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low carbing and wheat issues

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joeysdreamgarden Wed 27-Feb-13 21:53:26

You're welcome, the book is a really interesting read & there's plenty of it (v.thick!!)

toxtethogrady Wed 27-Feb-13 19:43:14

thanks so much

will have a read. sounds like i may had a bit of an allergy. stomach much happier without it. I do now kind of regret eating anything with wheat in it. the ultimate aversion therapy perhaps!

joeysdreamgarden Wed 27-Feb-13 13:53:15

Hi Toxtethogrady
It may be that by eliminating wheat products you've accidentally uncovered a hidden allergy to wheat. I've just started a low GL diet (using "The Low-GL Diet Bible" by Patrick Holford) and chapter 15 (which I really recommend you read- borrowed mine from local library) deals with this exact occurrence. This is just a suggestion - why not carry on cutting out wheat products and eat rye bread and oatcakes and barley instead of wheat and see what happens? Holford says that its quite common to be allergic to wheat and apparently, if you really crave it (which I do sometimes) then that in itself can be an indicator of a possible allergy to it!!

I hope this helps!

toxtethogrady Tue 26-Feb-13 19:56:47

just wondering if anyone had experienced this.....

have been cutting back on carbs for last couple of months, most notably on intake of bread, biscuits and cake. however, when i do have it-maybe couple of times a week- my stomach is painful. i get cramps, slow digestion, hideous really.

anyway, would this be a sensitivity or just that my stomach now not used to wheat ?

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