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Can you recommend a fitness DVD for me please?

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mummytowillow Fri 08-Feb-13 22:21:58

I'm a single parent, so find it hard to get out to the gym. I need to exercise as I'm trying to lose weight.

I've lost 8lbs so far but know it will be quicker if I exercise. I'm interested in those high intensity, short DVD's as I'm a lazy moo! I'm not bothered who its by, if its a celeb one and it works, I'll do it.

I've looked on Amazon and the following get good reviews:

Josie's 30 second workout
All of Davina's
Gareth Thomas (he looks mighty fine) wink
Gillian Michaels

I've also heard Tony Hortons 10 minute workout is excellent but that is £60 in total shock

Any suggestions would be great.


IncrediblePhatTheInnkeepersCat Fri 08-Feb-13 23:01:33

Have you tried YouTube? Tons of free exercise videos there. I've just taken up yoga through YouTube by finding beginner routines.

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