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Week 9 - New Year Low Carb Bootcamp - Nearly there ...

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BIWI Mon 04-Mar-13 07:49:27

So we enter the last two weeks of Bootcamp. Still time to drop another 2-4lbs!

Here's the Spreadsheet of Fabulousness for you to come and confess all.

Remember, at the bottom of the spreadsheet is a tab for Ubercamp, if you fancy three strict days.

Good luck!

thekitchenfairy Mon 11-Mar-13 08:13:50

Hi Black and anyone else who understands leptin resistance.... i wonder if this is why I've stalled after a 6lb loss, even regained 1lb this last 2weeks... Ive had a look at some leptin info on MDA, and after a quick google or 2... Is tht it? Just 3 simple steps?

I've decided to carry on with this for the foreseeable future, am away at MILs, despite catering for all DH and I have experienced a bit of treat creep... Mostly wine and gin and the odd miniature chocolate blush which help ease the general stress of the visit... woke up desperate for a slice of the choc cake sitting in the fridge with my coffee and feeling bloated and shite. That is the old me, not the LC version and I do not like it.

<jumps on hardcore bootcamp wagon and waves to anyone else carrying on next week>

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