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fat and unhappy

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Beamur Sun 10-Feb-13 13:20:29

I got called into the GP's just after Christmas for a health check. Turns out I'm healthy but 3 stone overweight.
I've been referred to a weight management programme, which is proving to be fab! I've been on it about 5 weeks now and have lost more than half a stone. It's been pretty easy to follow and I've started to increase the exercise too which should help.
Sometimes you need to 'hit the bottom' in order to get the motivation to do something about it - but the solution is in your hands, you can do something about this, but realistically, it's taken a while to put this weight on and it won't disappear overnight, but you can lose it. Good luck!
I'd see if your doctors have anything similar, or maybe find a friend you could do some activities with - look critically at what you're eating/drinking and cut back on things like sugar/fat/processed foods.

deliasmithy Sun 10-Feb-13 13:15:25

I ended up putting on 4 stone in as many years, and I can blame it on things like life events, other people's bad influence, breaking my leg, health problems etc. I've always flirted with emotional eating but really that took on a new meaning for me. And the fatter I got the worse it became. And the further away the goal was, and the more hopeless I felt.
My confidence about my body was non-existent, I was wearing cheap clothing that was ill-fitting as I felt ashamed at buying such large clothes.
I'm still over-weight and not at my goal, but I have made some good changes and am two thirds of the way there.

It sounds from what you are saying that something or several things has changed about the way you eat or exercise, if you managed to maintain a good weight before.
It does feel very difficult when you are at the bottom of the mountain and all you can see is the daunting and difficult path you need to climb to get where you want to be. Can you focus on some small goals you want to achieve, and then reward yourself with non-food items?

catinboots Mon 04-Feb-13 11:08:02

Come and join us on the low carb bootcamp! We're on week 5 but people are still joining thanks

nearlyfinisheduni Mon 04-Feb-13 10:54:52

hi posting this to moan really and see if anyone feels the same. I have put on about 4 stone in the past 5 years and have gone from a happy, confident size 8-10 to a miserable totally unconfident 14-16. As stupid as it sounds i feel like my life has come to a stop until i lose this weight.

There are so many things i want to do in life, get a new job but too unconfident, get married and have a baby but too fat. I know that weightloss would give me mylife back and just need some support

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