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Sugar Addict Needs Help

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TeaCupCrazy Mon 18-Mar-13 18:03:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FrillyMilly Fri 29-Mar-13 20:12:45

I've been good all day then ate 4 chocolate cornflake cakes.

Bonners Fri 29-Mar-13 20:39:23

hi knife,
I can't link to it but Google "dangers of diet drinks" and you will find loads of information. The article is quite illuminating.
IME diet drinks are very addictive but once you kick the habit they have a funny taste.

In other news, ds has recovered from tummy bug but I'm full of the cold. Visited posh bakery this aft and just crumbled. Ate a beautiful linzer tart and a marzipan thingy and then felt rubbish. To be fair, I got my period on top of having a cold so couldn't be arsed with sugar free. I wasn't going to post at all but figured that's a double fail for not being able to own up.
Ah well. Anyone got any tricks for avoiding crap food when life is stressed to the max?

Hhhmmmmm Thu 04-Apr-13 22:20:18

Hi all, was pointed in this direction from another thread. Am on day three of a cold turkey approach and feeling better, I think, mainly because I currently feel in control.

I agree with Bonners though. I'm worried about a time when I'm more stressed, as that is usually my flash point for binging on sweet things. Would be pleased to have some tips to try when it eventually happens!

One thing I think is helping (not sure if someone mentioned already) but drinking lots of water to help fill me up and distract from mindless snacking!

PinkCustard Sat 06-Apr-13 09:10:52

Hello, after reading up on low-carb and previously attempting (and failing) to give up sugar, I'm giving it another go! My ultimate aim is low-carb (have ordered the Harcombe book) but I know from past experience that would be too big a step from my high-sugar diet, so am starting with:

No sugar (Eek!! Am actually scared about this)
Giving up my daily glass of Pepsi Max
Limiting alcohol, trying none at all for 1st 2 weeks, then will see.

Started thinking about it yesterday, although starting properly today. Didn't have any sugary things all day yesterday but then shared a bag of Maltesers with DH in the eve. First proper day today.

Well done on making it to day 3 Hhhmmmmm Did you suffer headaches etc the first couple of days?

How is everyone else's gone suspiciously quiet since Easter..?!

PinkCustard Sat 06-Apr-13 20:15:46

Well I've survived day 1 and have felt surprisingly ok...going to the cinema tomorrow so will have to avoid the sweets!

RawCoconutMacaroon Sat 06-Apr-13 22:38:18

Cinema - the trick is, go prepared so you don't feel you are deprived while everyone is munching popcorn.

A handful of nuts or coconut chips and a cup of coffee from the cinima cafe is my usual...

Snacks- preferably raw and unprocessed, coffee preferably black or americano with only a little milk rather than latte, to keep the carbs down!

RawCoconutMacaroon Sat 06-Apr-13 22:42:42

And a handful, sadly, means a hand full, 30g, 40g or so... Not a massive bag, or they will all mysteriously disappear blush!

PinkCustard Sun 07-Apr-13 17:12:37

Thanks Coconut it was actually a Kids' Club screening at 10am so I had my breakfast late so was still full from that. I actually felt quite disgusted at the amount of smelly rubbish everyone around me was eating at that time in the morning!

Am feeling the urge for a sweet pick-me-up treat at the moment, but will ignore it and wait until dinner, which is creamy chicken and veg. Almost the end of day 2 without any sugar - for me, that is momentous!

TeaCupCrazy Mon 08-Apr-13 12:30:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hhhmmmmm Mon 08-Apr-13 18:55:00

Hellos! Am on day 7 of no sugar (and no caffeine, no bread, no alcohol, reduced carbs) and guess what? I've lost nine pounds - NINE! I'm in shock and thrilled and been given enough motivation to keep going as long as possible!! grin

Pinkcustard I didn't experience any head aches but I have been drinking upto 4 lots of 500ml bottles of water. So 2 litres over the day. Could that help?

RawCoconutMacaroon Good tips on the cinema. We love to go as a family but normally involves loads of sweets so was dreading it. I have a strategy now, thanks! wink

Hhhmmmmm Mon 08-Apr-13 18:56:32

Teacupcrazy I'm back on My fitness pal this week and it really helps me too smile

RawCoconutMacaroon Tue 09-Apr-13 14:24:21

Well done Hhhmmmmm! grin. A fantastic start.

I'm sure the water does help withdrawal headaches etc but I suspect that a lot of people get them because they are intolerant to some of the food they are eating/drinking... Caffeine withdrawal would be the classic example! I avoid that by keeping my caffeine intake nice and regular grin, can't give up all my vices!

Hhhmmmmm Tue 09-Apr-13 21:30:19

Lol RawCoconutMacaroon at keeping caffeine intake nice and regular. Maybe I've just been lucky with no intolerances.

The thing I noticed this morning was that I woke naturally before everyone else in the house and felt refreshed, despite being up in the night with my youngest. That NEVER usually happens (the waking up refreshed bit). And believe me I like my sleep!

fromheretomaternity Fri 12-Apr-13 21:59:52

Hello all (and a special hello to Hhhmmmmm from the c25k thread :-) )

I'm almost 2 weeks now into a radical cut-down in sugar. Days 1 and 2 were very difficult but I just tried to remember it's an addiction I am breaking. I do feel better for it - skin especially feels clearer and I think I have more energy. I certainly feel more in control. Am combining with exercise (hence the c25k thread), which helps.

I am now experimenting with eating a small amount of sugary food, to see if I can do it without completely falling off the wagon... had a biscuit the other day in a work meeting, and managed quite easily to say no to number 2 and actually was a bit meh about the taste, having got my body more used to natural sweet flavours such as fruit.

I'm also making sure I always have good healthy food on hand (nuts, fruit etc) as snacks. I particularly like these for that mid-afternoon energy dip / hunger:

food doctor bars

I'm sure they do have sugar in, but also lots of seeds and good stuff which I'm sure must counteract it.

I am focusing as much as possible on the positive benefits of having a wholesome, healthy diet, rather than any idea of depriving myself of stuff I like, which would be doomed to eventual failure.

MommyUpNorth Wed 01-May-13 11:11:35

Just wondering if anyone is still working on cutting out the sugar? I stumbled across this thread yesterday when looking for articles on sugar addiction.

On Monday I started (yet again!) the cutting out of all soda. I usually have at least 1 glass a day (sometimes 2). May not sound a lot now, but I have been gradually cutting down for years, but then get a raging headache and feel so unwell that I normally 'just have a little sip'... and then fall off the wagon all over again!

Have always wanted to eat healthier but then spend so much time reading up on it and getting confused by all the different 'diets' that get lumped into healthy eating.

Sugar is probably my biggest issue. I can't say if I would want to cut it out entirely, or want to cut all carbs, or just cut down a bit! I know I'd like to make a start on it, and would love to find somewhere where people are discussing yummy snacks and recipes so that I can focus on the great things involved with this rather than thinking about everything I 'can't' have!

Today I didn't have my normal morning coffee (with milk & sugar), and opted for tea (splash of milk). Had an apple with that. Just had a rice cake with peanut butter & another cup of tea for a wee snack. Not sure where I'm going with this, but thought I'd post here and see where it leads!

LucettaTempleman Wed 01-May-13 11:26:47

I've just started to cut right down on sugar.
I feel unwell when I do eat it, because I tend to eat large amounts, but also when I don't eat it I get some sort of withdrawal symptoms.
I don't drink soft drinks, don't take sugar in my tea or coffee, but I DO eat lots of sweets and chocolate.

I've started a new eating plan today because I need to lose weight. It's not low carb, but it does cut sugar to a minimum.

Sugar is everywhere, it's in most processed foods. Good luck to everyone who's trying to deal with this.

NinaPatel70 Wed 01-May-13 11:46:08

Here is the biggest tip that really helps to cut down on sugar in your drinks...

Have a sip BEFORE you put sugar in. Then put in half a spoon less. Even keep it swilling around in your mouth while you add the sugar. This will dull your taste buds, acclimatise your mouth to the actual unsweetened drink, then provide a satisfying reward when you DO sip the slightly less sweetened version.

It only takes a few days or week of this to change your taste expectations, then you can cut out the "pre-drink bitter taste stage"

IT WORKS! brew

LucettaTempleman Wed 01-May-13 11:52:51

That's very good advice Nina. It's been 30 years since I had sugar in my tea and coffee and I can't really remember how I went from 2 tsps in each to none, but the point is, ask anyone who has done it and they say that they can't drink tea or coffee with sugar in now. I love sugar but tea and coffee taste revolting now if they have any sugar in them.

MommyUpNorth Wed 01-May-13 12:00:32

Lucetta, I'm really sensitive to any sugar in my tea. I've always had it with just milk, but if my daughter stirs her tea (with sugar) & then stirs mine I can tell straight away!

Just made up a big batch of hash browns (with onion & cheese) and popped it in the oven... will have for lunch today with bacon & eggs, and then portion up the rest for meals throughout the week.

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