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Equipment needed for 30 day shred?

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frenchfancy Wed 27-Feb-13 21:52:28

I used cans of beans to start with but I now have weights which are much easier to hold.

A mat for the floor would be good but I don't have one yet.

Mazzledazzle Wed 27-Feb-13 21:45:59

I've done 3 days of Level 1 and only just started using a pair of 1.5kg weights as mine were up the loft under three years of dust. I improvised for the first couple of days - I wrapped a 6 tin pack of tomatoes in a carrier bag to make one decent sized weight.

I'm finding the 20 min workout gets easier everyday, but the remaining 23 hrs and 40 mins of the day are getting more and more painful!

Svanhvitr Wed 27-Feb-13 11:04:21

I did my first Shred session at Level 1 last night using tinned tomatoes grin No way could I do it using actual weights yet.

Alligatorpie Wed 27-Feb-13 04:09:13

There are three different levels. Most people do 10 days at each level.

Rosyisgonnabeamummy Tue 26-Feb-13 21:44:24

Forward plan your next few days avoiding climbing stairs - your legs won't bend, and steering supermarket trolley - stomach / core will burn

Good luck tho!

cardiffmummy Tue 26-Feb-13 21:41:48

Too many mmmms! Should have been hmm!!

cardiffmummy Tue 26-Feb-13 21:40:25

Have seen it on youtube but was a bit confused - is there just one routine for each level? Only have seen people refer to doing day 1, 2 etc so had assumed there were a number of routines? Although I suppose that would be a very long DVD...[hmmm]

Alligatorpie Tue 26-Feb-13 18:16:22

You dont need to buy it unless you want to. It is on youtube.

HeySoulSister Tue 26-Feb-13 16:48:44

Yes I use a mix of the 2 as well

Top tips!!

Hair tied back but watchout for the ponytail lump when lying on floor!!

Make sure floor is hoovered!!

I always open windows first as it gets hot

Water to hand

I have a sign on the door up so teenagers know to 'keep out'!!

worldgonecrazy Tue 26-Feb-13 16:46:02

Jillian doesn't say what weights to use, she just says "a range of weights". I use 1kg, others on here use 2kg.

cardiffmummy Tue 26-Feb-13 16:39:13

Thanks worldgonecrazy. Does she use anything heavier than 2kg?

worldgonecrazy Tue 26-Feb-13 12:39:53

You can use tins of beans to start with. Once you progress you will probably want weights. It's worth buying a range as some of the exercises are impossible with 1kg weights, and others are easy with 2kg weights.

cardiffmummy Tue 26-Feb-13 12:27:37

Hi I'm planning to buy this DVD as have heard such good things about it. Just wondering what else I'll need eg weights etc? Keen to get going so don't want to wait for the DVD to arrive only to find I'll also need 3 sets of weights!!

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