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Starting 5:2 tommorrow, panicking now, tell what you eat on a fast day for some inspiration.

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maza66 Tue 26-Mar-13 22:10:28

Hi inspireme thats ok remember you can add loads of spices etc to flavour it all up a bit, and drink loads too Morrisons do a good cup a soup range which is around 60 cals and is tasty too, leaves space for oatcakes or something to bulk up. I find that eating early in the morning kicks off my hunger so will have the boiled egg later, push back lunch etc etc. But whatever works for you - good luck

inspiremee Tue 26-Mar-13 10:57:10

Just want some samples of what you eat on a fast day. I need to eat fairly often, I have a high metabolism so want to spread the cals out over the day.

I'm thinking:
7am: boiled egg for breakfast with some hot water and lemon - 70 cal

10am: tea no sugar and skimmed milk - 10 cal

1pm: home made potato and leek soup - 180 cal

6pm: some chicken with a few vegetables - 200cal

That leaves me about 40 cals for a few cups of tea for when the hunger pangs set in.

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