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Drop Zone Diet

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Roseformeplease Mon 25-Mar-13 22:01:36

Can you link?

HappyOrchid Mon 25-Mar-13 10:37:45


Anoyone doing this? It was published in the Daily Mail a couple of weeks ago. Billed as lose 14lb in 14 days. It's a cross between a detoxand a low carb diet. I like most of the things on it, but a couple of the combinations are a bit odd, e.g. Day 6 dinner, omelette, with grilled mushroom and tomato.OK, but then 4 walnuts crushed over the top? I ate the walnuts as a pudding.

So 6 days in and I've lost 4lb. Have had a couple of cheats. e.g. one of my mothers day chocolates some days, but on the whole feeling good.

Anyone else looking at or done this diet?

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