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Week 7 - New Year Low Carb Bootcamp - Where We Get Tough!

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BIWI Mon 18-Feb-13 08:30:57

Morning campers

Here is the Spreadsheet of Fabulousness

This week sees the start of Ubercamp. This is entirely optional, by the way!

The idea is that we have three very strict days, keeping our carbs under 20g each day and consuming no dairy.

If you want to take part, I have put together three days' worth of meals as a guide - one which includes eggs and one which is an egg-free plan for those of you who don't like eggs. I'll also do one today which is purely fish-based.

As well as the meal plans, I've also written shopping lists and some recipes, where necessary, and the lovely Willie has put these on the spreadsheet - just look at the tabs at the bottom.

BIWI Mon 25-Feb-13 08:37:15


BIWI Mon 25-Feb-13 08:37:06

Right. Let's all move to the new thread --->

BIWI Mon 25-Feb-13 08:36:41

Black - I would leave it till Wednesday to weigh. But make sure that the next couple of days are absolutely perfectly Bootcamp strict!

timidviper Mon 25-Feb-13 08:35:34

Black I wish I hadn't weighed this morning as I am 4-5lb up on Friday shock. I am counting this as a blip though as my normal weighing day is Friday so I will put that weight down and just be super specially strict this week.

BIWI Mon 25-Feb-13 08:32:12

Week 8 Chat thread

Depends black whether knowing you've put on weight will steel your resolve to be good this week, or depress you and drive you to more carbicide.

Forgot to say I'm sorry timid that your DH was rubbish and drove your sugary twat to get the better of you - hope you have a better week this week and that he finds some way to make it up to you. Lovely that DD managed to send you something from abroad.

BlackAffronted Mon 25-Feb-13 07:50:01

Shall I weigh and see the damage or wait a week?

grin at racketeering! Damn autocorrect - I didn't have flatbread either - no, no, it was flaxbread, of course!

Weighing in at three down over two weeks (didn't weigh last week as away). But I expect that the wine may catch up with me in due course, so am back to übercamp today. Great that you are joining too kitchenfairy and glad that your DS at least came good on the birthday. Am also piscean and normally end up arranging my own birthday stuff rather than letting DH have anything to do with it - definitely a theme.

bessie fontina, taleggio, Brie, Camembert, raclette (ah my autocorrect just tried to change that to racketeering so guess that is what Lidl has!) emental or gruyere could all work - you'll have to check the labels on which are vegetarian. supermarkets do generally say if they are vegetarian or not. Otherwise if you are strict google the method I guess. DH will generally eat it if the label doesn't actually say rennet hmm so I did just give him the reblochon,but it's not something I'm going to quibble with him on, it's his choice and frankly makes my life much easier. Would be very difficult travelling/eating out if he wouldn't risk the cheeseboard - his options are limited enough as it is.

thekitchenfairy Mon 25-Feb-13 07:12:27

Yes Timid I think so...tho with a birthday next too mine DH is piscean too...and shamed he was at the effort we all made for him!

Good luck this week everyone, I am off to über camp and regretting the extra glass of wine or two enjoyed with last nights dinner... Sorry BIWI I am running off to weigh before the big stick gets me!

timidviper Mon 25-Feb-13 03:26:38

Kitchenfairy maybe that is the type of man we pisceans attract! Sadly my birthday orientated child is off on a gap year (she managed to send a card and gift from the other side of the world) while DH and DS who are both in this country managed an epic fail!

Arf at the racketeering cheese!

thekitchenfairy Mon 25-Feb-13 01:11:28

Oh dear. Aldi are in the business of continental cheeses and other foodstuffs...not any crime, organised or otherwise grin

Damn my tired hands and that damned autocorrect. Night all...

thekitchenfairy Mon 25-Feb-13 01:06:49

Choos I am with you on über camp tomorrow

Timid I have a husband equally nonplussed by birthday celebrations... Not even a I had spent a few days at parents and it was half term he assumed they 'had it covered'. Thank goodness eldest DS has been bitten by the birthday bug, he has been quite adorable, right down to getting in the prosecco (via my mum!) and packing all school bags.

Lamb breast with green veg and celeriac mash here tonight. Yum and yum again!

Re: rubichon cheese Aldi do racketeering that is a good sub, I think I have seen one in Lidle too.

Thanks biwi I will snack on olives!!!

Bessie123 Sun 24-Feb-13 23:12:27

choos the tartiflette looks nice and i want to try it but I don't think rebluchon is vegetarian - what veggie cheese would it be nice with?

(oh and lots of sald with the beefburger, plus as a vehicle for cheese)

Ah I hate that social embarrassment thing - definitely what I find most difficult - is why I ate lasagna at my friend's even though there we're plenty of veggies and I would have been fine just to have them blush

Yes, we drove - beastly Ryanair would no way have allowed all that veg! I was imagining BIWI and her stick over me as I packed: "it's all about the planning you know - you'll only have yourself to blame - will it Be Worth It?" grin

B Scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and spinach,coffee and cream
L sardines with flatbread; endive and blue cheese salad
S slice of saucisson
D beef burger with buttery mushrooms and cheddar, cheeseboard, wine

Tomorrow I start übercamp - who's with me?

timidviper Sun 24-Feb-13 21:24:01

Black The evil twins saga continues for I too have been a sugary twat! I had a horrid birthday as DH seemed to think I would have planned whatever I wanted to do rather than expecting him to show even a modicum of initiative. Consequently he had got nothing planned and got everything spectacularly wrong resulting in me really teaching him a lesson by eating all the chocs left over from Xmas hmm!

Had visitors today and made a lovely low carb meal; Mary Berry's beef strogonoff followed by a chocolate mousse made with G&B 70% choc, cream and eggs. Would have been ace except I drank a glass of rose, a glass of the dessert wine and ate a biscotti blush

Anyway the weekend is now over and I will try to do better from now on. I have the incentive that on Fri I had just got back to my pre-Xmas weight so will aim to get back there asap.

halfthesize Sun 24-Feb-13 21:22:27

Thats exactly it split just dont know why I was not more able to just say noangry

prettybird Sun 24-Feb-13 21:00:44

I've continued to be focused - was difficult today (away at the Scotland-Ireland game... We won smilesmile) so had "lunch" of babybel, cheese triangle and some pieces of salami. Had to watch ds chomp away on his sweets hmm. But we won! having said that, I wasn't salivating as much as I expected hmm did I mention we won? grin. And yesterday I had to spend a day at a cycling event that ds was doing - similar menu.

Dh however, who had had to take Micros rugby training (which is why I got to go to the game with ds) - and afterwards, while he was watching the game in the clubhouse, got bought a "Welcome back" plate of chips we've only just started again after our winter break which he says he couldn't refuse - and then he had a can of Irn Bru hmm

I've told him to have a lot of water and get back on the wagon. grin

spilttheteaagain Sun 24-Feb-13 20:30:40

I hope it was a good cheesecake Ruprekt, at least then if there are effects they might feel a bit more worth it!

Choos lovely posts, sounds like you have eaten like kings! I was also chuckling at your suitcase of veg... I take it you didn't fly then?? I have swede, turnip, celeriac and leeks so will give the tartiflette a whirl later in the week. Might just use brie though and hope for the best.

That's rubbish half, horrible when you feel you have to eat stuff due to the social situation that you don't actually want and don't enjoy. I find that with biscuits etc when going to friends houses. I fee rude turning them down, and then they flap and fret and try and find other things to offer me, and I keep saying, no honestly I am fine with just a coffee, but thank you, and they feel they've not been allowed to host properly. sad

I have ordered a julienne peeler and am very excited. Shoudl be able then to peel spaghetti like strips of courgettes. Spag and meatballs here I come. Oh yeah grin

We had a kind of cassoleut tonight. Divine. Slow cooked duck legs (which I shoved under the grill for the last 15 mins for uber crispy skin... drool) in chorizo, celery, some onion, 1/4 tin tomatoes, slosh of red wine and all the duck juices, with a load of garlic, smoked paprika and cayenne. All the duck fat made it so rich and incredibly delicious. With swede chips and leeks and savoy. and a big glass of red

WillieWaggledagger Sun 24-Feb-13 20:21:23

jake i have added you to the spreadsheet - just put your start weight in column c

halfthesize Sun 24-Feb-13 20:15:55

Evening all, there are some really inspirational posts this weekendsmile

I have had a shockingly bad weekend due to mums night out and ds2 4th birthday today, so way to much wine and rubbish food, which I did not enjoy and now feel bloated and fatangry

Happy Birthday to all who are celebratingthanks Off to drink shed loads of water in an attempt to rectify what damage I have done!!

Ruprekt Sun 24-Feb-13 20:15:19

B bacon, sausage, poached egg

Sp water in the pub grin

L - was at my uncles who had made a chicken dish with roasted fennel and mandarins. Sort of caramelised. He forgot to do the couscous (fine by me!). But served with broccoli and carrots.

I didnt say DH and i were LCing and did have a slice of choc cheesecake. V small one. confused


D - sm salmon, avocado and salad

Am i completely sabotaged BIWI??confusedconfusedconfusedconfused

littlermissstan Sun 24-Feb-13 20:03:22

Just made courgetti carbonara. Was ACE. Back on the strict train from tomorrow!

JustasmallGless Sun 24-Feb-13 19:59:54

Well done Dosh.
I took DC swimming after I'd been to work and managed about 10 lengths in between refereeing! Has ten mins in the jacuzzi which was pure luxury

B Greek yoghurt
L tuna salad
D roast gammon, cauliflower cheese, broccoli and sprouts.

Two glasses of red

Tons of water.
Welcome to our new recruits! My top tip is to get a 750ml sports top bottle of water and fill it up during the day then you know if you have 4 you have had 3 litres. I have read somewhere that a sports top makes it easier to drink water for some scientific reason but I still cat fond it. Anecdotally I can confirm its true!

Has anyone linked to the low carb recipe section yet?

Doshusallie Sun 24-Feb-13 19:42:08

And I swam a mile this afternoon.

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