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need some encouragement for my first fast day. So. Frickin. Tempted

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targaryen24 Wed 13-Feb-13 12:54:14

Having lots of peppermint tea (as I love it and it's helping me feel less empty) and just concentrating on the benefits and the fact that tomorrow I can eat.

Plus, the hunger sort of comes and goes rather than bugs me the whole time which is actually better than I expected! smile

frenchfancy Wed 13-Feb-13 12:51:56

It does get easier - much easier. Sometimes on fast days now I forget I'm fasting until the early evening (I don't forget and eat, I just don't think about food all day).

Green tea with mint is great. Lots of water obviously, and try brushing your teeth regularly.

Remember tomorrow you can eat.

targaryen24 Wed 13-Feb-13 12:36:47

I'm definitely going with bath & early night grin

(btw I'm also making sure I eat healthier in general, so I'm not just binging and fasting)!

targaryen24 Wed 13-Feb-13 12:35:22

thanks napl
I mostly want to do it as I know my slightly dodgy diet was making me feel crap, lethargic etc and I just want to feel as bright as possible in the day. Especially being a lp to my DS and needing to have tonnes more energy than I do smile

Rooble Wed 13-Feb-13 12:34:04

It does get easier, but you need to jig around your meals until you find a pattern that suits you. I now have an orange and zero fat Greek yoghurt for breakfast, roasted veg with cumin seeds and chilli flakes topped with a poached egg for lunch, drink lots of herb tea through the day (Yogi teas such as Schoko tea or liquorice tea are "sweetened" with liquorice if you feel the need for sweeter flavours), have a bowl or Marigold bouillon for "tea". The veg keeps me really full (the thing that makes a massive difference to calorific value is the amount of oil used, so better to use a spray).
So with the exception of the bouillon (25 cals I think) I go the full 16 hours without food overnight. On fast days I tend to have a bath and early night.
I'm not sure I could run around after a toddler on an empty stomach!

targaryen24 Wed 13-Feb-13 12:33:04

That's encouraging kitty
I just wanted to hear from people who've got a few fast days under their belt that it isn't this hard every time!

I'm such a wuss about being hungry normally but it's strangely reassuring to know you don't actually drop dead just because you ignore a few hunger pangs grin

NotAnotherPackedLunch Wed 13-Feb-13 12:31:43

targaryen I have lost a small amount of weight. About 0.75 kg in 2.5 weeks, but like you I'm not trying to lose a major amount of weight - a little would be nice, but it's the other benefits that I am keen on. Feeling brighter and more energetic were unexpected, but extremely welcome side effects.
Others have mentioned that the urge to eat on feed days moderates with time but I'm still waiting for that to kick in.
I find it easier not to have breakfast on fast days, but others prefer to have breakfast. I think you just have to try to find what works best for you. Knowing I have a decent dinner waiting and won't be hungry going to bed works for me.

KittyMcAllister Wed 13-Feb-13 12:29:51

Hi, I'm I my fifth fast day - I have to say it's a lot easier on the days I'm not looking after the dc's! I just drink loads & loads of black coffee and throw myself into their games to distract myself. I've eaten scrambled egg on toast for lunch, I was absurdly grateful for it! I will save the rest of my calories til they've gone to bed. It is worth it though - I've lost half a stone in 2 weeks plus an inch & a half off my tummy. I've found my appetite's diminished on non-fast days as well.

targaryen24 Wed 13-Feb-13 12:23:55

I'm aiming for 800 today (as I have been in a bit of a rut and eating over 200 regularly...oops). Will then go for 500 the next fast day.

Think i'd be better off with broth at lunch then an evening meal (as I find it impossible to sleep on an empty stomach). 1/2st is great! Well done smile

mistlethrush Wed 13-Feb-13 12:20:55

I have a very small bowl of porridge too - just oats and water. Perhaps next time you should try giving them a miss, go for a broth at lunchtime and have a decent meal in the evening to look forward to. If you're down significantly on your normal cals, I wouldn't be too concerned about going over 500 cals particularly to start with.

I've lost 1/2 st since the new year - lower loss last year, but I do find losing weight really difficult at the best of times!

targaryen24 Wed 13-Feb-13 12:18:10

I had a very small bowl of porridge. Starting to wonder if I was better off eating nothing til supper!

targaryen24 Wed 13-Feb-13 12:17:27

Glad it's going well for you notanotherpackedlunch smile
Have you noticed much difference in your weight? I'm mostly doing it because the evidence was too compelling not to try (I watched the horizon programme & was fascinated by the benefits) but it wouldn't hurt to lose a little around the middle too!

TravelinColour Wed 13-Feb-13 12:16:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NotAnotherPackedLunch Wed 13-Feb-13 12:12:49

It does get easier.
I've just done my fifth fast and it passed very easily with lots of black coffee. I didn't even feel like eating my full 500 calories in the evening.
Unfortunately I'm still waiting for my need to eat everything in sight on feed days to moderate a bit. wink
Overall I'm finding it worth doing. I have way more energy, even on fast days, and seem much more cheerful and less wooly headed.
Hope you survive today.

targaryen24 Wed 13-Feb-13 12:11:35

Thanks. May try something similar smile
Am about to take him out which is distracting and should help. Plus treating myself to a nice 'french' breakfast tomorrow so I can look forward to that!

mistlethrush Wed 13-Feb-13 12:08:38

It gets easier... I've now given up worrying about lunch at work.

However, I used to make a very low cal broth that you might find helps get you through - stock powder, chilli, ginger, lemongrass - a few button mushrooms, put in some water, cook in the microwave, top up with boiling water and add soy sauce to taste. I found the chilli in made a big difference.

targaryen24 Wed 13-Feb-13 12:06:27

Anyone else find their first fast day of the 5:2 diet seriously hard?
Running around after DS (2yr) is making my tummy rumble like hell.
I'm waiting til tonight for my main meal (and having lots of warm drinks to keep me going, along with the odd grape/nut here and there, which i'm keeping count of obvs).

Just need someone to tell me it gets easier really! smile

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