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Weight Loss Survey - Please record your results here!

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BsshBossh Tue 05-Feb-13 17:34:31


BsshBossh Tue 05-Feb-13 17:34:15

If I have a "bad" day I adjust my eating according the next day ie less. It tends to even out over the course of a week this way. Allowing myself to eat anything I want but not to excess also helps. But it's taken many months for me to think this way!

InMySpareTime Tue 05-Feb-13 17:29:14

I can't speak for everyone, but I learned to enjoy tiny treats and mini-splurges on bad days, or I'd go on my bike for a good long ride to "earn" my wine/cake.
Somehow it feels better doing the exercise in advance and knowing you've "prepaid" the calories.
I am also a believer in the "first bite" theory: the first bite of a treat is the nicest, no matter how much more you eat, you'll never get that first-bite-buzz. I have learned to stop eating the treats when the buzz is gone, so I can get the first bite on several days over weeks or months.

Sylvana Tue 05-Feb-13 16:37:40

I'm stunned at all your weight losses, i really am. Well done to you all thanks

I have to find a way to stop using food as a comfort and to be more consistent when I'm on a plan/diet.

Can I ask how you all manage to stay on track ? For example, if you have a bad day, how do you find the strength not to crack open the wine and order a takeaway ??? You all must have stuck to your plans pretty consistently in order to have such great weight loss results.

HobKnob Tue 05-Feb-13 13:39:58

A- 9 stone (still got 4 to go though)

B- 16 months

C- SW- I go religiously every week

D- I'm a lot more active than I was but it's mostly dog walking/dancing with the DCs with the odd run or zumba class thrown in

E- not really a drinker

Anja1Cam Tue 05-Feb-13 13:27:40

A. How much have you lost ?
Summer 2010 - 2 stone

B. How long did it take you ?
about 2-3 months

C. What plan did you follow ?
Dukan (low carb)

D. Did you exercise ?
Just carried on my normal reasonably active life style - walking every day, cycling to work.
After a year in my new size I took up running 3 times per week (couch to 5k) and have kept that going and it's make me fitter but no additional weight loss (as I was not dieting any more).

E. Did you give up alcohol ? If no, how many drinks did you allow yourself per week ?
Yes - gave up completely but was not much of a drinker before.

Please feel free to add any helpful tips, what you ate etc.
The plan is strict and does not really allow 'cheats', you do have to follow the rules, and also carry the 3/4 phases right through: when you're at your target weight the work is not over, in fact the hard work begins. The whole thing reeducated my eating habits without me counting a single calorie and I really see veg in a different light now, I also know exactly what I can eat in a day / in a week to stay 'the same' or how to tweak it just a little and lose a bit.
I'm not saying it's easy tough.
I kept the weight off for 2+ years but it's crept back up a little in the last 6 months so I'm re-dieting now, and have lost 7lb+ since Jan 7th.

I hope you find a strategy that works for you and your life style! Good luck, if I can do it anyone can! I had never really dieted and was my 'big' size since teenage and can now wear clothes I last fitted about age 16! (I'm nearly 43)

peachypips Tue 05-Feb-13 12:43:37

5 stone ish- one to go
18 months (could have been a lot quicker if I'd not had a break in the middle!)
Weight watchers
Yes, walking with buggy and running once a week
I don't drink very much but occasionally have a glass of ww or a gin and slim!

KirstyoffEastenders Tue 05-Feb-13 12:38:54

A. 11.5lbs, so far
B. 5 weeks
C. Slimming World
D. Yes, Couch to 5k (3 x 30 min runs per week), started same week as SW, plus a bit of cycling to work
E. No, I've had a couple of weeks where I didn't drink at all and a couple of nights out where I had about a bottle & a half of dry white

InMySpareTime Tue 05-Feb-13 12:36:14

4 stone
6 months
Better food choices, mindful eating, portion control and MFP (initially)
A bit more, but I already walked and cycled a fair distance each week.
Cut down alcohol a bit but I didn't drink much to start with.
Most of my success is down to cutting back unnecessary eating. I used to eat a lot of cake, and pick at food when bored. I still eat some cake, but only as much as I have decided to eat in advance.

BsshBossh Tue 05-Feb-13 12:34:14

A. How much have you lost ?

B. How long did it take you ?
12 months

C. What plan did you follow ? (Low carb, SW, WW etc)
Calorie counting using MyFitnessPal & more recently 5:2 fasting

D. Did you exercise ? If yes, what did you do and how many times per week ?
Only in the last few months: 45 minutes intensive cardio 4 times a week plus free weights

E. Did you give up alcohol ? If no, how many drinks did you allow yourself per week ?
No but I'm not a drinker - so a couple a week - usually the weekend.

FurryDogMother Tue 05-Feb-13 12:28:19

4 stone
6 months
Low carb
No more than usual (which is not a lot)
Gave up for 6 weeks before Christmas, and 3 weeks in January, I tend to do 3 weeks off a month, if poss (avoiding birthdays, All Ireland Football finals, Christmas, New Year etc!)

SizzleSazz Mon 04-Feb-13 22:01:09

Freak, quite a few folk use MyFitnessPal which i think is similar - logging all food and exercise. I think FF was first to do this but some say MFP now better/easier

I liked the fact i could input my recipes and then just select a portion worth to log in a day. I never really found it a PITA spending time logging food - i would usually put in my planned menu and then see what i had left to 'play' with for snacks etc.
You stick exercise in too and can earn extra food wine credits grin

MsRinky Mon 04-Feb-13 21:57:46

3 stone 10 so far
10 months
Low carb
Erm,not really
No, although most weeks I don't drink.

Sylvana Mon 04-Feb-13 21:51:23

I had just placed my order for Paul McKenna's new book before I read your reply Erebus!

Wow, 4 stone in a year Sizzle, that's pretty amazing. Never heard of Food Focus. I'm off to google.

SizzleSazz Mon 04-Feb-13 21:15:18

A. 4 stone
B. 1 year
C. FoodFocus
D. Aimed for 3 lots of 30 mins+ per week
E. No but only drank at the weekend. If i really wanted a drink in the week i would have a G&(S)T and log it on FF

For me, it's everything in moderation - i can't bear to be restricted in what i eat. The 'how much' i could cope with.
Running is the best exercise to lose weight (couch to 5k is good) and 30 day shred great for arm definition

Good luck smile

Erebus Mon 04-Feb-13 21:11:45

A. 9lbs
B. 4 weeks
C. Paul McKenna
D. 3 to 4 sessions of 30 mins hard walking on a treadmill per week
E. low alcohol wine, a glass a night, 2 nights alcohol free, one night 2 or 3 glasses of full fat pinot grin

Sylvana Mon 04-Feb-13 18:24:51

Anyone want to get the ball rolling ....

Sylvana Mon 04-Feb-13 17:22:56

I badly need to lose 4 stone. I've been reading through all the weight loss threads in this section. There are so many plans and they all sound great but I'm at a loss to know which one to follow. I thought it might be a good idea for all those who have lost weight to record their results here.

It isn't meant to be scientific as I know not everyone will lose weight at the same rate, but wouldn't it be a great motivator to see which plan is clocking up the best results ...?

So, to those who have lost weight, would you be so kind to record your results here:

A. How much have you lost ?
B. How long did it take you ?
C. What plan did you follow ? (Low carb, SW, WW etc)
D. Did you exercise ? If yes, what did you do and how many times per week ?
E. Did you give up alcohol ? If no, how many drinks did you allow yourself per week ?

Please feel free to add any helpful tips, what you ate etc.

Thanks a mil smile

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