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5:2 starting today

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linkainka Sat 23-Mar-13 16:04:05

I've just finished reading the book. What a revelation!
Fasting today. Looking forward to eating tomorrow.
Would love to hear about your experiences. Xxxx

MidnightMasquerader Mon 01-Apr-13 04:12:11

Ugh, I'm fasting today, Easter Monday, but not out of choice. I have a hospital apt tomorrow and have to fast today (and tomorrow morning until after the procedure at around 3/4PM).

I had to cut out all fibre yesterday, Sunday, which meant no Easter eggs and no hot cross buns... envy


I am going to be ravernous by dinner time tomorrow.

I hope everyone else is having a lovely Easter. smile

linkainka Mon 01-Apr-13 14:09:33

Hi all
Im fasting today. Out of choice. It feels good after all the indulgences yesterday.
However, I went to the gym this morning. Swam 1 k and cycled 10.
Had a porridge but I'm starving now. About to have an apple and a few strawberries. And an options hot choc.
Am I breaking my fast? Xxxx

MidnightMasquerader Mon 01-Apr-13 19:12:00

Hmm, I would be wary of hard exercise on a fast day - unless you do that sort of thing every day, and today was a 'taking it easy' day?! smile

Exercise makes you hungry, and you do need the extra calories to to fuel yourself properly.

Fasted completely yesterday - going into another day of no eating until late arvo. Looking forward to food!!

As a bonus, I weigh precisely 1kg less today than I did yesterday!

linkainka Mon 01-Apr-13 20:10:10

Wow that's amazing. Have you much to lose? Xxx

monster54 Tue 02-Apr-13 15:35:58


I was meant to fast yesterday and started off well but buckled being at home with all the choc and had a massive amazing dinner!!

Soooooo fasting today and going well. Just a quarter of a sarnie and highlights at around 2pm. Soup for dinner tonight...

I ate a ridculous amount at the weekend and feeling a strong sense of shame and disgust at myself....which is very motivation. Fast today has been well needed and craved for.....give my tummy a good rest from the rubbish....

Hope all the other fasters today are doing well!!

emmief77 Tue 02-Apr-13 20:07:17

I haven't got the book... In a dilemma whether to do slimfast or this?

MidnightMasquerader Wed 03-Apr-13 01:00:52

link, it's actually not that amazing; it's the result of an empty tummy and <grim> an empty bowel. envy (<<< that's a sick face, not an envy face!).

But in hindsight it was probably good to fast over two of the biggest feasting days of the year! I am enjoying my food today and will fast again tomorrow.

I have about 6-7kg to lose - not a huge amount so hopefully achievable.

emmie - I have never done slimfast - is that the protein shakes thing? I think I would get bored of the same old 'food' all the time, so have never been tempted by it. Plus, it's not a long term 'diet', so isn't sustainable. As such, as soon as you lose the weight and finish itmand go back to eting regular food, you're bound to put the weight back on. As far as I can see, this is more of a long-term thing. But... I'm no expert! smile

Wommer Wed 03-Apr-13 01:06:27

Hi all,
Can I join on here? I keep getting lost on the other thread - it moves so fast!
I've been 5:2 ing for about 4 weeks now.
Up until last week had been dropping a steady 2 lbs per week and then totally fell off the wagon over easter!
Weighed in this morning and had regained 3.5 lbs....angry
Although af is here at the moment so could be a bit of water retention going on too.
Have been fasting today (tues) (I use the calorie count app) and apparently have had 439 cals.
Am hoping to have dropped a bit by the morning!
Night all!

MidnightMasquerader Wed 03-Apr-13 04:12:25

Hi Wommer. smile Don't worry, I think most people are in the same boat! Good luck getting back on the wagon.

monster54 Wed 03-Apr-13 11:01:33

Welcome wommer....I have the same problem with the big thread!

I'm on week 6 and had lost around 5lbs but totally fell off the wagon at the weekend and I'm still too freaked out to get on the scales yet and asess the damage!!!

Urrggghhhh I know I'm going to have put all that back on......and I know it'll make me miserable so I'm just plodding on regardless and irgnoring the scales for a few more days.

Successful fast yesterday and going for a mini today and a full again tomorrow to try and undo the damage done......

monster54 Wed 03-Apr-13 11:03:57

emmie I was doing slimfast before this and wasn't particulary successful. Felt like I was on a diet and by the time weekends rolled round I would fall off the wagon...

I much prefer this allbeit a slower method of losing it means I can do the hardwork mon-fri and enjoying socialising with family at the weekend and enjoy a roast dinner....if just not having the pud!!

Wommer Wed 03-Apr-13 11:34:16

Thanks Midnight smile
Monster - have dropped 4lbs since yesterday morning!
So do not fear - the evil easter damage is reversible smile
I know alot of that was water due to starting af on Monday, and I know i normally go up 0.5 ish lbs the day after but even so.... grin

How much have you guys lost so far and how much until your target?

I've done about 8 lbs and have 9 to go.
Is my 30th and DS's 1st b'day at the end of may and I'd like to be at my pre preggers weight by then.

(May well carry on after that as for once I'd love to be really actually properly slim - never have really felt like that!)

monster54 Wed 03-Apr-13 13:16:58

Yes I do need to bite the bullet and get on with it really. I will go for it Friday, my usual weigh in day. I feel super bloated at the moment from the binging so I'm not in a good place for a bad weigh in. Hopefully after another fast the bloat will be down a bit!!

I've lost around 5lbs so far, although think it might look like more as I've had a couple of people notice and comment which has been nice.

I am pre-pregnant weight now which is great. As DC is 15 months urrgghhh! Although I wasn't happy with my weight when I fell pregnant. Ideally I would like to lose another 7lbs in 6 weeks....and hopefully another 7lbs on top of that before the end of August....

I find it comes off very slowly at the moment. Although at a 1lb a week I do have treats at the weekend and I think that keeps me going and means I can enjoy doing things with my family rather than being the one saying no all the time!!!!

emmief77 Wed 03-Apr-13 13:35:58

Have bought the Kindle version of the book smile

Am making carrot and coriander soup from BBC Good Food website right now smile

I have loads to lose, too scared to jump on scales and see how much blush

monster54 Wed 03-Apr-13 13:41:40

I know how you feel emmie I worked so hard to get that 5lbs off and I know the scales will upset me.....

Good luck with the soup, you will soon become so aware of the foods you can get for 500cals...and get the most out of them.

When are you doing your first day?

MidnightMasquerader Wed 03-Apr-13 18:32:51

monster - good luck with your three day fast. smile

I am fasting today and then that's it until next week.

dazzlingdeborahrose Wed 03-Apr-13 18:47:36

I started this yesterday too. Started my fast at 3pm yesterday finished at 3pm today. I found it easier not to eat anything at all actually. Since 3 today, I've had some salted caramel easter egg (naughty), 2 satsuma's and a baked potato with chilli. I'll fast again tomorrow I think or Friday. It's was okay not as horrendous as I thought it would be. I didn't get headaches and I didn't feel faint. Still trying to decide whether morning to morning is best or whether I go from lunch to lunch - if that makes sense.

emmief77 Wed 03-Apr-13 19:49:16


My first fast was today as follows:
Breakfast: Special K
Snack: Apple
Lunch: Nothing
Dinner: Pasta twirls mixed with baked beans and tuna. Muller light yoghurt.

Think I've got a bit confused though.. I posted this on main 5:2 thread, seems Special K is high in calories and I should keep away from pasta. Oops blush

Maybe I'll count today as a normal day, and have my fast day tomorrow. Got my carrot soup for tomorrow smile

monster54 Wed 03-Apr-13 21:40:58

emmie its your 500cals to do what you want with in 24 hours. I don't eat until late lunch, and then I have a substantial dinner. Just suits me. A lot of people don't have carbs on their fast day because carbs can trigger hunger.

I've got a weekend of a lot of social eating so hoping to minimise impact of this and my terrible binge at easter urrrgggghhhhhh!!!!

Fast day tomorrow!!

emmief77 Wed 03-Apr-13 22:02:20

flowers monster

Fasting seeming a lot clearer now smile

MidnightMasquerader Thu 04-Apr-13 01:23:56

I have also worked out that having a (very) late, small lunch works for me, and then a small dinner on fasting days.

The sooner I eat, the sooner the hunger pangs kick in, whereas if I don't eat, they stay away for longer. Luckily I've never been a big one for breakfast, so this works for me.

For others, they're ravenous when they wake up and need to eat straight away!

I think it's a matter of starting, and then trial and error on the fast days, working out what is best for you. smile

Wommer Thu 04-Apr-13 09:04:20

Yup - same here.
The first time I did one I had a largish lunch and a small dinner... Got literally no sleep as it seemed to spark off a flight or fight thing (which I guess makes sense) and my brain would not calm down.
Felt like I'd drunk 20 coffees!

Now I have a small lunch - oxo cube soup with spinach, spring onion and garlic and then a decent dinner which is very protein heavy.

Am supposed to be fasting today but everything's all up in the air atm.
My FIL died on Tuesday and my DH is the only one around at the moment to help mil - the rest of the family are flying in over the next couple of days.
Am quite tempted to be as good as I can for the next week or so but leave the fasting.
It's going to be really hard to do any as there will be lots of family meals and visiting people. And food is a HUGEly social thing too.
Also cannot afford to be low in energy atm as amount others I need to be a support to DH.

Are there any benefits to doing sort of half fasts? Like having only 200 cals and then a normal dinner?
I could do that I think.

monster54 Thu 04-Apr-13 09:31:32

wommer hugs. Sorry to hear about FIL I would be kind to yourself the next few days....tough times ahead and DH will need you.

Ok well from what I've read there is benefits to having a 8 hour window of eating.

So for example today is my fast day. I finished eating at 10pm last night, I won't have any calories now until 2pm. This has given me a 16 hour fast. Which there are proven benefits of.

I follow this on non fast days during the week and then I let my hair down at the weekend and I don't count at all.

I'm exactly the same midnight if I eat breakfast it sparks a devil in me and I have no chance of sticking to 500cals for the day....

Whats everyone up to today? Fast day for me, couple of black coffees down and filling up my water bottle for the morning! I have chicken arribatta soup for lunch, Sainsburys whole pot 230cals....

Hmmmmmm then I'll have soup again for tea!!

ValentineWiggins Thu 04-Apr-13 18:06:09

Am I right in thinking its not just about doing 24 hours with only 500 cals - hubby thinks you can have early lunch one day, 500 cals for supper and breakfast then late lunch 25 hours after your early lunch? Surely you need to "miss " breakfast, lunch and dinner for it to count? Otherwise that seems far too easy! I was presuming lunch on Monday, then 500 cals until dinner Tuesday?

NurseEzzzaChapel Thu 04-Apr-13 19:14:20

Valentine it's something in between. I posted this on the main 5:2 thread and some found it useful so I'll repost it here:


Reading through some of the posts from the new starters, I think many people are finding it hard to believe how staggeringly simple the ‘rules’ for this WoE are. Simply put, the ‘rules’ are:

On fast days eat no more than 500 kcal (600 for men). On non-fast days eat normally.

That really is it as far as rules go, and if your main objective for doing this is weight loss then whatever you eat, whenever you eat, if you’re following those two simple rules then you’re doing it correctly. Everything else that we discuss on these threads are tips which help us and research which has been done for the health benefits that also come with this WoE. If you find it too difficult to go down to 500 kcal on fast days straight away, there is no harm in starting out with a slightly higher allowance on fast days and easing your way down to the 500 kcal.

One of the things some people struggle with is what it means to eat ‘normally’ on non-fast days. Simply put, this is roughly the amount of food your body needs to stay the same weight, so not a diet portion and not a binge either.

When I started this WoE I wasn’t actually planning on using it to lose weight (I was highly sceptical and didn’t think it’d work but I’m always willing to give things a fair shot). I was just intending to use it to keep my weight under control while I was away studying in China for six months because I knew I loved the food out here and I wanted to be able to fit into the seat on the aeroplane when I flew home. grin So I didn’t restrict my eating on non-fast days at all because for me the whole point was to be able to eat all the yummy Chinese food I wanted and stay the same weight. But after 4 weeks I noticed my clothes were much looser so I went out and bought a cheap set of scales. I did start out on ADF though (because I hadn’t heard about 5:2 then) so it would have been pretty hard for me to eat so much on normal days that it would undo the fast days. After a week or so I also noticed my appetite got reset and I simply didn’t want to stuff myself silly anymore.

Others have a different experience to me. Some come from years of calorie restriction diets, so the eating normally on non-fast days seems a lot of food to be eating while trying to lose weight. Others have spent years overeating by quite a lot and find it a challenge to only eat a normal amount for their bodies. For both these groups of people it can be really helpful to work out your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE – there’s a link to a calculator in the OP) and then use MyFitnessPal (MFP) or some other method to track your calorie intake on normal eating days. You don’t have to do this for the rest of your life, just a few weeks of doing this can help you get a good idea how much food is the right amount and then you can stop calorie counting on your normal eating days and just relax into it. It’s also perfectly ok to average out your calories over your normal eating days, so if you’ve got an event coming up one day and you know you’ll be eating loads there’s nothing wrong with having a little less on your other normal eating days – just so long as your normal eating days average out at roughly your TDEE. I’m told MFP’s weekly tab is great for this. Another option for those doing 5:2 if you have a calorie laden few days coming up is to throw in an extra fast day if you can and if you’re feeling up to it.

Another thing people are curious about is the 16 hour and 24 hour fasting periods that get mentioned a lot on these threads. These are done for two reasons: 1) because many of us find that the later we start eating on a fast day the easier it is to get through the day successfully and 2) because one of the principles behind the health benefits that go along with this WoE is that giving your digestive system a complete break from digesting food helps the body go from grow mode to repair mode. Repair mode is where the health benefits come in. How long is optimum to fast? The short answer is we don’t quite know but studies seem to suggest a 16 hour fasting window will bring health benefits and that possibly more benefits come from longer periods of fasting such as 24 hours. Some on this thread achieve this by not eating from after dinner the day before a fast until either lunch time (for 16 hours) or dinner time (for 24 hours) on a fast day. This is not compulsory though. I had breakfast lunch and dinner for the first 4 months on this WoE, and I now usually have lunch and dinner, just occasionally doing the 24 hour proper fasting period.

A wise man once wrote: “He who walks with the wise grows wise”. This is certainly true with these threads. There is a wealth of information and research as well as personal experiences on these threads. If you don’t have time to read through all 13 of these main threads (who does?) I really recommend the links and tips thread (linked to in the OP). You’ll also see some other tips about what kind of foods to avoid on fast days etc. such as avoiding processed foods and really carby stuff like pasta or avoiding diet fizzy drinks. These tips are here to help us stick to the fast days and to benefit our health but they are not rules, so if you really like your fizzy pop then you can still have it. There are no banned foods on this WoE. When I started this WoE I had a two litre per day diet coke habit. Reading these threads and the links to health risks associated with aspartame (particularly the association with depression, which is a risk factor for me) I’ve now cut back to around a litre or two per week. All of us on here are experimenting with this and finding what works best for us and then sharing our experiences.

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