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Flipflopflap's vegetarian low carb rules??

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Nicknamenotavailableeither Thu 28-Mar-13 09:17:32

So, I was looking through the many low carb threads last night as I am going back to this woe. I saw at the start if one if the boot camp threads it was mentioned that the initial post would have the carnivore rules in and then flipflopflap would be posting different rules of vegetarians. I searched and searched, but could 't find them. Would any kind person be able to link me to them please? Thank you!! I am eternally grateful! thanks

WillieWEggledEgger Thu 28-Mar-13 12:04:13

Here you go - they're on this thread

I had thought I'd put them in the bootcamp spreadsheet but clearly not! I'll add them - do join us on the bootcamp threads if you haven't already

flipflopflap Mon 16-Apr-12 12:03:57
Veggie Rules

Only slightly adapted from BIWI's but best to take notice of the changes if you're vegetarian.

1.Eat three, proper meals a day.
You must eat breakfast. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but you must have something. For the rest of the day, if you’re eating enough food and you are in ketosis then you shouldn’t be hungry. But if you are hungry, eat something. (Hard boiled eggs make a great snack)

2.Avoid processed food
Focus on pure, natural ingredients as the basis for your meals. Vegetarian Sausages and Burgers are ok in small quantities, but check the carb count as some can be very high. Avoid foods marketed as 'Low Carb' such as Atkins Daybreak Bars, etc.

3.Eat lots of fat.
Eating fat helps you to burn fat. Honestly! Fry in butter, add butter to vegetables, eat salad with a home-made vinaigrette dressing (not made with balsamic vinegar though, as this is too sweet), add mayonnaise where you can (just check the carb count on your mayo first). Absolutely no low fat/light foods of any kind!

4.Make sure you are eating plenty of vegetables and salads with your food –
This is where most of your carbs should come from, and this is non-negotiable. But choose only those vegetables that are on the allowed list. You don’t have to weigh/count carbs – this is one of the great joys of this WOE (way of eating), but if you’re new to low carbing it can be helpful to weigh your portions of veg in the early days, just so that you know how many carbs are in the sort of portions that you like to eat

5.Be careful about dairy (apart from butter, which is unlimited). It can impede weight loss for some people. If you are still drinking tea/coffee with milk or cream, try to restrict yourself to max 2 cups per day. You may eat cheese, but don't overdo it. Full fat yoghurt is the best way to include dairy in your diet - but beware, it does contain carbs. Total Full Fat is the best.

6.You must drink a minimum of 2 litres of water per day.
The more weight you have to lose, the more water you should drink

7.No alcohol
If you really can't do this - at least try and restrict it to the weekend. Vodka with soda is the best thing to drink. Or Champagne, red wine or dry white wine.

8.No fruit
Really. Seriously. Honestly. None at all. Zilch. Nada.

9.Beware of Nuts and Seeds.
Nuts are a very good way to include more fat and protein in your diet, however some are very high carb (e.g. Cashews). Stick to small amounts of Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Dried Coconut, Walnuts, Seeds and Peanut Butter, but check the ingredients, many supermarket brands have sugar added.

10.No sugar or artificial sweeteners

misscph1973 Thu 28-Mar-13 12:07:45

Can I just add to this that coconut oil and coconut milk are probably the best fats that a vegetarian (on non-vegetarian) can eat? Amazingly healthy!

Nicknamenotavailableeither Thu 28-Mar-13 20:35:18

Brilliant thank you! smile

I was going to start tomorrow but I think it might be a bit foolish to start just before Easter!

How do I actually join the boot camp? I would be up for some group motivation!

Also, when I have finished the 2 week boot camp, how do I know what to introduce and when? Is there a different thread for that?

Thanks for your helpthanks

WillieWEggledEgger Sat 30-Mar-13 18:17:54

sorry, only just seen your reply - this is the latest chat thread for bootcamp. we've just finished the ten weeks that started in the new year, and will start a new one at the end of April. but lots of us are still chatting on the threads and low carbing, so please do join us! i agree that a bank holiday weekend is a tricky time to start though!

after the two weeks of bootcamp, most people move on to bootcamp light, which can be found here on the spreadsheet under the tab 'bootcamp light rules' (obviously ignore the meat parts). you can start introducing a bit of low-carb fruit, and a bit more dairy, nuts and seeds etc depending on how well you can tolerate them.

to be honest, you will probably find with this WOE (way of eating) that there's quite a bit of trial and error after the two weeks of bootcamp are over, as we're all different in terms of how our bodies react to different foods (e.g. dairy, nuts). it also slightly depends on how much weight you would like to lose, or if you don't have any weight to lose just to feel healthier etc.

i have to confess that as i'm not vegetarian i'm not the best person to advise on longer term low carbing for veggies, but there are several people on the low carb threads who are so your best bet would be to head over there

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