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slimming world - easy meal ideas needed please!

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Rockchick1984 Mon 04-Feb-13 01:01:48

I used to do lots of things like spaghetti bolognese while on SW - tinned tomato, chopped up veggies (peppers, onion, whatever was left in the fridge), garlic and mixed herbs. As long as 1/3 of your raw ingredients is superfree you can just make up the sauce and pasta as normal, the veggies don't have to be separate on the plate.

Also works with curries, chilli etc.

Roast dinner is also perfect as you can pile your plate with veggies, cook roasties in 1 cal cooking spray so they don't count as Syns, skinless fat free meat, only Syns are in the gravy!

Millymollymummy Sun 03-Feb-13 11:53:21


NoGoodAtHousework Sun 03-Feb-13 09:54:06

There is a lot of recipes in the hairy biker diet book that would be suitable for SW. Also, their magazine is always full of recipes so might be worth buying every now and again.

Millymollymummy Sun 03-Feb-13 09:49:50

Hi all, i am loosely following SW (have a stone to lose by holiday in June) and am really stuck for evening meal ideas! I want some easy and simple ideas - at the moment i am thinking:

baked chicken savoy cabbage, carrots, new pots and gravy
tuna pasta with peppers, cucumber and tomatoes
grilled steak and salad

Would those all be ok for a "loose" SW diet? and could you please give me some more inspiration for evening meals xxx thank you xx

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