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New Year Low Carb Bootcamp - The Final Weigh-In!

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BIWI Mon 18-Mar-13 08:27:31

So here it is - come and weigh in for the last time and tell us how much you've lost in Bootcamp.

The Spreadsheet of Fabulousness is here

HeirToTheIronThrone Fri 12-Apr-13 10:20:30

Black, how do you make a fondant? I keep seeing it on Masterchef but no clue smile And 2 stone is AMAZING!

Bessie123 Fri 12-Apr-13 10:58:46

I am being a bit of a carby twat but not too bad, it's definitely improving after biwi's stern talk.

I made soup yesterday with courgette, celeriac and leek, I think the idea was from slatternly mother. My dcs loved it, which is rare.

blackaffronted glad to hear you are doing well smile

prettybird Fri 12-Apr-13 11:22:24

Essentially a fondant "x" just means it has been poached in stock rather than boiled. So cut your "x" (in this case, celeriac) into a nice shape (last time I did it, it was in rounds about 2 inches across and an inch deep -the rest can be made into mash) and then poach in chicken stock until tender.

prettybird Fri 12-Apr-13 11:23:54

...and if you're wanting to be Mastercheffy, you can then finish it off by frying both sides for a wee bit, just to caramelise the outside, and then reduce down the stock to serve them with.

BlackAffronted Fri 12-Apr-13 11:52:31

I fry both sides of a nicelt shaped bit of celeriac in butter and garlic, then add stock to almost cover the piece. Let is simmer, covered for half an hour or until soft through. I then reduce the liquid down further until it makes a tasty gravy.

MrsHerculePoirot Fri 12-Apr-13 13:52:39

I am very impressed, I always just assume fondant was posh, very smooth mash!!!!'

No breakfast as had blood tests
Lunch - goats cheese salad
Dinner - to be decided but it will be accompanied by broccoli!!!

HeirToTheIronThrone Fri 12-Apr-13 15:19:26

Ooh, I have to make dinner for SIL and BIL on Sunday. Am going to roast chickens, maybe I will do some fondant celeriac for me and potato for them - BIL is a chef, he will be very impressed!

BerylStreep Fri 12-Apr-13 15:27:58

Do you get little circular stacks of fondant in restaurants? They always look very posh.

BTW, am planning to cook BIWI's tartiflette. Can anyone tell me what the difference between turnip and swede is? I got a turnip at Sainsbos, but couldn't find swede, then I started to wonder if they were the same thing, and the staff would think I was a wally if I asked.

And on the subject of turnips, a whole turnip was 75p, yet half a turnip wrapped in cling film was £1.20!

HeirToTheIronThrone Fri 12-Apr-13 15:51:49

It's weird, because in French 'fondant' means 'melting', and you can't really make potatoes/celeriac melt...

prettybird Fri 12-Apr-13 16:45:23

I think it is because a good fondant potato celeriac is so supposed to be so beautifully tender it melts in the mouth! grin

MrsHerculePoirot Fri 12-Apr-13 16:50:47

I think turnips are smaller and purple on the outside (a bit like onion shape?) and a swede is bigger and yellower. Technical. However, there was a lot of discussion some time ago about turnips, swedes and neeps and what was what. I think the conculsion was different people call them different things...


MrsHerculePoirot Fri 12-Apr-13 16:51:57

prettybird Fri 12-Apr-13 17:03:11

In Scotland, turnip/swede/neep is used pretty much interchangeably - although the little purple turnips are only ever posh English turnips grin

Looking at that link, the hardiness of swedes compared to turnips might explain why we see more of them up here! grin

BIWI Fri 12-Apr-13 17:43:38

Turnips are small, white/purple things. Swedes are big, brown/purple things, but distinctly orange inside.

MrsHerculePoirot Fri 12-Apr-13 19:15:39

Dinner - green beans, broccoli and coated fried chicken.

It was delish - did the chicken as you would normally breadcrumb but used parmesan/herbs instead of breadcrumbs. I think someone gave me the idea on here, but I can't for the life of me remember who so thank you!!!

Yama Fri 12-Apr-13 19:21:19

Dh made dinner tonight - lamb chops with turnip n' leek mash and broccoli. Was lovely.

HeirToTheIronThrone Fri 12-Apr-13 21:37:06

Tartiflette was AMAZING! Even DM liked it smile

MaryBeardfanclub Fri 12-Apr-13 22:01:42

heir I have been thinking about that tartiflette ever since biwi posted the recipe - might manage to squeeze it into the menu this weekend

I am from Scotland and in my family we call swedes turnips - I did not have a clue what a "swede" was for years and I now think of it as "the English Vegetable".

I have a celeriac so will try out the fondant tomorrow with our ribs, yum

Had coil fitted last week and had to go for scan this am to check positioning and it's got to come out, gah! was upset and on top of that our car is broke - clutch pedal fell off and now that's fixed it still wont start, must be stressed as I succumbed to a pepsi max on the way home from work. It tasted very fake but not unpleasant. I could not finish it though which was weird. UK Market share must have plummeted since I stopped glugging that stuff

B: breakfast meatloaf
L: smoked mackerel crustless quiche
D: tuna mayo with lettuce and cucumber; 2 oopsie rolls toasted and buttered; strawberries and cream

prettybird Fri 12-Apr-13 22:08:57

Marybeardfanclub - as I understand the word, swede is comes from "Swedish turnip" and is the hardier purple (orange fleshed) version of a "turnip"/neep.

I've bought the ingredients to be able to make the tartiflette - planning on doing it Sunday or Monday night.

How many does it serve?

MaryBeardfanclub Fri 12-Apr-13 22:18:16

oh, I see, it's The Swedish Vegetable!

my dp is from oop north and says they didnt have pumpkins up there (this is in the 60s) so they used to hollow out a swede instead

prettybird Fri 12-Apr-13 22:22:33

I remember my mum hollowing out turnips (swede) for me for Halloween in the 60s/early 70s. Respect!

I'm so glad pumpkins are now readily available. grin

MaryBeardfanclub Fri 12-Apr-13 22:29:14

I know, wow, the amount of work in that - but I suppose people had more time then cos there wasn't any internet/300 tv channels/ipads grin

My Swedish vegetable-obsessed polytunnel-living mother would love the idea of there being a Swedish vegetable!

prettybird Fri 12-Apr-13 23:09:44

......or Mumsnet! winkgrinblush

Oops didn't mean to post so soon!

Supper swordfishnwithnlime butter sauce (made up by DH) with asparagus mmmm.

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