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Stoney666 Tue 26-Mar-13 16:07:53

for a failure hmm
Just cannot get motivated
Gained 3.5 in 14 months nothing fits
Tried SW WW Atkins just don't know what's wrong with me
Am now thinking Cambridge or similar just to get results. Any tips gratefully received grin

McPie Tue 26-Mar-13 17:39:15

Weight wise
Not a fad diet but a healthy way of eating, I have been following a similar plan with the NHS (eating more too) and have lost 3 stone since the end of July last year.
It's become my natural way of eating and I can complete 4 1 hour excersice classes in one day and can put my all in to all 4 of them and have only been ill once since I started, and that was a cold at christmas.
Its worth a try as you eat normally so dont have to spend money on anything, I actually spend less as food goes further. The only thing you do need is a set of scales.

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