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4.5 months the bikini deadline.

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prayingmantisgroupie Thu 28-Feb-13 13:06:03

Ooh yes, I must dig my Shred DVD out too. Did about 1500 calories yesterday too, aiming for a bit less today! I'm right with you on the calorie thing - my fairly paltry lunch of 75g of rice, 140g chicken, and a single wrap just clocked in at over 500 calories! Soup and veggies tonight!

Matildaduck Wed 27-Feb-13 19:16:28

Oh good so nice to be able to support one another smile

I've been watching my calories, i have never done this before and i am amazed at how many calories are in food...sounds stupid but really one slice of bread is the best part of 100 calories...who knew?!

I'm aiming for 1200 a day, i've achieved 1500 the last three days. Need to stop eating the crisps...i just love crisps.

I have done one hour of yoga each day so far. My body feels so much stronger when i do yoga. I've been looking at the shred and i might give it a go tomorrow.

prayingmantisgroupie Wed 27-Feb-13 16:07:35

I'm in! I only have three months though! (eeek!). I am 5'6", 9st 6lb, but horribly flabby. Love food and have a boring job where I pick constantly. Have just started running regularly and do hardcore boot camp every Sunday. My downfall is the crappy food though - chocolate, sweets, cake, fried rubbish, I love it. Trying hard to be good, on Day 2 of healthy eating and it's tough!

CooEeeEldridge Tue 26-Feb-13 16:48:32

Can i join?! I also go on hols in just over 4 months, and it's for a wedding so lots of people I know will be seeing me in a bikini, eek!!!

Im 5'7 and 10st 5, and aim to be 9'12 by then, my weakness is sweet things though! I'm aiming for 0.5 lb a week, excercises lots but as I say, the chocolate gets me!

Matildaduck Mon 25-Feb-13 07:55:34

In 4.5 months we go on holiday. My body is a soft mess and i'm not looking forward to wearing a costume let alone a bikini.

In Janurary i followed the dry Jan thread and it was really motivating. Therefore i have decided to start a thread to motivate me. I want to return this poor body to its pre child state.

I weigh 9 stone 1 but i'm a wobbly mess!

Waist 29"
Hips 37"
Underbust 29"
Bust 34"
Thighs 22"

Less food, more excercise is the way to go. I have gym membership, a yoga video....and a deadline.

Today i have stuck the pre dc bikin shot on my fridge.

Anyone want to join me?

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