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Best way to loose the optimum amount of weight in 5 weeks?

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PampersAndHuggiesMe Sun 24-Feb-13 15:09:48

I was almost 14 stone after DS was born and have slowly been loosing weigh since ( I put on over christmas so had extra to loose to get me back to the 12 stone I am now)

I don't have many social occasions to attend which I think is the reason I'm pretty chilled in my attempts to loose weigh, I'm mostly just wearing scruff on the school run.

However I've been invited to an overnight thingy in about 5 weeks time. Its the first time I've been out on the town in years and I'm really looking forwards to it.

I already feel alot better at 12 stone than 14 obviously but I would love to be a bit smaller,

This has given me something to focus on and look forwards to, something I've not had upto now in my weightloss attempts.

So I want to grab the bull by the horns,

What can I do to loose the most amount of weight in 5 weeks? Please! I really need to loose a good amount!

MyHeadWasInTheSandNowNot Sun 24-Feb-13 22:13:15

Stickle - mostly food isn't one thing, it's made up of protein, fat, carbs just in different proportions smile Some things are single or just two - ie most cheese is just protein and fat, oil of course is just fat.

Once you are eating a ketogenic diet, you can up the fats and proteins and lose weight.

John Briffa has a book which is very good Escape the diet trap

Carbs are not a 'food group' - we don't actually need them... not at all.

There are carbs in veg etc, but you just eat the ones with a low count (so no potatoes etc).

WeightyKaty Sun 24-Feb-13 22:16:19

Oh and buy 30 day shred too!

MyHeadWasInTheSandNowNot Sun 24-Feb-13 22:30:26

Bother - just typed a long post and lost it!!

This is well worth watching too - it's an hour long but it's so interesting you don't even notice that! Food Nation

Dr Briffa has a web site as well as a book if you just want to have a quick peek (but his book isn't expensive and it's well worth it). He talks about exercise and says that the optimum weight loss exercise is walking for 30 minutes (briskly) several times a week and resistance exercises (roughly 12 minutes a day). (I haven't started that yet, that's this weeks 'to do'). Too much or too hard exercise can actually stall weight loss. Lots of references and stuff in the book.

My thread is here if you want to have a read and/or join in.

You will get a lot of different answers to your question smile You just have to look at what you have done in the past, what has and what hasn't worked for you smile

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