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Calling all skinny women...

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daisydee43 Sat 16-Mar-13 19:03:05

After successfully losing 2st (would like to lose 1/2 more but not too bothered). I would like to finally maintain my weight. I love supersize vs super skinny and am fascinated with the diets albeit extreme. Would like to get in the mindset of a skinny person who has never dieted. Have a few tips from friends and feel more in control.

Would be very interested to find out what all you naturally skinny people eat to help me out
Thank you smilesmile

rockinhippy Sun 17-Mar-13 22:38:41

I'm not skinny anymore, but now supposedly ideal weight, though I probably prefer to be a few pounds lighter, nothing too drastic & for my age I don't worry too much at size 10/12 & 5'4" I'm okay, but I used to be super slim & could eat like a horse, though I've never really had a sweet tooth & as someone up thread has said, I would rather have a small amount of good chocolate that lots of cheap stuff & it can last me too.

Like a lot of others I don't meat, eat breakfast & usually eat little wheat at it doesn't agree with me, I'm also lactose intolerant so don't drink milk & only eat smaller amounts of strong cheeses or goat cheeses.

The one big different between now & my pre getting ill & putting on a couple of sizes in weight is that I am a lot less active, I was always on the go, I'm not now & I believe that is the real key - also - I'm currently eating a wheat loading diet in preparation for a celiac test, so I'm eating bread, pasta etc up to 3 times a day, instead of 3 times a week or less as would be more usual for me - I feel bloated & have put on inches round my middle in just a few weeks - can't wait to stop as its making me feel awful

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