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HELP!! In rapid spiral of gain after maintaining for ages..lost my WW-way!

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Smugsmuggler Sat 23-Feb-13 20:28:00

After DD I lost 20kg to get down to 47.5kg, which at 5ft tall is a nice size 8.
I did WW propoints and it was easy and enjoyable and I felt fantastic. I was so so so proud of myself.

DD is now a tiny toddler, I've just stopped breast-feeding and I've got lazy/unfocused/let it go. I am up to 50.8kg today and all my lovely new jeans feel tight round the thighs.

I need to get back on the WW wagon, lose 4kg over the next 4-6 weeks and then try and stay mindful of the fact that I no longer have all those lovely BF-ing points (for the rest of my life!!!)

I am not sure how to calculate my new propoints now..although I assume I will be on 26?

But even more of an obstacle, I am really struggling to get back in the zone... I am finding that I am just so much tireder now than when DD was a tiny (yes, I know.. weird) and seem to have got back into a rut of craving sugar/snacks etc.

I need a kick up the (expanding) butt and some stern talking to please!

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