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Week 6 - New Year Low Carb Bootcamp _ Where I start to wave my big stick again

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BIWI Mon 11-Feb-13 08:39:38

Morning all

Here it is - come and confess all

Now. Three things have come to my attention.

1. There is a lot of baking going on. Sweet things and bread substitutes.

Please remember that we are trying to avoid sweet things and that we are trying to avoid using artificial sweeteners.

2. A lot most of you are falling off the wagon - either 'accidentally' (hmm) or because situations arise where you have not planned ahead or deliberately.

This is not a very forgiving WOE. Lapses/cheats like this will have a big impact - at the very least you will not see any weight loss for a while - most likely, though, you will see a gain of around 3-7lbs. You really have to plan ahead and make sure you do everything you can to stay focused and avoid the carbs. Going out for a meal or to dinner at a friends does mean that you have to think about what's going to be on offer. You cannot assume that low carb options are going to be available (although most restaurants should be fairly easy to navigate).

3. There is a lot of moaning about seeing a weight gain or not losing.

May I refer you to 1 and 2 above?

Please, please, please go back to Bootcamp/Bootcamp Light rules. They are there for a reason!

I can tell you that almost every time someone posts "I don't know what to do, the scales aren't moving for me/I've gained half a stone and I don't know why, because I'm being really good/have been following the rules" this is a massive signal that, actually, they haven't.

Fat is key.
Water is key.
Too much alcohol will stop weight loss.
Dairy - especially cream and cheese - can be an issue for many (yoghurt is better tolerated)
Artificial sweeteners are to be avoided.
Fruit should be severely restricted.

We have only five weeks of Bootcamp left, including this week. Let's get serious and back on track.

Yama Mon 11-Feb-13 08:44:44

Are we on week 6 already?

I feel a sore throat coming on. I would normally take Manuka honey. What would you guys take instead?

PennyHofstadter Mon 11-Feb-13 08:50:00

Morning all, I have stayed the same this week. I did eat out at the weekend (blush after reading BIWI's post above) and it's TOTM so not at all surprising and it could have been a lot worse.

Hi, checking in! And duly chastened by BIWI's OP blush

WillieWaggledagger Mon 11-Feb-13 08:59:35

thanks for the new thread

cathyandclaire Mon 11-Feb-13 09:03:20

Checking in, feel like BIWI's OP could be aimed straight at me blush
As ever, weighing later in the week, was at target yesterday but a delicious Chinese (no noodles or rice or obvious carbs but no doubt a lot hiding in the sauces) with some white wine will surely have worked its evil spell. Before bed I was 5lb up so I was too chicken to get on the scales this morning.

Going skiing just after bootcamp, always a diet disaster, so determined to be at fighting weight by then.

BIWI Mon 11-Feb-13 09:04:13

BlackAffronted have a read of this

A piece of massively intensive exercise will have put you under stress. You may very well also be dehydrated.

Don't change anything you're eating (assuming you are adhering to the rules!), but make sure you are drinking plenty of water, take it easy and make sure you get plenty of sleep, so that you can reduce the stress/inflammation levels.

BIWI Mon 11-Feb-13 09:05:08

hazchem sounds like you need to cut out the dairy. Yoghurt is generally better tolerated, so cut out the cream/cheese to start with.

BlackAffronted Mon 11-Feb-13 09:17:31

Thanks guys. I am sticking with it right to the end of bootcamp, weight loss or no weightloss. Will review my options then, but not before!

Thanks for the article, will have a read of that. Going to keep up the fat, despite my concious yelling at me, as I made some lovely crackling yesterday, to nibble on :D I could well be dehydrated, I was drinking water through the zumbathon, but couldnt manage as much as usual as the sloshing about made me feel ill. Have had loads of sleep since, and planning a wee nap today while I am child free.

Muscles are a teeny bit stiff today. Zumba again tonight, so that should ease it off!

Well done to the losers, I am jealous smile

barleywood Mon 11-Feb-13 09:20:23

Checking in smile

STS this week but not surprising really. Been on holiday with friends, lots of exercise and wine and not too bad really since I am lighter than I have been in 30 years smile.

Keep the faith, I have been following this WOE for over six months and I really do consider it a way of life, I don't feel deprived and occasional lapses are not an excuse for falling of the wagon as they were in the past.

LavenderBriggs Mon 11-Feb-13 09:33:04

Checking in. Have put 1lb back on. Not surprised, I hardly moved for hours due to back spasm and had alcohol and codeine to try and relax the muscles. I'm going to print out Bootcamp Light rules - printed paper always seems more authoritative than web pages to me.

Thanks Novelty and Choos Pain is back to normal levels and I'm just waiting for slightly less snow so that I can go for a run. I try and manage pain with exercise as being fit has really decreased it.

<gentle fist bumps to Bessie and Choos> Finsbury Park is my local one! You may have seen me staggering around doing my running - you can't miss me, I look as if I'm about to cry grin.

Right, new week - good luck everyone!

DharmaBumpkin Mon 11-Feb-13 09:33:29

Lost another 0.6kg smile Very happy with that. Have been eating well except for the occasional PMT-driven nibble of extra dark chocolate but have been struggling to keep up with drinking water... Will try & do better this week!

Iamaslummymummy Mon 11-Feb-13 09:36:51

<Hands biwi her stick>

Baking - check
No enough water - check
Sweetners - check

Wi not till Wednesday for me so I'll be good - promise grin

Doshusallie Mon 11-Feb-13 09:47:03

Marking place.

MsRinky Mon 11-Feb-13 09:47:16

Well I lost the 2lbs I put on last week, but need to get down to some actual progress. Spent four days of last week in bed with the lurgy and my difficult few weeks of birthday and holiday celebrations are now over, so I should in theory have a good clear run at things for the rest of Bootcamp.

Four pounds to go until I reach the four stone off point. I want those four pounds gone by the end of this month, dammit.

Doshusallie Mon 11-Feb-13 09:48:33

Is almond flour ok then? Or just a lower carb option for pancakes? Don't want to eat loads of them and then realise it's the same as scarfing loads and loads of nuts.....

thenightsky Mon 11-Feb-13 09:55:29

Lost 3lbs since last weigh in grin

I have been very very good though, apart from raspberries and cream on Friday night and a tiny vodka and soda on Saturday night. Drank tons of water yesterday though.

PostBellumBugsy Mon 11-Feb-13 10:12:57

Well done to Black for impressive Zumba effort! smile

I don't weigh as I have no scales (because I think they are bad for my mental health), but I did weigh myself at my parents at Christmas & I was with them again on Saturday so weighed again. I have lost 12lb.

I am sure that in the 7 weeks I have been doing bootcamp (as I started a bit earlier) I have gained, lost, remained the same etc. So this is my way of saying don't get scales obsessed. Stick with this WOE & you will lose.

JustasmallGless Mon 11-Feb-13 10:17:02

Oooh BIWI is writing in bold- we are in trouble ladies!

Lets knuckle down - we can do it.

I want 4lbs off by end of Bootcamp to get to pre Xmas weight. Basically been faffing with weddings etc.

Begone 4lbs

caramelwaffle Mon 11-Feb-13 10:19:03

Thank you for new thread.

I have gained a little over past month.

When doing Bootcamp before Christmas, I lost almost a stone; let me be a lesson that if you stick with the rules, you will lose weight; if you do not, you will gain or STS.

Back onwards and downwards from today.

Thanks again Biwi and Willie

caramelwaffle Mon 11-Feb-13 10:20:43

Well done nightsky

AuntieMaggie Mon 11-Feb-13 10:28:51

Checking in too smile

Good start to the day... Bacon and egg for breakfast. Got mozzarella and tomato for lunch and have drank a litre of water already.

Fingers crossed I can resist the goodies in the office!

NoelHeadbands Mon 11-Feb-13 10:29:02

Morning all

I'm knuckling down now, been a bit relaxed with the old alcohol this weekend.

Breakfast today was my own invention- Mock Croque Monsieur. Basically ham slices spread with mayo and grated cheese sandwiched together, dipped in egg and fried in butter. Looks a right mess but so tasty

pyjamalover Mon 11-Feb-13 10:29:06


I now weigh 63kg, not a huge loss compared to the rest of you, but this is what I weighed about 6 yr ago (and have been saying I weighed ever since!) and as I'm only 5 foot nothing I think a 2-3kg loss does show. Certainly my trousers are looser.

Will definitely be sticking to this, my only issue is I don't feel I've properly overcome my overeating demons yet. However, before I came back to low carbing I was literally eating entire packets of biscuits/chocolate every time I had a day off, or even just a morning off (I work part time and shift work so that is a lot). So the occasional too much cream/nuts is a big improvement. Feel like I won't be able to be shift serious weight until I get control of this, and do a bit of exercise. I have 30 day shred DVD, and even though busy have no excuse not to do that a few times a week.

black have you read escape the diet trap? I know VERY little about exercise as I do almost none at the moment, but in this book he says that cardio can actually reduce metabolic rate, as a survival mechanism, and recommends short bursts of high intensity stuff, and resistance work. You sound amazingly fit though and I am in awe of you!

pyjamalover Mon 11-Feb-13 10:30:06

xposted with loads of you, well done everyone, love this thread!

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