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Newbie to 5:2 diet...first fast day tomorrow....nervous!!

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Selks Mon 04-Feb-13 22:46:50

Just that really. Am doing my first fast day tomorrow and am weirdly looking forward to it but am nervous too.....can I do it? Will I stick it? I really hope so! Or will I be chewing my arm off by ten pm?

I have worked out my lunch (small porridge made with water and blueberries) and tea (steamed spinach and leeks, small piece baked cod). I will be fine eating those and that's it, and I think I can cope with the hunger in the day time but...

.....I hate going to sleep hungry, it stops me from sleeping and this is what I'm worried about, how I'll cope late at night when I'm wanting to go to bed and am starving hungry.

Any wise words or tips anyone?? Thanks smile

Selks Mon 04-Feb-13 23:51:15


Snowkey Tue 05-Feb-13 04:57:35

Good luck on your first fast, have a look at the 5:2 fasting threads on this board for lots of hints and tips, the first post by GreenEggs will explain the main points, then just keep reading and join in, you'll be most welcome.

Selks Tue 05-Feb-13 06:40:05

Thanks smile

Jellibob Wed 06-Feb-13 21:43:58

Selks, how was your first day? I started yesterday too and found it surprisingly easy, I think because I knew I could eat normally today.

Having another fast day tomorrow, and then Monday & Wednesday next week, and DH is going to join me, which will help.

joeysdreamgarden Wed 06-Feb-13 21:51:35

Hi Selks, hope your first fast day went ok... I'm just coming to the end of my 9th fast day. I find that drinking lots and keeping busy are the best things to keep your mind off the hunger. As for getting hungry at night... go to bed really early! I guess if you go to bed not too long after your tea then hopefully your stomach won't have had chance to get hungry again!
Good luck with it!

Selks Wed 06-Feb-13 22:05:01

Hi Joey and Jellibob, thanks for your comments and asking how I got on. It went fine, not too hungry but very very tired! May have been due to having a demanding day though.

Second fast day tomorrow. Have eaten ok today, no over-compensating and just normal hunger levels.

Glad to hear that it's going ok for both of you as well, and nice to chat to other new starters too!

Happy to keep this thread going if it would be mutually helpful for us??

Have a good day tomorrow smile

jumpingjackhash Thu 07-Feb-13 16:42:25

Hi there, I'm interested in trying this way of eating out. Do the fast days need to be consecutive, or can you just pick 2 random days within 7?

How did you find the fasting (especially if people around you were eating normally)?

I'm a long-term Dukan-er, so every couple of weeks I do a couple of protein only days, then generally stay away from carbs/sugar with the odd wine lapse, so I trust my will power, just not sure if I could be so rigid for 2 consecutive days of just 500 cals!

Also, do you know of any impact the 5:2 has on fertility? We'll be starting IVF again shortly and while the high-protein/low-carb way of eating is fine for that, I don't know about the 5:2. Am I best leaving it for now?!

Disclaimer: I know there are loads of 5:2 threads on here, but they all seem very long and scary! blush

GiraffesEatPineapples Thu 07-Feb-13 18:55:22

Jumping jack if you have the to do some skim reading all of that and more has been discussed on the long threads started by greeneggs grin or even if you dint have the time pop into the thread that Snowkey linked to and sat hello!

GiraffesEatPineapples Thu 07-Feb-13 18:56:34

Please excuse my Swype, I promise the other posters are more articulate!

Selks Thu 07-Feb-13 20:53:57

Jumpingjack, you're better off looking at some of the more established threads on the 5:2 diet, such as the one linked to by Snowkey, for specific info on how this diet, as it's largely 5:2 newbies on here!

Selks Thu 07-Feb-13 20:56:05

Well, progress so far...second fast day today. It's been fine. Low fat cottage cheese and cucumber wedges for lunch, and for dinner, which I haven't had yet, some spinach and dhal soup.
I've been a lot less tired than on my first fast day, which is great. Not exactly bursting with energy, but it's been a busy day.

Hows anyone else getting on?

Jellibob Thu 07-Feb-13 21:56:23

I'm feeling hungry! But have got through second fast ok, and a long day at work has helped. A cup of green tea and a bath will see me through to sleep.

Have found that counting calories on fast days has made me much more aware of how much I've been eating on a regular basis. I'm hoping this way of eating will be the answer to finally shifting the baby weight I've been carrying for too long (first baby is nearly up to my shoulder…)

Selks Fri 08-Feb-13 00:00:37

Well done so far Jellibob. Doing it at work seems to help me too - not sure I have the willpower to do a fast day at home!

You're right about the fast days raising awareness as to how much eaten at other times - it's done this for me too.

I'm really quite happy with it so far. Need to go and buy some scales so that I know what my weight actually is though! grin

jumpingjackhash Fri 08-Feb-13 10:56:24

Thanks for the pointers <scoots off to other threads>

milonamy Tue 09-Apr-13 12:05:14

Newbie to this 5:2 been reading about it for about a week and watch the documentary so feel prepared but first day fast and I am hungry! Surprisingly though black coffee doesnt taste too bad!
I did however eat a mint humbug (35cals) without thinking in the car! What a waste!!
Must try to rid house (and car) from temptation.

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