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What days do you fast? 5:2.

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Ilovesunflowers Wed 27-Mar-13 15:19:19

What is rivercobbler?

HousewifeFromArimathea Mon 25-Mar-13 18:59:19

Yes I've been drinking coffee, but with 1% milk. Tonight I am having river cobbler and salad. No chips!!!

Ilovesunflowers Mon 25-Mar-13 17:20:55

It seems to have got a bit easier for me after a couple of weeks Housewifefrom.

I am quite hungry today though. I think it's the cold weather! Try a hot drink as it seems to help you feel a bit fuller.

HousewifeFromArimathea Mon 25-Mar-13 16:52:57

I have started today. I AM STARVING grin

Ilovesunflowers Mon 25-Mar-13 16:50:28


Ilovesunflowers Mon 25-Mar-13 14:40:53

I am probably going to always do Monday where possible as it starts the week well I think.

This week it'll be Monday and Friday. Is that spaced too far apart?

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