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5:2 starting today

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linkainka Sat 23-Mar-13 16:04:05

I've just finished reading the book. What a revelation!
Fasting today. Looking forward to eating tomorrow.
Would love to hear about your experiences. Xxxx

VivaLeBeaver Sun 24-Mar-13 09:16:51

Hi, I'm wanting to start doing this very soon.

Have bought the book but haven't read it yet. Have skimmed some threads on here. Just got back from holiday last night and have no food in the house so not very well prepared. Guess I could just eat weetabix today???

VivaLeBeaver Sun 24-Mar-13 09:17:36

Just realised you posted yesterday.

How did the first fast day go?

linkainka Sun 24-Mar-13 12:53:06

Hi xx I read some of the threads but to be honest got a little lost in them... I would rather just chat to a couple of people doing the same thing.
My fast went well yesterday. Porridge for breakfast. One of the oats so simple sachets with water. Then I had an apple for lunch. Tea was a salmon fillet with lots of salad. No dressing. Overall about 505 cal.
I'm eating as normal today. Bit to be fair haven't been tempted to overcompensate.
Had some cereal for breakfast. Then a banana. Now having an egg and tomato sandwich.
Cooking roast chicken for dinner which should be nice.
Good luck for when u start. Keep me posted.
I'm fasting tomorrow again. Xx

notjustamummythankyou Sun 24-Mar-13 13:57:43

I'm reading the book at the moment and very keen to get going! I'm back to work tomorrow after maternity leave though, so I think it may be a bit too much to start fasting this week too.

So, am planning to start next week and have one of my days at work as a fasting day. Hopefully, that'll keep my mind off any hunger pangs! Having said that, I'm really surprised that you can eat quite well on 500 calories (or at least I'm hoping that's the case!)

Linkainka - did you get any headaches or feel shaky at all?

VivaLeBeaver Sun 24-Mar-13 14:05:57

I've got a headache at the minute and feel as cranky as hell.

Skipped breakfast, had a cup of tea only.

Had a pear about 11:30 as was starving. I've had two weetabix for lunch with minimal milk. Luckily I like them crunchy. Also had a muller light yoghurt. I'm guessing so far I've had over 300 cals which isn't good. Had a big glass of water and then a coffee.

Planning on having salmon and steamed veg this evening.

Sounds like your day went well yesterday Links. I know what you mean about getting a bit lost reading some of the established threads. They're quite busy and I guess at a different stage. It'd be nice to have people to "start" with. smile

VivaLeBeaver Sun 24-Mar-13 14:07:42

notjustamummy. Maybe it'll be easier to do at work as there'll be less temptations?? Unless you have a good canteen I suppose.

In the past I've found it easier not to snack when I'm at work as keeping busy means I think about food less.

notjustamummythankyou Sun 24-Mar-13 14:37:36

No canteen at our place - just the pesky vending machine in the foyer! I'll be in a new office when I go back though, so it won't be right outside my door which will be a bonus. smile

When I'm at home it's so easy to keep peering in the fridge to see what's occurring. At least I won't have that temptation.

I know what you mean about the established threads - so many seem to be on maintenance already, and I felt a bit out of place asking what I fear are really basic questions.

You're probably there already, but I found this website - it's written by the same authors as the book. There's also a dedicated forum too, which I'm finding useful for menu ideas.

So what's on the menu for future fasting days?!

VivaLeBeaver Sun 24-Mar-13 15:20:04

Thanks for the links, I'd not found the forum before and it looks good.

What's on the menu?? Well I think that's why I'm so shit at diets.....I'm an awful cook. Soups and salads probably.

I'm ordering the hairy bikers diet book as I hear that's good.

I can do a prawn stir fry so probably lots of those.

I need some ideas for lunches at work. When dieting in the past its been salad leaves with ham, maybe a boiled egg and balsamic vinegar for a dressing. I need some more exciting stuff.

I've got this recipe saved on my ipad which I'm going to make on Tuesday for lunch.

Broccoli salad

1/3 cup crumbled feta cheese
1/4 cup nonfat plain yogurt
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 clove garlic, minced
1/4 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
8 ounces broccoli crowns, trimmed and finely chopped (about 3 cups)
1 7-ounce can chickpeas, rinsed or kidney beans
1/2 cup chopped red bell pepper


Whisk feta, yogurt, lemon juice, garlic and pepper in a medium bowl until combined.
Add broccoli, chickpeas and bell pepper; toss to coat. Serve at room temperature or chilled.

Per serving: 122 calories; 3 g fat ( 2 g sat , 1 g mono ); 11 mg cholesterol; 18 g carbohydrates; 7 g protein; 4 g fiber; 260 mg sodium; 324 mg potassium.

Nutrition Bonus: Vitamin C (140% daily value), Vitamin A (50% dv), Folate (22% dv), Calcium (15% dv).

Carbohydrate Servings: 1

Exchanges: 1 starch, 1 vegetable, 1/2 fat

notjustamummythankyou Sun 24-Mar-13 16:25:03

Yes, it's work lunches I'm struggling with too. I can see that I'll be depending on soup!

I did find a couple of interesting blogs today with loads of recipe ideas - here and here.

Oh, and an article on [[ The Telegraph's website], with additional links to further information.

If I don't plan, I find that I very quickly just can't be bothered and end up eating any old thing! Going to have a good browse and get inspired. smile

notjustamummythankyou Sun 24-Mar-13 16:25:42

Sorry - link fail:

Telegraph website

linkainka Sun 24-Mar-13 17:25:53

Dear notjustamommythankyou
Don't worry about headaches. They just a sing you need some water!
Or a caffeine withdrawal which is a good thing.
I'm hoping to lose about a stone. Slowly and steadily. And keep it off.
I like this diet because you have something to look forward to not just deprivation all the time. Like today I've had a nice breakfast and lunch. I'm cooking a roast now. I'm fasting tomorrow so can have nice food today. Strangely I've not been snacking a lot. Had a handful of almonds earlier and a banana.
The kids' biscuits are around and I'm not even tempted.
Good luck everyone. I think this diet is perfect. Xxx

VivaLeBeaver Sun 24-Mar-13 18:20:11

I've not done very well trying to keep to 500cals.

Two weetabix
A rice crispie square
A small fruit scone
Two pears
A muller light
Salmon and sweetcorn

However it is less than I'd normally have, so an improvement!

linkainka Sun 24-Mar-13 19:19:26

Well done. Sounds like a very good menu.
I'm not sure what to plan for tomorrow as have a busy day at work. I think oats so simple porridge sachet and maybe innocent pot with extra veg. 1 piece of fruit for lunch? How does this sound? Xx

VivaLeBeaver Sun 24-Mar-13 19:23:31

That sounds good but will you be able to go from breakfast till tea time with only a bit of fruit at lunch? I guess the oat so simple will be slow release gi so hopefully will keep you feeling full for a while but it still sounds tough???

linkainka Sun 24-Mar-13 19:27:38

I can only try. I've done it before. I just keep thinking about the evening meal and Tuesday when I can eat anything xx how's it going for u?

VivaLeBeaver Sun 24-Mar-13 20:04:53

I'm going to have another fasting day tomorrow, day off work tomorrow.

Only problem is I take the dog for a 90 min walk in the morning so will need breakfast or I'll faint.

Which probably means I can't have lunch.

However if I also do a 30 day shred DVD could I have soup at lunch as ill have burnt loads of calories doing exercise or doesn't it work like that?

Hopefully going to make an Aubergine curry for dinner.

MarcelineTheVampireQueen Sun 24-Mar-13 20:07:53

I'm dying to start but I don't have the book, I can't afford it, do I need it?

Ponyphysio Sun 24-Mar-13 20:16:54

I started 5/2 last week, found it quite easy really. I def found it better to use my calories on protein rather than wasting them on bread at 114 calories a slice. For breakfast I had a poached egg with 2 slices ham and a sliced tomato - really filled me up. Lunch was a big bowl of carrot and coriander soup, tea was a small tin of beans and some sliced chicken. Mid afternoon I needed something sweet so I had a low-cal jelly pot at 9 calories, so my total count for the day was 499 calories inc skimmed milk in tea. Def easier to do at work/when busy. Hope this helps!

MidnightMasquerader Sun 24-Mar-13 21:37:37

Hi all - can I join you? Decided to start this today and so came on here knowing someone woud be talking about it, and sure enough... grin

I would like to shift about 8-10 kilos (c. 16-20 lbs).

I don't have the book either, Marceline - but there seems to be a lot of info on the internet. And hence me joining this thread too!

VivaLeBeaver Sun 24-Mar-13 21:46:45

I've still not read the book. Have flicked through some of the recipes in it but to be honest haven't been inspired by any I've seen so far. There's plenty of stuff on the Internet.

500 cals two days a week, or three if you want to push it. The other days you need to eat your allowance which you need to work out for yourself. It differs depending on your weight, height, age, etc. mine is 2100 cals a day apparently.

Found this website which looks like it has some good recipes

notjustamummythankyou Sun 24-Mar-13 22:02:35

viva - I seem to remember reading somewhere that you can't eat more if you've exercised (as you can with ww, for eg).

I might have read it on the 5:2 forum I linked to earlier - I know there was a very useful faq section on there. I'm on my mobile so can't do a link I'm afraid ...

HansieMom Sun 24-Mar-13 22:25:22

I have been doing this about ten days. Tomorrow will be third fast day. I have a lot to lose, fifty pounds. Someone mentioned green salads. My son makes delicious ones. He uses organic lettuce, varies the rest, could be coconut, nuts, dates, raisens, cheese, ham, turkey, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, celery, salmon, carrots. For oil he uses walnut oil. He is going low carb for health benefits, not weight loss. He is already thin. I tried low carb but miss the pasta, tortillas, beans.

VivaLeBeaver Sun 24-Mar-13 22:31:04

That salad sounds nice Hansie, is walnut oil the only dressing?

Notjustamummy , sadly you're right about not been able to have extra calories for exercising. I checked that forum and it is in the FAQ.

HansieMom Mon 25-Mar-13 02:28:45

Yes, walnut oil only. You do not need much. Interesting taste! It comes in a can at regular grocery store, has a flip top, maybe 16 ounces.

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