jan-14 17:34:53

Yay! Good news from consultant - I can now drive, wahoo smile. I still need to see him in 8 weeks but that should be the last time I see him. Spoke in depth about pain killers and he said I should still be on the slow release tramadol twice a day. So I am hopefully picking up a prescription from GPs tomorrow. Consultant wants me out walking every day for at least 20 mins which at present I couldn't do even if I wanted to.

Zalen Fri 03-Jan-14 09:52:29

Excellent news arty, and I don't know about where you are but it's a lovely morning for a walk here. Hope you get your pain-killers and have a pleasant walk.

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Fri 03-Jan-14 17:58:58

That's good news, driving will really improve your quality of life. 20 mins a day would be hard where I am, lots of rain and gales today.

We have just about finished the xmas food other than a panatone someone bought us which must be a million calories of carbs.

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Sun 05-Jan-14 21:20:44

I have completely failed to diet this week. I have started with really good intentions every day and it's always gone wrong. In fact, I've eaten quite healthy meals but then eaten thousands of calories of crap. I shouldn't complain as we have had a social life this Xmas which has been lovely but I have no control around snack food.

I went to Sainsburys yesterday to buy some slimfast but felt too embarrassed to buy it! How ridiculous, it's not like I get embarrassed easily but my weight has always been the one thing in my life that I have been self-conscious about. Anyway I am going to get some tomorrow because I need to motivate myself.

So rules from tomorrow. Back to basics for January
1. Drink only water or herbal tea.
2. 3 meals a day. No snacks other than fruit or veg sticks.
3. Might try to replace lunch with a slimfast shake.

I need to be completely firm with myself. I have slipped into the 'just one more won't hurt' again and again and it amounts to a ton of food. I am very much an all or nothing person so fingers crossed tomorrow I'll find my mojo again.

Sorry for the long post, I need to get it down somewhere!

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Mon 06-Jan-14 09:19:56

I weighed myself today and by some miracle I had lost .6lbs in a week so I am at 9st 10.7 lbs. Pleased that I somehow lost yet alarmed that I put on 6lbs over xmas.

I am just about to pop to the shops and so begins a january detox.

Hope everyone elses new year is starting well.

cookieowner Mon 06-Jan-14 09:42:40

Hi everyone, I have been off diet for over Christmas and today is my first day back at it
I too am going back to basics as still want to lose another 2 stone
I am not weighing until I've been dieting for a week as I don't want to know how much I have put on over Christmas (probably a stone !!)

Zalen Mon 06-Jan-14 10:56:02

Last week was going reasonably well (except for New year's day which is best forgotten!) until I got to Saturday night and treated myself to a trip to the cinema, and a hotdog, and some ice-cream, and a packet of sweets. 13st 8.8 today and well and truly back on the wagon.

I have a really good incentive for the next three weeks. I just got a phone call from my son in London, he's been queuing since 7am in the rain in Covent Garden and has got me a ticket to see Tom Hiddleston in Coriolanus! Best son EVER!

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Mon 06-Jan-14 11:04:53

Welcome back cookie, I hope today's going well.

I'm just drinking a mint tea. So I've only been back on the diet it for four hours but already I feel better.

artyanklet Mon 06-Jan-14 12:41:16

Bleurgghhh! I attempted to make my brussel sprout soup this morning - disgusting!! I am so upset as I love brussels and was desperate to get back on track.

I checked with my dodgy scales this morning - I haven't lost or put on any weight, can't get to the drs for my weigh in as I have a child to pick u from a friends house - she is not back to school till Wednesday.

I really need a huge kick up the bum, I am really wanting to get back on track but its so difficult at the moment. I haven't been out for any walks yet - weather not the greatest at the moment and getting used to talking the strong painkillers have left me feeling very waffy - hopefully I will soon get used to them again.

Hope everyone else is doing okay


Zalen Mon 06-Jan-14 14:46:34

Johnny don't be embarrassed buying slimfast, you've noticed a problem and are doing something to correct it before it gets out of hand, that's something to be proud of, not embarrassed by. I had to pop out to the bank at lunch time today, it's near Morrisons so I bought three tins of Strawberry Shake powder for £5.95 total, I'll still be on slimfast long after I reach target weight at this rate but hey, if it helps me maintain I don't have a problem with that smile

Arty, sorry your Brussel Sprout soup was nasty and good luck getting back on track.

Hi Cookie.

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Tue 07-Jan-14 10:13:53

<gives arty kick up bum>. Arty we all have have bad days and weeks, sometimes it lasts longer. We're all different and find different ways to get out of it and I'm sure you'll find yours. For me it's rigid meal planning and organisation and buying new clothes. Please don't be hard on yourself, you lost nearly 3 st, and then had a setback. It is such a difficult time to lose weight, even without Xmas the weather and early nights have us running to comfort food.

Yesterday was a good day except I went to bed before 8 as I had such a bad headache probably caused by a lack of caffeine and maybe sugar. I went to sleep on dd2s floor, next to her bed, because I knew if I got up she'd get out of bed and I didn't have the energy to move her!

Zalen, I think I was embarrassed because I am actually a normal weight now and so embarrassed to still have a problem. I know it's stupid and a couple of my rl friends are embarrassed because they're on the Cambridge diet and I always tell them not to feel ashamed - yet here I am!

artyanklet Wed 08-Jan-14 10:04:50

Thanks Johnny - I had forgotten how much weight I had lost and was only focussing on my weight gain these last few weeks. Everyone has now returned to school and work so hopefully I wont have many temptations through the day. We have chilli for tea tonight, which will be good for me as I am not a great lover of it so I know my portions will be small.

Thankfully the sun seems to be shining today so I am hoping to get out for a 10 min walk, also I have an hrs physio at 10.30 for my knee. I may go for a drive too, haven't really been out very much in the last few weeks so that should lift my mood.

Hope everyone is having a good week smile

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Wed 08-Jan-14 11:53:56

I have certainly eaten well sine monday, I'm quite pleased. I've had hairy bikers cottage pie and lots of spinach soup. Have drunk no coffee and have had a headache since monday! It's a dull ache now so not too bad but a reminder of how much crap I consume. I love cappuccinos and lattes but they are such a waste of calories.

I had a weigh in and was down something like .2lbs so as usual it's going to be a slow loss.

Arty I'm glad you sound more positive.

artyanklet Wed 08-Jan-14 15:19:00

So far so good today! Feeling rather pleased with myself although I am starting to get a bit hungry now and the family will soon be drifting in through the front door so I need to keep up my good eating. I have eaten well, been for a walk and an hrs physio. I also booked an appointment with the Nurse for a Friday afternoon weigh in. ( She told me I can book in on a Friday if I know I cant make a Monday!) So fingers crossed that should keep me on the straight and narrow till then!

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Thu 09-Jan-14 17:24:36

Good luck tomorrow arty, hope it's a good loss.

I've had a good few days but weekends are my downfall. We have a childs party so I'll need willpower not to eat all dd2s party food!

cookieowner Fri 10-Jan-14 10:12:37

I'm managed to have a good week too since getting back to it on Monday, I'm going to be brave and weigh tomorrow but know I won't be as low as I was before Christmas. I'm just hoping I can lose it again plus more fairly fast!
I also struggle a lot more at weekends, its so much easier in the week when I'm alone at home to keep control of what I eat
Before Christmas I always had Saturdays off so ate a take away every week but in order to get the weight off I'm going to go without , this is a massive deal for me as I have always allowed myself a take away once a week even when losing weight!
I have a few weekends away coming up and a few family events involving meals so really really want to try and minimise any deviations from my diet so that these things don't impact too much
I am aiming to get to goal by June , I still have 25 to lose, which doesn't sound too bad when I've already lost 45 but that took me 15 months so its going to take a but more to lose 25 in 6 months I think
Keep up the positivity everyone !

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Fri 10-Jan-14 12:55:33

Hi cookie, I generally find that short-term weight gain comes off quite quickly so let's hope we lose the Xmas weight quickly. Do you have an event in June or have you just picked a date? I do find it more motivating to have a target.

Have you thought of a hairy bikers takeaway or just a ready meal? Tomorrow I've planned a posh ready meal curry for dinner which I'll have with a spoonful of rice.

Today I have the hunger. I've eaten really lovely food all week and not been hungry but I've been clock watching since about 9.30 thinking of lunch. It's a miracle I haven't snacked. Dds have asked for pizza tonight and I'll probably have some too. I just hope I can stop after a couple of pieces.

cookieowner Fri 10-Jan-14 13:25:02

Yes its my youngests graduation in July so I want to look good for that and thought if I can be at target by June it gives me time to choose an outfit!
I do tend to have a ready meal Saturdays if I'm not having a take away, but tbh only a real take away is worth deviating from my diet for !
Im just hoping you are right about this Christmas weight coming off fast!

artyanklet Fri 10-Jan-14 15:51:03

Went for my weigh in - not as bad as I thought - obviously put on but 1.3kg. Phew. Has given me a bit of a boost.

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Sat 11-Jan-14 09:59:54

Cookie, what a great incentive. We have a wedding on the august bank holiday and just for once I'll enjoy buying clothes for it.

Arty, just 1.3kg over the whole period? Wow. envy I'm glad you're feeling better and managing to walk.

I've just done a weigh in and I'm nearly 3lbs down since Monday so I hope everyone else has a good weightloss this week. I'll be surprised if I'm still that low on Monday but even a 2lb loss would be a good reward. It hasn't been too bad and I haven't had any snacks.

artyanklet Sat 11-Jan-14 16:50:56

I guess its not too bad the total amount of weight that I have put on since my knee operation is 2.3kg which was 8 weeks ago. In that time we have had Christmas and I have been away too. My eating seems to be going okay at the moment, not craving as much at the moment which I am pleased at, these last couple of weeks I have been wanting chocolate and biscuits - normally I never eat these things! I even bought a boost chocolate bar one day last week, I honestly can't remember the last time I bought chocolate for me to eat!!

Here's hoping everyone has a good weekend .....

cookieowner Sat 11-Jan-14 19:06:54

I was brave and weighed today, 4 lb gain since my last weigh in before Christmas, so I'm assuming I actually gained more than that as I've been really strict since Monday!
I don't even like much traditional Christmas food, so I'm guessing just eating cheese and drinking baileys has caused it !
Anyway I'm hoping next week will show a downward trend now , although I did buy a new dress in the sales today and had to get a size 10, which doesn't seem right at my weight and all other dresses I've bought in sales are a 12 and fit well

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Sun 12-Jan-14 20:37:16

Arty, once again, I'm jealous. I think that subconsciously you must've just picked up on good eating habits because that really isn't very much. I'm sure there was a thread last January about how much weight people had put on over Xmas and for some people it was as much as a stone. Sorry if I've said it before but my tastes have changed too, I used to crave savoury food, now it's chocolate.

Cookie, I love baileys and cheese, they're a good reason to put on weight. I think cheese accounts for about 3lbs of my 6lb gain. Congratulations on the sales bargains and your first size 10 (the first of many!).

I have had 6 really good days this week, I went a bit mad today but I'm hoping it won't make too much of a difference. I had a massive lunch and pudding. For tea I wasn't that hungry so I just had some salad and vegetable sticks. Worst of all I had a big full fat cappuccino. I have found giving up caffeine unbelievably difficult, far harder than not snacking, and am angry that I only managed for 6 days.

Anyway good luck if anyone's weighing in tomorrow.

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