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2013 Weight Watchers Thread #2

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SallyBear Fri 08-Feb-13 15:54:01

Just thought I would start a new thread, seeing as we are perilously close to the 1000 posts cut off!

We have all started WW this January and so far so good, we are all losing. This is a really supportive group. Please feel free to join us and share your WW tips and any recipes that you may have. smile

flatmouse Fri 08-Feb-13 16:08:52

Oooh you're so organised smile

jazzcat28 Fri 08-Feb-13 16:42:03

Marking my place!

SallyBear Fri 08-Feb-13 16:53:09

Flat I aim to please!!

Hi there Jazz.

So I'm thinking that I'm going to enjoy myself this Sunday and use my weeklies for a treat. I'm off to Westfield and I am meeting a friend for lunch. Wondering about going to The Real Greek for lunch. WW did a review of it - i.e. can you follow pp and eat there sort of thing. review What do you think??

mrsv2 Fri 08-Feb-13 18:27:29

Thanks for new thread. Can't remember who it was who add oatcakes for lunch..... Nairns fine milled are 1 point each - calculated from the packet.

Doretaball Fri 08-Feb-13 19:00:03

Hello everyone. Despite being massively positive at the beginning of the week, I've been funding it really hard this week. Just feeling quite hungry and really missing that 'full' feeling. Does anyone else get this?

So I've been nipping back into the kitchen and wolfing down the leftovers. I have been guessing the points and am within my weeklies/exercise points, so I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Should be good this weekend as my OH will be around so I'll be on best behaviour. He's really encouraging and so I don't want to let him down! Sounds ridiculous when I write that down as I should be, and am, doing this for myself but find it much easier when someone is checking on me! I really want to lose weight and am doing so well, just don't understand why I so easily sabotage my efforts.

Right, onwards and upwards for tomorrow. We have nothing planned all weekend, what a treat!, so I'll try and get a few long walks in. I'll strap my little girl into the sling and that'll be extra calories burned.

Good luck for the weekend everyone.

Doretaball Fri 08-Feb-13 19:01:21

Sally, just tried to go to that link but couldn't get it to work.
Will google later when I have a mo.

Doretaball Fri 08-Feb-13 19:06:35

Just managed to make it work. Looks like there's quite a lot of choice for low point stuff on there, it looks delish. And I guess much of it will be made fresh so you could ask for some simple alterations. I'd need to take extra will power though because with sharing type foods I find it very difficult to stop picking! Good luck and report back!

mrsv2 Fri 08-Feb-13 19:34:16

doretaball so good your OH is supportive. Ive been doing this 3 days and my DH says im obsessed. I have just planned next weeks meals and was sitting pointing them to make sure they are acceptable. His comment.....are you pointing again, its all you ever do.
Another good day today. Eaten 26pp and still not touched my weeklies. Coffee with friends and turned down the millionaires shortbread.

Stickwithit Fri 08-Feb-13 19:40:50

Yey a shiny new thread!!

sally that article has made my mouth water, it sounds lovely. I agree though, that the sharing aspect would be tricky for me as I might pick at the food and eat too much. Maybe you could put the amount you want to eat on your own plate and stick to that? If that doesn't seem to strange to your friends......

doreta I do know what you mean about missing that full feeling, I find it easier if I stay busy and away from the kitchen!!

I weighed in today and have lost 3.5lb so I'm really pleased. I have to admit though that I've had a horrid virus so have barely eaten anything for days so it's hardly surprising.

I weighed in at home as I didn't want to risk passing my germs on. Texted my meeting leader who said I shouldn't be too disappointed if I put some weight on next week as I've inadvertently starved myself this week. I really hope that doesn't happen as I worry that a gain might be so demotivating that it puts me off the whole thing....

Good luck with your weekends fellow weight watchers!

SallyBear Fri 08-Feb-13 20:25:24

Mrsv. I definitely obsess less with the filling & healthy option as knowing that rice, potatoes, meat, fish etc is already accounted for takes the pressure off iyswim. I haven't done F&H this week due to my day out as I wanted to preserve my weeklies until Sunday, just incase I go over plan and need them.
Doreta - stick washing up liquid on those leftovers or put them straight into the compost bucket. If you're feeling hungry, look at whether you've eaten something that's quick to digest. If I get the hungry feeling I have a cuppa or a glass of water. That helps.

Doretaball Fri 08-Feb-13 20:29:52

You're right about the left overs. Need to box them up and put straight into freezer or bin. Such obvious things don't occur to me!! Also good tip about the water. Despite my post earlier in week, I haven't been good this week at drinking it. Off to get a glass now!

backinaminute Fri 08-Feb-13 21:38:36

Hello everyone. I can't believe we've hit 1000, I've never kept with a thread this long before, it's fab.

I had my WI last night, missed last week because we were away but I lost 5.5lbs over the 2 weeks. That means 11lbs in total over 5 weeks and I've hit my 5% - I'm so chuffed. Being sensible on holiday really paid off.

We've have people for an early dinner tonight. I did the paprika chicken from HD ands aged to resist the crisps and dips and pudding but have enjoyed a large glass of wine. Thursday is a good day for a WI because I would usually go mad at the weekend but don't want to undo it all. Hard though -got the urge go and pick in the kitchen now but will resist. Drinking makes it so much harder! I feel very virtuous as I sat with my friend in costa while she had a latté and a scone with cream and jam and I had an Americano with skimmed milk (and vanilla syrup for a bit of luxury).

Can I ask fellow breast feeders - do you use all your points and your weeklies? (I know this sounds like I'm rubbing it in but I promise I'm not) with a daily allowance of 45 I haven't needed the weeklies so haven't used them but don't know if I'm doing more harm than goodie the long run. It seems I would be eating for the sake of it, I guess if I needed to I would use them but being skint and with a 10 week old ebf baby I don't really go anywhere to use them (hence why I'm doing ww now haha).

AddictedtoCrunchies Fri 08-Feb-13 21:44:48

Here I am. Marking place.

Doretaball Fri 08-Feb-13 21:55:23

backinaminute - I'm breastfeeding and have 40 points. I hardly used any of my weeklies for the first 3 weeks and lost lots of weight (over 3lbs per week) but last week I used them all and lots of exercise points and still lost 1lb. Have used most again this week too so will see how I get on on Monday.

I have decided not to eat for the sake of it if I dont feel hungry (which worked well the first few weeks) but the last 2 weeks I've been struggling a bit more and so have been using them. I figure that's how real life works, some weeks you eat more than others.

I like you, was also a bit concerned about not eating them and how that would work in the long run when/if I started to eat more. However, as I'm now using them, am not worring about it anymore!

GingerLemonTea Fri 08-Feb-13 22:04:01

Backinaminute, I am still breeding a lot though baby is weaned so I get an extra 7 per day = 36pp.
First 3 weeks I used them all, last week I didn't as less hungry & would have just been eating for sake of it, so a bit under on daily & weekly and only lost 0.5!
Was told that bfeeding would make me skinny - lies! smile

GingerLemonTea Fri 08-Feb-13 22:05:13

Not breeding! Bfeeding!

mrsv2 Fri 08-Feb-13 22:16:42

What's the HD book??

SallyBear Sat 09-Feb-13 06:15:55

Mrs V the HD book is the Hairy Dieters Cook Book. Are you in the UK or stationed abroad?
The HD book is great, and I try to WW my own recipes by not using so much oil, sugar etc. though I will say, and a lot of our group have heard me mutter about this already, I am not buying lean or extra lean mince. Ugh! Tasteless and with a horrible texture. Sticking to the usual stuff and a slotted spoon!!! grin

The advice that I have heard is that you should use up your weeklies. I think that the problem with small babies is sleep deprivation. I didn't bf but I remember the bottle feeds with all 4 and how exhausted I was. It was quicker to reach for a biscuit and easier to have a Chinese than cook etc. So I really admire your determination to lose weight while your babies are young. I wish I had as I wouldn't be doing it now if I'd done that. So use your weeklies as that's what they're there for!

If any of you are keen walkers, a tip a friend shared (she lost 60lbs), is to strap weights to your ankles and weights. Amazing how that tones you and burns off excess fat.

onthemetro Sat 09-Feb-13 10:09:53

I lost 1.5lbs this week! Not bad considering I had a big pub meal with a chocolate fudge cake shock
DP lost 4lbs, getting his first silver 7 smile he's feeling so much better now and I'm very proud!

Well done on the losses everyone! Hope this thread is as successful as the last one wink

MrsRudyRudpoo Sat 09-Feb-13 10:09:58

Hello all.
I posted briefly on the other thread when I first joined and thought I'd check in again. All going well, I've lost 6.5lbs since 21st Jan and finding it really easy to stick to. Glad to see so many others losing weight, I have been lurking from afar on this thread and found it really motivating.
I have been snacking on dried mango lots which is so tasty and tastes a bit like a chewy sweet! Have also cooked some of the ww recipes, meatballs, veg curry and spag bol, all of which have been enjoyed! I think it's made me realise that what I tend to eat isn't that bad, I just tend to eat about double the amount I should!
Going to look on the recipe thread now for more inspiration and will post again on tues after my weigh in. Fingers crossed for a big loss then, I've been good this week!

jazzcat28 Sat 09-Feb-13 10:43:08

Morning gang

I lost 0.5lb this week which is a little disappointing after consistent losses of >2lb a week but it did mean I've lost 11lb in total in 1 calendar month and have hit my 5% target, so not all bad.

After a good start yesterday with low point breakfast and zero point lunch I caved about 4pm and ate a whole tin of low fat rice pudding. I did point it all and still had lots of dailies and weeklies left, but in my mind I am putting the low weight loss down to that moment of 'sod it'

Think I might treat myself to the HD book - still have some amazon vouchers unspent from Christmas and DH loves a good new cook book so perhaps that'll spur me on to keep going.

This is a dangerous 2 weeks for me now. When I've dieted in the past I have usually reached this point, weight loss started slowing down, and then I just give in.

We are more than likely going to start TTC in the next 3 months so I am determined to keep at this diet this time so as to be in a better shape for conception and hopefully have a healthier pregnancy than if I stayed my current size. If I could average say 7-8lb loss per month I'd be happy.

This is the longest I've stayed on a thread and it's really helping so keep posting ladies!

My daily menu today looks like this:

Breakfast - 2 crumpets with 2 tsp honey (6pp)

Lunch - 2 slices bread, 2 rashers bacon, 4 tbsp tom ketchup (8pp), banana

Dinner (travelling so taking picnic) - salad box with 40g pasta cooked and chilled (4pp), half tin tuna (2pp), 20g full fat mayo (5pp)

Total 25pp on food, 3 additional pp will be used on milk for tea and then I have 6pp left so might take a hot cross bun (4pp for co-op own brand) to much in the car

SallyBear Sat 09-Feb-13 11:27:38

Morning again. I had a bowl of clag for breakfast (porridge), and it has filled me up so I'm planning on a sandwich lunch or poached eggs on toast. Dinner tonight I thought I would do the HD Sweet n sour chicken, Pak Choy in Oyster Sauce and a special fried rice that I make lots anyway. (Recipe is in the recipe thread). Not sure if all the DC will eat sweet n sour so, hope to fill them up with the rice.

mrsv2 Sat 09-Feb-13 12:30:33

Sally we are stationed in the uk at the minute. I ordered the HB diet book last night from amazon, on offer at £7, sounds like it will be useful. I love their perfect pies book. I did a recipe this week from that, I just had the filling and no pastry..... My DH lives pie.
I also eat pretty healthily ( if you ignore the cake) but again at least double what I should.
Just been to morrisons and spent a fortune on fruit and veg......

mrsv2 Sat 09-Feb-13 12:32:15

Using some of my weeklies this weekend.... A big cooked brunch then soup and bread for tea. Tomorrow steak and chips.....with a few glasses of wine :-)

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