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Is there a Slimming World thread on here please?

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CherryPie3 Fri 22-Feb-13 12:36:24

Hi! smile

I decided to start the SW eating plan again after I fell off the wagon 5yrs ago...blush

Will be joining my local group next Tuesday evening.
I have tried to get back on the wagon many times but this time feels different, I'm at the end of my tether with it and I'm at my shameful heaviest.

My stats: (confusedblushconfused)
Height:- 5'6
Weight:- 20st 9lbs
Age: 28

Anyone wanna join me? Or point me in the direction of an existing thread? xx

WannabeWilloughby Fri 22-Feb-13 13:00:13

Hiya Cherrypie....I'll join you on the hunt for a thread! im starting Monday night!!! I would like to lose 7 stone. One step at a time int it smile

weight: 17st 5
height: 5'2"

Good luck!

WannabeWilloughby Fri 22-Feb-13 13:00:39

Forgot to say im 31 smile

CherryPie3 Sat 23-Feb-13 07:18:36

Hello WannabeWilloughby smile

I'm not sure how much I want to lose exactly, I've got more of a dress size in mind Iykwim. I'm a 24 now, would like to be a 12/14 again (eventually).

There is a slimming world thread on here with a similar title to this one but I don't know how to link as I'm using the MN talk iPhone app xx

WannabeWilloughby Sat 23-Feb-13 08:39:32

I'll have a look for it. Yeah, im focussing on clothes sizes too. Im 22 now, 20 in some jeans (elasticated haha). Would love 12 to 14 too. I'll know when I get there. I'll have a look for the thread now smile thanks

picklepepper Sat 23-Feb-13 23:38:17

Hi Cherry and Wannabe,
I'd love to join you both - I started SW 2 weeks ago, lost 8.5lbs so far so I'm really pleased (though fell off the wagon tonight and had takeaway as we had friends round, sigh!!).

So at the moment I am:
Height: 5"5
Weight: 15st 8lbs
Age: 25

WannabeWilloughby Sun 24-Feb-13 01:16:54

Hi pickle... well done on your loss so far! I have my first meeting on Monday night... quite nervous! How do you find the plan? Are you hungry? I have pcos so struggle with losing weight.

Any tips would be great and hope you climb back on that wagon tomorrow smile

picklepepper Sun 24-Feb-13 01:43:52

Thanks wannabe, it certainly helps to keep me motivated when I can see results already.
I've found it really easy so far to be honest, mainly because there's no weighing of food necessary, so it feels completely unrestricted. As long as I've done a bit of planning beforehand, I haven't been hungry at all! I would say definitely buy the magazine when you go to your group on Monday, there are lots of great 'free' recipe ideas in there, I've tried a few and enjoyed them all.
My plan is to (alongside the SW eating plan) make little changes every week or two, rather than trying to do everything all at once and then failing miserably when I can't keep up with it all, so in week 1 I cut out sugar in my tea, and week 2 I also made sure I drank an extra 0.5l bottle of water each day... So hopefully by gradually making the little changes I'll see steady results.
Having a thread like this where we can chat and swap ideas in between meetings will be fab too, and my meeting is on a Monday too! smile good luck on Monday, we can do this together! Xxx

CherryPie3 Sun 24-Feb-13 17:38:36

Welcome PicklePepper smile

The other thread is a bit fast moving so I might stay here... I don't get a lot of time to come on here as it is.

What a great loss so far! Well done smile

Don't worry about gallon. Off the wagon occasionally, at least you're willing to get back on! I fell off the wagon and threw the towel in as I was ashamed to go back and being told I'd gained. A few stone later and I'm back on it. Better late than never right?

Dh doesn't want me to go the meeting on Tuesday, he says we can just buy the magazines and books off eBay and do it together. I'll give this approach a go I think for a month but if I don't think it's working well enough I'll go to the group anyway.

I'm finding this 'diet' so easy up to now, I can't believe it!

My food diary today:-
Breakfast - banana and vanilla muller light along with a coffee (2 sweetener tablets)
Snack - handful of blueberries.
Lunch - Roast chicken, syn free roast potatoes, lots of veg, boiled potatoes and thin gravy (about 4 syns worth)

I have also just made and devoured syn free ready salted crisps which were delicious!!

Really looking forward to getting weighed on Tuesday morning! I've got quite a lot of recipes from Pinterest and there's a few on the Facebook page too.

I'll post them here too as and when I try them. I made syn free chicken fried rice yesterday which was so nice!

Wishing you all good and low syn days, I'll pop back on when I can xx

CherryPie3 Sun 24-Feb-13 17:42:10

Actually before I go, there's a website called 'Slimming eats' which is basically a SW blog. It's by a British woman who moved to Canada and had to join online as there was no SW group for her.

Her blog is chock full of recipes and she has given the syn value on each of them. It is without a doubt the most useful website for SW without paying for SW itself, I have already copied down several recipes of hers into my 'Red Book' (my SW recipe book lol).

There are even recipes for cakes and desserts! I love it smile

CherryPie3 Sun 24-Feb-13 17:42:48

(And I'm sorry for my typing errors!) blush

picklepepper Sun 24-Feb-13 18:50:41

Wow Cherry what a fab start! Thanks so much for the info, I'll check out the blog this week before we do our next online shop as I know that my pitfall is not planning and then settling for anything (usually not syn free) when I'm hungry. I attend the groups as I go with my mum and she really enjoys the meeting part, so if I hear anything interesting I'll note it down and post it up here for you.
Out of interest, how did you make the syn free crisps? They sound yum! I've also made the syn free chicken fried rice, I agree, it was delicious. I've made the SW chilli con carne with extra lean pork mince, and the Mediterranean fish (both recipes that I found on the SW website) and everyone enjoyed them too.

I think this weeks small change will be to try to do some form of exercise at least 3 times, as I'm well aware that I really need to be combining the eating plan with regular 'body magic' (as my consultant calls it).

Keep us posted!

CherryPie3 Sun 24-Feb-13 21:22:54

Recipe for the 'crisps' taken from SW Facebook page:-

Baking potatoes (I generally only use one)
Fry light
Salt (or herbs, spices etc)

1) slice potatoes very thinly using slicing section of a cheese grater.

2) spray a dinner plate liberally with fry light. Place one layer of potatoes on the plate and spray again. Sprinkle with your chosen flavour (I only use salt as I've been scared to experiment so far lol)

3) microwave on full power for 2:30, then turn over and microwave again for approx 2-3 mins. Depends on the power of your microwave so you'll have to watch them, they burn easily apparently.

My small change this week has also been to exercise more, so I've spent an hour on the linear this evening. It's called 'Body Shape: Fitness Evolved'

It's fabulous!! Dh does all the weights on it and what not but there's classes on there to do like Latin dance moves and Bollywood dance moves too as well as yoga and zen strength plus loads more classes but I can't remember them. I adore it, it tracks your calories that you've burned and tells you how many more you need to lose to get to the next level - I got quite competitive with myself haha. Highly recommended!

Really looking forward to cooking some more of the SW meals, in the current magazine there's loads that me and have dh have decided to have a go at. Love this diet grin

Take care everyone xx

WannabeWilloughby Mon 25-Feb-13 00:11:52

Hiya ladies,

What a good idea doing little changes each week!! Im going to commit to an extra half an hours exercise each day.

Cherry, crisps sound lush!! Gonna give them a whirl.

Im so nervous about tomorrow night. Excited too, I might add!! Im going to stick with this thread too as im not on here too often.

You two sound really in the zone....gonna check out the blog/ recipes and the facebook stuff over next week (although im tryin to cut down my facebook usage cos I annoy myself with how much time I spend being nosy!!) grin

Heres to a slim week xxx grin

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 25-Feb-13 01:02:50

Sw say that foods that are tweaks are not syn free

So crisps aren't - same as smash pizza for example

So be warned x

CherryPie3 Mon 25-Feb-13 09:07:59

Thanks for that Blondes, I assume the crisps will be ok as the recipe was on the SW fb page?

Hope so cos they're yum! smile

I think I'm gonna try cutting out margarine this week. We use the Asda olive light but I can't find a syn value for it, I only have it on toast anyway with my scrambled egg so I don't think I'll miss it too much.

Have a good day everyone xx

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 25-Feb-13 09:28:39

Hmm. Don't know

The fb sw site says no to tweaks

I made some lovely lasagne crisps and was told to syn them

And friend made potato ones like you said and her con said to syn them

Personally can't see the difference from
Cutting up potato and making chips or slicing them and making crisps

Problem is different cons tell you different stuff

CherryPie3 Mon 25-Feb-13 12:42:13

I see what you mean.

Do you know what the syn value is? I'd rather count them as a syn in that case. Really confused tho as I definitely got them from the SW fb page. Strange, but oh well x

CherryPie3 Mon 25-Feb-13 14:45:31

So far today I have eaten:

-Scrambled eggs and 2 small wholemeal rolls (HExB x2)
- 2 small jacket potatoes, 3tsps olive light spread (can't live without it after al grinl) counted as a syn per tsp = 3syns
- for tea we are having SW chicken curry and rice.

Just about to tuck into a muller light smile

Hope everyone's having a good day xx

CherryPie3 Mon 25-Feb-13 20:13:27

I can highly recommend the chicken curry that I made for tea tonight! It was stunning, and there was enough to serve 2 adults and 3 is now a family favourite and definitely does not qualify as diet food in my book as far too tasty smile

I served it with a mix of boiled and fried (in fry light) rice.

I could post the recipe but I can't remember exactly how many syns it is (if any) xx

picklepepper Mon 25-Feb-13 21:34:52

Well I went to group tonight and I've lost another 1lb, phew!! I've been stressing about it all day after my takeaway slip up at the weekend. That makes my total loss to date 9.5lbs grin. I didn't track what I ate last week at all, so I'm going to make a big effort to write it all down properly this week (along with my 3 x small changes) so hopefully I'll see a nice weight loss next week.

Did you find the Chicken Curry recipe online Cherry? I've just looked for it and found a Chicken Katsu Curry recipe on there that looks just delicious!!

For tea tonight we had steak (all fat cut off) with peppercorn sauce (a recipe I found on the SW website, was v tasty), SW chips and lots of mushrooms and salad.

As Wannabe said, here's to a slim week!

perplexedpirate Mon 25-Feb-13 21:50:34

May I join? I lost 1.5stone before I got married with Slimming World and have PILED it on since.

My stats are:
Size 18/20

I've not done bad today meals wise, but I can't stop PICKING. Pick pick pick.
I bloody love bread too.

perplexedpirate Mon 25-Feb-13 21:51:39

Oh, and I'm vegetarian, so I'm green days all the way!

picklepepper Mon 25-Feb-13 23:15:25

of course pirate, join away smile.
Losing 1.5 stone is a great achievement - how long ago did you stop attending? Have you rejoined a group now?

I've made some sugar free jelly, and have bought in some cooked meats (which is no help at all as a suggestion for you wink), muller light yoghurts, cheese triangles and some slimming world rocky road bars for when I want a snack and really don't fancy any fruit/veg. I'd be interested to hear what other people snack on?

One thing I have found is that increasing this eating healthily malarkey is bloody expensive!! We were talking in group tonight about things that 'look' syn free, but aren't. For example, batchelors pasta and sauce packets are syn free, however, the aldi equivalent is not syn free, and it seems to be that the cheaper equivalents of things that are syn free, often, are not! Our consultant ran through a whole load of things that you would presume to be syn free or HEA/B choices that actually carried syn values (the most shocking to me was the morrisons wholemeal rolls which I thought could be HEB, were actually 9 syns!!) Yikes!

Anyhow, enough of my ranting, welcome pirate!

CherryPie3 Tue 26-Feb-13 07:46:37

Welcome to our little thread perplexedpirate smile
I'm not attending a group this time, are you going alone too?

Interesting about the cheaper products not being free pickle. My local consultant used to absolutely rave about using cheaper products saying 'they're no different* confused
She must've been partly right tho cos I used cheaper products and still lost weight.

Very glad you still lost 1lb despite worries, well done smile

The curry recipe I used came from Pinterest, I could post the recipe if anyone wants. It tasted very much like an Indian masala type dish. It was lovely and very satisfying to make from scratch instead chucking a jar of sauce in.

We are having lasagne today, I prepared the white sauce and the bolognese yesterday so they're in the fridge waiting to be heated up. Should make for a quick throw together meal later. Must buy Parmesan today! Or mozzarella I suppose? Don't want to end up using full fate cheese, although that x5 people wouldn't work out badly I suppose? I'll figure it out.

Soooo, today is weigh day. I got weighed this morning and tipped the scales at 19st 9lbs. A whole stone lost in a week? I checked it 3 times and its definitely right but it seems so unbelievable! I've taken it as a strong sign I'm doing something right and will carry on as I am. Very proud of myself smile

Wishing everyone a good low syn day, I'm off to celebrate my loss with a brew grin xx

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