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Is it actually possible to lose weight? Help, stories and motivation please!

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KettleCrunch Tue 12-Mar-13 17:17:00

Please motivate me, all you healthy superfit MNers!

OK, so I've got a stubborn BMI of 27.5, having put on three stone in the last two years or so (bloody Cerazette/sedentary office job). I'm tall, which is why my BMI isn't abysmal, but I really want to shift at least some of the flab by summer.

I've tried to lose it a few times since LAST summer by doing low-carbing, eating less with myfitnesspal, C25k etc, but just keep losing and gaining the same half stone or so whenever I inevitably surrender to a massive packet of jaffa cakes blushblush.

I've never had to lose any significant amount of weight before, so I just don't understand how it's done, or really believe it's possible! I joined a gym last week and I've been trying out all the classes to see which ones I enjoy, for the first time ever, which I'm loving so far - but I know that, though it'll make me feel better and tone up a bit, this won't be enough on its own to see much weight loss. If I go to a class most days, and cut out the jaffa cakes and their evil junk food pals... will I actually lose weight? Is it possible?

Also hoping to get back on the C25k as soon as this damn ice thaws... I finished the programme but it's been a few weeks since I've braved the weather.

Please share your stories of weight loss success and reassure me that the effort I'm about to put in will not be all in vain! Also please tell me what it feels like to lose weight, any ups and downs I should prepare for, tips for 'digging deep' and just keeping going when comfort eating is calling... and if anyone's in the same position as me, join the club!

HeySoulSister Wed 13-Mar-13 17:11:47

Yes I love the running, I truly do. It helps to have running music, I do better with a good beat! That's if you have music, some prefer not to. Yes, I've become an addict at age of 44! BUT I'm fitter than my daughter now who is at college on a SPORTS course!

I remember that first 20 min run! The achievement spurs you on. I was worried that low carbing would mean a lack of energy, but I just don't find this at all.

BambieO Wed 13-Mar-13 17:17:10

When I try running I find listening to 'holiday music' helps me as I picture myself wobbling running along a beach!

BIWI Wed 13-Mar-13 17:20:20

I've got all kinds of music on my iPhone, but can't work out how to put it on shuffle, like I can with my iPod. So I tend to listen to it on alphabetical running order, which makes for some quite interesting music to run to - with varying beats!

Low carbing has never been an issue with the running and I often run in a fasted state. I did my 20 minute run whilst in a fasted state as well.

KettleCrunch Wed 13-Mar-13 18:55:18

Wow, applause all round! I love that the tall girls are all here smile

I'm feeling very nervous about my first ever body combat class in half an hour now... will they kill me?! So unreasonably terrified of it!

KettleCrunch Wed 13-Mar-13 20:55:16

Hahahaha, I think body combat may actually have killed me. <collapses in a pile of sweat>

I know what you all mean about music - it's essential for a good run. And I have totally different taste in running music from the kind of music I like to listen to normally - in my house it's usually all indie and BBC 6Music etc when we're doing the washing up or driving, but when I run it's all about Calvin Harris, Little Mix, Rihanna... all the chart stuff. Gotta have that beat!

BIWI Wed 13-Mar-13 20:57:06

You'll be lovely and stiff tomorrow grin

KettleCrunch Wed 13-Mar-13 22:06:31

grin Oh yeah, I'll have that thing where you have to steel yourself and mentally prepare your legs to get up from the toilet in the morning.....!

HeySoulSister Thu 14-Mar-13 00:18:15

It's ministry of sound all the way for me!!!

BambieO Thu 14-Mar-13 07:51:39

Well done on your class kettle! I run to chart stuff too, it seems to have the most regular pace for me. I am starting level 2 of the shred today and dreading it haha I may join you in that sweaty pile grin

InMySpareTime Thu 14-Mar-13 08:30:13

I lost 4st 7 since last July by eating smaller portions and getting out on my bike.
BMI went from 38 to 25, clothes size from 18 to 8/10. I'm 5ft, but densely built so look thinner than I weigh.

BambieO Thu 14-Mar-13 08:59:41

That's brilliant inmyspare what motivation! I would love to be a size 10 again sad

KettleCrunch Thu 14-Mar-13 09:39:08

Wow InMySpare that's so inspiring! Congratulations smile I'd love to be a size 10 again too. Did you use MFP or just work out your own smaller portions?

InMySpareTime Thu 14-Mar-13 09:45:11

Started with MFP to work out what a portion actually was (I was eating 4 portions of breakfast cereal for example, which came to 800 caloriesshock), then once I got a feel for estimating my own portion size I managed without it.
I lead an active lifestyle, so that didn't need much tweaking, and once I started eating for hunger instead of habit, my habits changed, so I won't ever be that big again.

KettleCrunch Thu 14-Mar-13 10:54:51

That's wonderful. I'd love to do that. I actually DREAD with real fear doing proper weighing of my breakfast cereal. I suspect I have also been guzzling four portions in one... tomorrow I think I may have to face the music and get out the scales. Terror.

I think one of the problems with being a tall woman is that when you're a teenager, everyone tells you to eat lots because 'you're lovely and tall, and you're a growing girl!' - and when I was 16 and 5ft10 I really could eat whatever the hell I wanted (five slices of cake for dessert? no problem) and stay whippet-thin.

But then you stop growing, and you keep eating loads because you're used to it, and you feel that because you're tall you should, by rights, be able to eat more than other people. Or, at least, I feel that way. But I guess I just have to face facts that I'm definitely not a teenager any more so I have to eat <gasp> SENSIBLY... goodbye five slices of cake.

BambieO Thu 14-Mar-13 11:33:13

Kettle we could be twins haha

KettleCrunch Thu 14-Mar-13 11:38:47

Haha being tall is dangerous! Hope level 2 of the shred goes well for you today!

BIWI Thu 14-Mar-13 13:00:45

Not a tall one - I'm a shortarse at 5ft 2in. I have lost two stone over the last year by low carbing. (See my Bootcamp threads for more info!) I'm now wearing size 8 jeans, and most of my tops are size 10 (some of them now too big). I still have around half a stone to go, to get rid of the last flabby bits around my torso/tummy.

I also started going to the gym, on my own and seeing a personal trainer twice a week. This is expensive, but I've viewed it as an investment in myself. Currently I'm seeing him once a week, as there is precious little work on the horizon, but of course I'm also now running 3 times a week.

But from everything I've read, exercise can only count for 15-20% of weight loss, and diet is the key thing. Sad to say, Kettle, custard creams are unlikely to feature in many weight loss plans grin

BambieO Thu 14-Mar-13 13:58:11

Kettle- I am alive!!!! smile

It was HARD going but I think I will master it in a day or two. How are you doing today?

pipsqueakz Thu 14-Mar-13 14:09:31

Have you ever tried green tea? Its fantastic and I found the weight fell off me as well as my hectic family life with all the running around! But green tea is anti oxidant Also cranberry juice is great and cleanses body Hope this helps

HeySoulSister Thu 14-Mar-13 15:37:46

My teens drunk green tea... Is it really good for weightless? Think they have it for skin or something!

KettleCrunch Thu 14-Mar-13 15:49:48

Bambie congratulations on remaining alive!! I'm going to do C25k later and then a pilates class. Trying to do something every day while I get into the habit smile then hopefully once I've figured out which things I like best I can concentrate on those. It'd be nice to get 'addicted' to some form of exercise... don't think I've ever experienced the endorphin rush that the exercise addicts are always talking about.

I like green tea pipsqueakz! But I haven't had any for years. Great excuse to stock up, thanks!

KettleCrunch Thu 14-Mar-13 15:58:44

Oh and BIWI, I am sadly coming round to the truth about custard creams... Thankfully there are none in the house now so I can't be tempted. Logging on MFP today and well on track so far. Feeling motivated! Thanks all!

Also biwi congratulations on your massively inspiring weight loss!

BIWI Thu 14-Mar-13 16:00:36

Thank you!

C25K and Pilates?! You're a braver woman than I ...

BambieO Thu 14-Mar-13 16:01:20

Kettle are we friends on MFP? If not I'm tinamcbeana we can plough on together, there's tons of mnetters on there smile

KettleCrunch Thu 14-Mar-13 16:40:44

I've added you Bambie! I'm terracottatoad on there.

Might actually not get to go to Pilates tonight any more sad I said I'd go round to my mum's and I think I'll have to leave a bit earlier. But C25k for definite. Hear me roar!

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